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  1. Not arguing, just saying how I think Little Simz would have been better placed.
  2. Musically, culturally, and it'd have been good to get at least one female headliner - yes I know Stereolab has a female frontwoman.
  3. Sorry but Sleaford mods headlining over little simz is absolutely criminal
  4. Probs film score work and some Steve Reich covers, though thats if he's got an orchestra like the LCO with him.. But there's no indication of that?
  5. Jonny Greenwood is big in terms of an act that never tours, excellent booking. The other acts who were booked I can see again but Greenwood is much harder to catch.
  6. I'm expecting Radiohead to do three sets, OKC in full, Kid A in full, and debuting their new album in full and expect nothing less.
  7. Just seen Caroline Polachek be announced for London in Oct, pretty sure she's London based now, potentially a good replacement for perfume genius
  8. The one for me that I'll be sad about missing is Big Thief, they were one of the last gigs I saw pre Lockdown and I'd love to see them come back. Plus I just knew they'd be tons of new material that they'd want to play.
  9. The tiktoks are very confusing, who knows what they've got cooking. I'm starting to lean away from the whole Kid A/Amnesiac special relesse.
  10. Isnt this almost a year old news now? Thought they were rescheduled last August
  11. @eFestivalsplease shut this dumb thread, probably the worst thread in efests history
  12. You and many others have no real grasp about the history of vaccines. The human body doesn't work like many think it does, 5 years wont pass and then people will start obtaining numerous illnesses or bodily function failures. This isn't the first nor last vaccination that's been rolled out, we've given out much more sceptical vaccines in a much less advanced society without any dodgy affects in the past. The first flu jab didn't mess anyone up for example.
  13. A good take I agree with here:
  14. some quality acts there, sons of kemet feel out of place though!
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