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  1. BEAK are a replacement by the looks of it after they answered my tweet
  2. My bad! I'd still be happy if just the music happens really!
  3. Do we still think they'll be the comedy and other activities other than the music? I've not been to Eotr before but assume comedy is in tents, which might not be greatly ventilated.
  4. Anyone going solo? I'll be going from Bristol
  5. Bright Eyes have reposted the dates without EoTR listed
  6. This gave me a good chuckle
  7. link? edit: never mind just seen it on their socials
  8. How Long do you think it's gonna last has big 22 Over Soon themes in its sentiment. Looking forward to the album!
  9. What an incredibly patronising post
  10. 60k fans in Wembley in July, EOTR is what? 10k? Be incredibly infuriating if it doesn't go ahead now.
  11. I'll see them in the UK regardless 🙂
  12. Low album and tour to be announced today, maybe another late add?
  13. BJ Burton produced again, great stuff.
  14. Love the sound of this. You got a link?
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