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  1. CeriG

    Taking kids

    Thanks everyone, going to ditch the trolley then. Fingers crossed it’s as nice as this year and 2017 So we can rest anywhere on the ground. If not I’ll make use of the lock ups and take chairs etc. The food is the best bit for us too and have budgeted £10 a head. Which if you times that by 5 can work out costly if buying 3 meals a day. Can only afford realistically to buy one meal a day for us all. I might make some pre prepared wraps and pack the usual pic stuff for lunch and snacks. Will deffo take bacon etc for breakie and Fill them up. We have only been on our own so have always eaten what we want and never taken food so this will be a new experience. Excited to be taking them. Wish June would just bloody hurry up now ?
  2. CeriG

    Taking kids

    Taking our 3 children aged 12, 10 & almost 7. We will have disability passes for our son aged 10. Is it worth taking a trolley/cart to pull the kids around with the age that they are? We would need a pretty big trolley and worried about it getting in the way and lugging it around. Weve decided not to use the viewing platforms. Do those with 3 or more kids tend to stick to the back for more room? Is it a nightmare in the crowd? (Back to the trolley issue too). what kind of foods to pack? Breakfast and lunch (we will be buying evening meals but need to budget spending in the day time). Need to keep packing to a minimum with there being 5 of us. I’m used to packing the kitchen sink when we go away as a family ? thank you x
  3. CeriG


    So when these aren’t on a bike.... they stay upright and able to push? Looking to get one for lugging the kids around x x
  4. CeriG

    Rum club

    Oh god, it’s vile!!! I had a shot when drunk one night. It about killed me ? the chap that drinks it too is ex navy.
  5. CeriG

    Rum club

    Not even sure what DMF means ? Just realised it’s initials for Dead Mans Fingers.... duh brain
  6. CeriG

    Rum club

    An old dude that comes in drinks this!! It tastes like hell on earth!!! No wonder his teeth are black ?
  7. CeriG

    Rum club

    I run a pub and we sell loooooads “dead mans fingers” a cheaper alternative to Kraken. They all rave about it ?? For me though, nothing beats Kraken ?
  8. Beady eye at IOW 2011 with out a doubt the worse I’ve seen at a festival. At Glasto (only been twice in 17&19) I’d have to say fat boy slim was shite!! Not sure what the obsession is with him to be honest.
  9. Played Diana Ross full blast whilst doing the cleaning ? ?
  10. What about worthy view? Bell tents are around £600. They were really roomy when we had one in 2017
  11. CeriG

    Ballot open now!

    In my mad rush to post I realised it was already in another thread. Sorry ?
  12. CeriG

    Ballot open now!

  13. Has anyone with children used one of these before? Thinking of getting one for my 7 year old who can be a little sh!t bag at times. I’m worrying about when the crowds get busy travelling from stages to stages.
  14. My son is 10. Yeah we go camping all the time and he is fine with our tents guide ropes using his cane. It’s when there’s lots of guide ropes around I’m guessing would be a nightmare for him to manoeuvre round. Maybe if I request to be near a track/the edge that might help. We will be getting there Wednesday anyway. We were going to pay to hire a camper but spring ground definitely seems to be winning. Think we might just bite the bullet and camp there. thanks for all your help/advice ?
  15. Thanks dark star. I’ve read that you can have a camper van in spring ground, that may be an option but I’m guessing they get allocated very quickly to people that really can’t camp. The main issue for us really is just the guide ropes. I don’t want to have to mollycoddle him every time we go back to the tent carrying him. He would absolutely hate that. Do you think maybe I’m best to buy a camper ticket in east and then see what happens with spring ground? I know that we can get a refund up to April can’t we.
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