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  1. Will be my first time at werchter and I'm a massive fan of pearl jam so selfishly no complaints from me. Do we reckon we have the foos too then? Who else is in the running. I'm hoping for tame impala and royal blood, chemical brothers. Killers are about the uk before then too. Rage, chillis and killers?
  2. Yeah apparently on the weekend of friday 10th july.
  3. With pearl jams tour dates looking to drop around an early werchter announcement and their usual early december rush to renew fan club subscriptions I'm gonna go with pearl jam for this.
  4. Have rage against the machine been ruled out as a possibility?
  5. Apparently no double dates for venues on the tour like previous where they've done 2 ziggos and o2 London
  6. Pink pop being mentioned In the pearl jam forums. An amsterdam show followed by pink pop seems to be the plan.
  7. Dimi on that pearl jam forum usually has the dates and cities bang on in order spot on before announemcnents but like someone has mentioned earlier, I'm sure theres some heat between pearl jam and aeg in the states. Just googled pearl jam and they're now an aeg listed artist so maybe not.
  8. So anyone here done rock n rio lisboa? I usually make the trip over from uk to lisbon every second year. Seems they usually push the boat out one year line up wise and then its not as great the next. This year I dont like the look of it and dont really want to wait about in hope just to be disappointed. Had managed to convince a good group of mates to make the trip with me this year too but I look like a laughing stock tryna get them over for Taylor swift and Billie ealish after telling them the weekends they'd missed with arcade fire, Radiohead, chem bros, pearl jam, jack white, nine inch nai
  9. Dunno why but I think trnsmt will miss out on royal blood and they could Maybe be the top support for foo fighters at summer sessions. Got added to Leeds and reading today and they've supported foos before. I would argue their drawing power hasn't significantly grown since then.
  10. Chems playing hydro in November not make them less likely?
  11. Manic street preachers, stereophonics, Paolo, new order? The prodigy ??
  12. Social media accounts now having activity for the Edinburgh gigs. Anyone know of any names or dates kicking about for them?
  13. Anyone happen to know if having a ticket for the Friday won't know some price off ordering for the strokes dates?Could swear I seen this mentioned when buying the chem bros date but dont know to go about this. Emailed them last week but got no response.
  14. Any ideas on an official announcement for this on the off chance
  15. Would be an ideal way to start the weekend with some good news like that. Might be jumping ahead here but what kind of support bill would the strokes pull. Voids, vampire weekend?
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