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  1. Thornberry got 50% more of the vote than the Lib Dems last time. By way of comparison, the biggest swing seat last election was a 20% swing from lib dem to snp. Given the absolute mendacity and hubris shown by the Lib Dems so far during this campaign, I would very wary of believing anything they have to say on this
  2. Swinson has a bigger majority than Johnson haha. Although yes she is more likely to lose her seat, I would agree.
  3. Because Parliament is sovereign and cant bind itself. This was the point of the Miller case.
  4. An (idiotic) tweet sent when he was a teenager and which he has since apologised for. I don't think that should be reason to rule someone out. People make mistakes, the importance is admitting mistakes and holding your hands up. This arguably isn't possible. The Supreme Court confirmed that in Miller. Either way it all seems a rather long weird way of going about things and doesn't change the tactics remainers need to use in this election
  5. CCHQ have it on a list of seats they could realistically lose, so they certainly think its "in play". Dunno why you think the candidate is wacky, from my understanding he's been leading a very strong people driven campaign Uxbridge was just one example though, Chingford is another with a leading tory. Theres hundreds of examples in the north/midlands where labour can realistically win and the lib dems can't
  6. Not true, the incumbent gets first opportunity. Which is why Brown had first chance before Cameron in 2010. But you're right that its largely academic. The fact remains, like it or not, if that remain vote splits then Johnson will probably get a majority. If people who's priority is a 2nd ref want to vote Lib Dem in a seat they have no chance of winning but which Labour could, just to say they've voted for the "most remain party" then that's up to them but it seems counintutiative to me. Labour are by no means entitled to remain votes, but remainers have to be realistic with the situation we're in. How do people even know Johnson would respect the result of a remain win in a 2nd referendum, if the tories were in power. If there was lesser turnout he could well refuse to revoke article 50 and we'd have to have another election. Seems like madness to me when you could just lend support to labour whilst a referendum took place.
  7. Constitutionally speaking this isn't true. The queen has to appoint the PM and convention dictates that she has to appoint the person who has the support of the HOC. If no one has that support (which your hypothetical suggests), we'd end up back in an election Just to add Johnson would remain PM but be immediately no confidenced. If the Lib Dems propped him up then that's one thing, but Swinson has already said she wouldn't.
  8. You don't think Johnson would happily go straight back to the polls in the event he ends up with a minority government unable to get brexit through again? Also if the lib dems refuse to support any party then yes it would end up back to the country. I think in a situation where the lib dems had refused to back a clear route to a 2nd ref for party political reasons, they would be punished at the polls. There whole "party of remain" schtick would be ruined. Not at all Johnson's vote halved in the last election and his constituents say he's a terrible constituency mp. 5,000 is the lowest of any incumbent PM since 1920s. There's strong rumours that Johnson is considering switching seats so he clearly doesn't think i'm as deluded as you do.
  9. Most likely my terrible georgraphy then haha. I mean the standard tory/lib dem marginal constituencies in the south. in large parts of the rest of the country, a vote for lib dem is likely to assist the tories and a hard brexit. One example, in Uxbridge Labour have a real chance (not likely but a chance) of taking Johnson's seat (if he stands there). Any significant split in the remain vote ends that.
  10. The lib dems do not get to choose Labour's leaders, anymore than Corbyn could say "i'll only work with Lib Dems if they get Layla Moran in". If this happened labour would just take it back to the country and watch the lib dem vote collapse
  11. Labour did back it, 3 times in Parliament. No splitting the remain vote is when in a constituency half of remainers vote labour half vote lib dem, and the tories win despite getting less votes than labour/libs combined. There's a real risk of that happening on mass. The only way to a second referendum and remaining is a labour led government. The rest is noise atm
  12. I agree which makes suggestions lib dems winning even more ridiculous imo. They're domestic policies aren't particularly popular. Jo Swinson was positioning herself to the right of Johnson at conference, talking up austerity, supporting things like fracking etc. But lets see what they put in their manifesto
  13. You can't surely believe this? They're best ever election they got 50 seats. You think they're going to do 5 times better than that. Particularly given no brexit voter is voting for them so that's about half the population gone. They'll do well in the south east, in the rest of the country all they can do is split the remain vote.
  14. That's true (although I don't agree with your points on labour) , if its not their top priority then fine. I'm more referring to people who's top priority is a 2nd ref.
  15. FPTP makes it impossible. There are literally hundreds of constituencies where lib dems pick up around 1,000-2,000 votes. They're irrelevant in large areas of the north. Why should a remainer vote lib dems if she refuses to back Labour to get a second referendum? There's no other way to a 2nd ref. Her refusal to countenance it kind of makes lib dem votes pointless votes doesnt it?
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