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  1. Not much to add here except for this picture of me with my 12 year old t5 van and awning. I got the van last year and Glastonbury was the second festival. We had friends camped in a bivvy next to us in East quiet, wife and I slept in the van. Every morning we made good breakfasts in camp, even had a shower/privacy tent. Cold drinks from the fridge and a small solar panel kept phones and e-cigs charged up for the entire festival. In previous years we've spent circa £900 hiring vans, sometimes sharing costs with friends for the fest and I decided to put this money towards my own van which I use for fests, weekends away and transporting my band gear around. It has replaced a car and just seemed the way to go.
  2. Got a full on head cold here, sniffly nose, sneezing ? tiredness hit me hard today at work. Had to leave early. Was fine Monday and Tuesday was back to work. Thinking I might the rest of the week off sick before I go to another fest on Friday.
  3. Let's not forget that the worst but of 2016 was the getting there for many of us. Those traffic queues and waiting to be towed on and off the site. We lost an entire weds and were knackered for the Thurs so it wasn't a great start. By the Sunday afternoon we were all worried about getting out so called time on it early. The mud situation was compounded by the piss poor traffic management, trackways being still stuck in the mud at download and apparently a falling out with the local farmers association who are on hand with tractors. Hard lessons learned for the festival and hopefully they've put all in the contingency in place to prevent that happening again however clarty it gets.
  4. Jess the sunshine lover assures us it will all be OK.
  5. Nope but I've had the spicy chicken pasty from there a fair few times.
  6. I'd actually be pretty happy if that came true.
  7. A festival related one last night. Involving straight friends 'going-gay' for the weekend, a flooded campsite, missing loads of things I wanted to see and a shopkeeper who tried to sell me cheap shoes instead of vape liquid. All very frustrating
  8. The rain is one thing. The water table another The trucks churning the ground yet another. Add to that an enormous flood when the little stream which runs through the site was overwhelmed and burst its banks then you've got 2016. I have friends who were on site pre-fest when it happened. They lost everything and emergency caravans and accommodation had to be brought in for them.
  9. Totally. From an old fashioned blokes perspective I just think it reeks of cowardice. If you fancy a woman, and if she shows signs of interest, eye contact, a smile etc, just go say hello or leave her alone.
  10. BST last year for The Cure standing chatting to my sister, who's a bonny lass (she got the looks and brains in our family unlike me...). Crowd staring to move along one of then footpaths. All of a sudden her expression changes. She tells me someone has just grabbed her arse. Basically using the anonymity of a big crowd to be a pervert. I call out 'you effing pervert' but the culprit could not be seen. So lads, if you see a pretty girl you like at a fest at least have the balls to go and speak to her otherwise leave her the hell alone. Because if her 16 stone 6'3" big brother gets his hands on you then you'll be in a world of trouble. I've heard of other instances where women get sexually harassed at gigs and knowing it goes on spoils the atmosphere for all of us.
  11. I'm no saint myself.... But coke in particular I find numbs people to 'the vibes'.
  12. Mind you, a few weeks ago we went with another couple to a gig. My Mrs and the other lass decided as the band started that would be a great time for a chat much to everyone's annoyance and they didn't see it. I told them both in no uncertain terms to piss off to the bar if that's what they wanted to do. They gave me some dirty looks then finally got it and shifted. I'm no hypocrite, if my own crew are out of line they get told.
  13. I blame a lot of rude behaviour you see at gigs on cocaine. Sorry if you enjoy a dabble but it does seem to turn some people into arrogant pricks. At Bearded Theory recently we encountered a very rude lass who pushed straight through a very packed crowd in the dance tent for The Orb. This lass decided the spot my Mrs was standing in should be hers and then proceeded to try cracking on with the lad in front of us who was just interested in having a dance. Her lack of consideration for anyone was classic cokehead. I'm 45 and been doing gigs, fests n rave since I was 15. I can spot a cokehead a mile off. It really is dreadful stuff and I think if someone has a bit of selfish about them already then it will bring out their worst.
  14. Randomer definately for techno. Played our 'Municipal' night in Newcastle in Feb. Went down a storm with the crowd.
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