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  1. The lack of people mentioning Lingua ignota for day 1 is disappointing
  2. Very pessimistic in this thread. All this doom posting has got me feeling down this morning. I'm gonna avoid this thread for a while. Some of us have waited three years for this and are understandably hyped without speculating on capacity stuff/VIP locations when none of us have stepped on the festival grounds yet. Have a great festival everyone and feel free to continue to drop me a DM for the Primavera WhatsApp group invite.
  3. Clashfinder printed this morning!!!
  4. out of curiosity, is this the latest the timetables have been released in recent times?
  5. To all the people who were speaking of previous years and how Primavera suck at communication - I finally feel you, happy now? haha (but seriously drop the times, if there's some last minute changes fine, that's what social media and communication is for - oh wait...)
  6. how is it credible when Bauhaus are playing on a completely different day on the festival poster
  7. ????? It doesn't matter, it's not customer facing. Doesn't cause any issues? Christ.
  8. Not sure if it's crap, it's just the way they've put it together to probably be a bit more lightweight with all the festivals they're running now and the acts that are shared across them.
  9. That forum is embarrassing πŸ˜‚
  10. Really looking forward to Fountains DC
  11. I'd like to hope they wouldn't hold an entire timetable over 1 act, especially one that isn't THAT big (no offence Suede).
  12. why would you wish this, get em clashing gorillaz that you can see for fairly cheap. Tyler is an expensive gig!
  13. You can bring snacks in? Amazing πŸ˜…
  14. think cases are quite low atm https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274
  15. this just looks like a screenshot from clashfinder that people are reading too much into
  16. oooops still, i think it's a sign things are moving around in the backend, so hopefully this week like we've assumed
  17. Someone on reddit has started seeing some timings appearing on the app
  18. Great. Yeah I'm with a group too so meets are probably off the cards for me but I guess if someone wants to ask to meet on there it's available.
  19. Think the logo of the main page has changed? click the line up page to see it differently? it's only a slight change i think with the pointing fingers we've seen on other posters and such https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/
  20. Just to add, not saying this group is SOLELY for meeting. It could just be used if there were any secret sets or things happening at the festival.
  21. As we approach the festival, I know some people mentioned this a while back but I'm happy to bring it up again. Thoughts on a WhatsApp group for meeting, announcements and general tips and stuff for the festival? I'm happy to get it set up. I'm a newbie to Primavera so it'd be good to communicate with some others about the festival. Thoughts? If interested drop me a DM and if we get a few of us I'm happy to set a group up.
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