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  1. Agreed, though I reckon the National will stay, they seem to be good chums with the fest. Maybe the fest will finally book phoebe bridgers?
  2. Only a daft punk reunion will suffice as a 2022 line up announcement, anything else isn't good enough
  3. Two stellar line ups down the pan, but an inevitable decision, let's hope 2022s line up pulls through - I'm sure it will
  4. Are we expecting a mass exodus of international acts? How likely is it acts like Pixies, big thief, bright eyes come over for this one off gig and then go back to touring what seems to be nowhere? In my head I've already kinda accepted that most if not all international acts are no go. Still a great line up based on UK acts alone though!
  5. Just panic bought a ticket for this with the hopes it happens
  6. Had my vaccine on my 25th birthday last week, no one noticed it was my birthday when vaccinating me, probably too much in the zone! T1 diabetic but was surprised i got it as early as i did
  7. It's sad news but unsurprising - in all honesty I'd have been disappointed with the festival if it went ahead given how hard the NHS are getting hammered, and how many of the population would still likely not be vaccinated by June who still need it (underlying conditions etc.)
  8. Seeing socially distanced gigs being announced in London when you're under T3 lockdown in Sheffield is such a kick in the teeth.
  9. I'm gassed to be seeing Richard Dawson at the Barbican in October. Socially distanced obviously!
  10. They've alluded to the stripped back rock album for years now, wonder if it'll ever happen. Also there's this out Friday only, and has Matt doing a cover of Inbetween Days https://goodmusic2020.bandcamp.com/
  11. TWOD is Dad Rock for people who visit Pitchfork (and I'm all for it)
  12. Yeah, maybe it's a raffle of some kind with money going to these venues.
  13. Could I get a name change to: scattered_screens Thanks so much!
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