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  1. Have a virtual hi 5.? for your sterling work this festival. If I see you at the meet you can have a real one. Good job man for real !
  2. ..and you'd have thought the rain last night would've freshened things up abit. Just took a walk around the lake at work am now a perspiring mess. only 3.5 hours left
  3. Just a hunch..... <psst> it happened to me too
  4. You... er...wet the bed didnt you? ???
  5. This is a legit graph from my work place showing outstanding unprocessed work. i check it first thing each morning to measure where we are at performance wise. interesting that it pretty much mirrors my productivity due largely to this thread. (although in this case the downward chart is a good thing showing the team are more that making up for my lack of productivity)
  6. i dont know, i get the feeling its going to start getting quiet in here today as people start making their journeys. Although this rain will sure get a few people panic posting so who knows
  7. He is frantically trawling darkest corners of the net for the one forecast that has one spot of rain. There will be one there somewhere.
  8. of course. i'm a day early aren't i? Its not even 09.00 and i'm becoming delirious Cheers tho
  9. You've been to glastonbury before right? theres always a chance of rain. Take. Your. Boots.
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