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  1. The Cure will open with 'plainsong' and a their bittersweet melancholy will resound around the field for 2 hours. That.
  2. Please just make this happen! Can't believe I've never seen them live despite owning all their 80s output. This alone has me digging out my vinyl.
  3. Ah well. Has me wondering what else now but DRN? Seriously?
  4. It'll be my first one fully sober this year. I'm still really looking forward to it and have no regrets about my decision to stop drinking. Not that my alcohol consumption had become problematic as such, it was the post session anxiety that did it for me. Same reason I quit smoking weed 10 years ago. I enjoy things more when anxiety isn't something I have to contend with. Guess I'm just getting old n soft.
  5. Def Leppard would do nicely in that spot for me.
  6. Where do need transport from? I’m going from the North East.
  7. Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets Killing Joke (on Truth stage or whatever it turns out to be, Youth is a Glastonbury regular and often around then) Godflesh (since they're on at Boomtown with Napalm Death etc) Giant Swan Easy All Stars (performing Dub Side of the moon) Andrew Weatherall (caught a set of his recently after not seeing him in years and he's still brilliant)
  8. Just popped in here for the craic, wishing I hadn't now... Again, I'll get my coat.
  9. Looks like Ministry have a Glastonbury shaped hole in their European tour schedule.
  10. Still getting familiar with the van we bought last year. Testing the new awning and a cosy wild camp in February's better than expected weather. We've lots of stuff planned before Glastonbury, including Bearded Theory, but that week will be our longest trip yet and we'll have pals camping with us in CV East
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