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  1. Low have just released one of my favourite albums of the year with Hey What, their latest tours have focused around their last 3 albums which are quite noise rock/drone based. Lucy Dacus is a great singer songwriter if you're into Phoebe Bridgers, her latest album is my favourite of hers. Perfume Genius is left field pop and his last two albums I've been big fans of. I'd recommend seeing all of them!
  2. I've never managed to get the cheapo tickets but I hope they're around next year. And yeah even in the initial release it's around £70.
  3. Same sentiment here. I have a feeling though that during the post hype of seeing Nick at Primavera I'll end up getting a ticket!
  4. really good undercards as always, the national and nick cave for me
  5. Nick and every post-2019 UK post punk band
  6. First Aid Kit and Jungle also playing other days. Hope we get Katy J Pearson at Glastonbury.
  7. Agree, can't see it for next year. Let them come back after they've released another album and give them their long overdue other headline spot.
  8. The Golden Dregs in Bristol were fantastic last night. Hope they're at Williams Green next year, and if they are I'd definitely recommend.
  9. Phoebe Bridgers looking to be nailed on for Glasto, hopefully Little Simz too
  10. I had barely heard the song prior. I just don't know why the vocals are panned to one side and the droning notes are so loud. Other than that it'd be fine.
  11. I'm with @sirjonnyp- I know it's a b-side but what on earth is this production, Thom's voice sounds awful imo on this. Headache inducing on some of the bits where he holds the note. Never thought I'd say this about a Radiohead song but not a fan at all!
  12. Gotta be some of the dullest MOR tracks they've dished out with this release - personally fallen off the wagon with this release so far. We'll see how it goes Friday but expecting nothing.
  13. These dates have been around ages.
  14. Bon Iver looking to be touring in the US over June, not announced yet. The Bon Iver dream is dead again for another year.
  15. This is an oldish article (Sept 21) and by no means a confirmation but it looks like Caroline Polachek was booked for Glasto 2020. She's back playing primavera this year so possibly rebooked? "She had booked the biggest shows of her solo career for the summer of 2020: Glastonbury, in England; Primavera Sound, in Barcelona; Outside Lands, in San Francisco. " https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/09/20/after-a-year-without-crowds-caroline-polachek-takes-the-stage?mbid=social_twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_social-type=owned&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=tny
  16. Think it's just because it's this different incarnation, likely playing this new album in full or whatever.
  17. Isn't it just Converge with Chelsea Wolfe?
  18. Mitski tour next year https://www.seetickets.com/tour/mitski
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