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  1. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Tbf if you asked a leave voter in one of labour's traditional heartlands "would you be more likely to vote Labour with a different leader to Corbyn" they would say yes, but they wouldn't vote for Starmer/Thornberry either. In fact they would probably be less likely to.
  2. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    400 constituencies voted to leave. Labour has to win some of those constituencies to win the next general election. That is the difficult position labour is in. You can certainly win some of those constituencies with a remain position, but only if you have a viewpoint on the causes of the brexit vote and how to address the concerns. A centrist leader would not have that, in the same way the lib dems don't accept their support of austerity caused brexit. Labour back a second referendum in all circumstances anyway. And given Corbyn is so incompetent I don't see why its of any concern whether he personally backs remain or a deal anyway
  3. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Yeah i agree, although I think part of the problem is brexiteers haven't necessarily been given the opportunity to "climb down" from their position. Since the day after the referendum we've had a minority of ardent remainers calling them stupid etc and therefore its a bit embarrassing for them to now change their mind and easier just to not engage with any problems. I think given that People's Vote and the Lib Dems have basically been in full campaign mode for 3 years and no one seems to have changed their mind (I certainly don't know any leave voters who have) speaks volumes for how bad their tactics have been. If a second referendum happens then the leaders of the campaign need to make a much more positive case for the EU, freedom of movement etc. We know Johnson is going to call anyone remotely negative a naysayer who doesn't believe in Britain and I think that's quite an appealing argument to a lot of people.
  4. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    My experience is that most leave voters don't care one bit about the irish border. I raised it with someone and they're answer was "we voted to leave. If northern ireland don't like it they can just leave the union". I think a poll showed tory members felt the same way. Interestingly, Nancy Pelosi has said they won't ratify a trade deal if the border problem isn't resolved. I'd have thought it would have been main news given it seems to scupper Johnson's plans but i've not actually heard the BBC etc mention it
  5. Scott129


    Made a snap last minute decision to go see Lizzo after i'd already ventured to the park to see Foals and I have to say it's easily the best decision i've ever made at the festival. I'm sure Foals were great but everything about that Lizzo set was just beautiful
  6. Its not a seperate queue (iirc) but you do get dropped at the top of the hill so its slightly quicker. At the time you should arrive I cant see queue's being massive anyway, although could be wrong
  7. Anyone any tips as to which campsites will have space for 3 tents at about 6pm on Wednesday? Camped in Lower Mead (i think) in 2017 and would happily camp there again if there's space. Would rather not camp right on the outskirts
  8. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    He had the best education money can buy and got a 2:1 in classics at undergrad. Surely that doesn't constitute a "formidable intellectual" I also would dispute that MPs need to be "intellectuals", you would be ruling out the majority of the working class there, many of whom have been amongst our best mps. I would dispute that we need intellectuals as mps/leaders to achieve socialism too. The public want to hear about genuine policies that will change their lives for the better not historical materialism or labour theory of value
  9. Yeah it very likely is. But even if Farage had been asked that it wouldn't have mattered, because Farage isn't trying to win the rational argument he's going for the emotional one. Hence the constant "why don't you believe in Britain" "we're a great nation" etc. You can point facts out about how bad WTO would be, or how migrants contribute more to society than they take etc but if someone's playing on emotion then it isnt going to work. You can certainly change ordinary people's minds but I dont think debating with Farage or other members of the far right work. I think its more just about the interviewer trying to inflate their ego by showing how good they are.
  10. Farage was on Andrew Marr just before the EU elections. During the course of the interview Marr asked him about some disgusting comments he's made, the fact the Brexit Party didn't have a manifesto, his funding from Aaron Banks, his wish to privitise the NHS. Farage had no answer and made no attempt to answer just talking about "an establishment stitch-up" The point is Marr undoubtedly "destroyed" Farage to any rational viewer. However Farage doesn't play to rationality and logic, he plays to raw emotion so the interview was a success to him. I don't know what the right response is but legitimising far-right figures and giving them air-time certainly hasn't worked. Also its not the far right figures on tv we need to debate and win over, it is ordinary people who of course we can debate and who we can win over by materially improving their lives
  11. Scott129

    Other Stage Opener

    Ah this was it, actually remember seeing swim deep now you mention it
  12. Scott129

    Other Stage Opener

    Anyone think Frank Turner is possible? Playing avalon Friday night and seems odd that he wouldn't also play a main stage. I appreciate it would be a complete contrast to who they usually go for. Tbh I don't think its likely just clutching at straws cause i'll probs miss his headline set. Think he opened on Saturday a few years ago and it was a cracking start to the day
  13. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    This doesn't necessarily correlate to seats in Parliament though. Wish I had you're optimism. Leave lead by Boris/Farage would beat Remain lead by the People's Vote lot. They've been in full campaign mode for 2 years, spent millions of pounds and not won over any leavers
  14. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Maybe you're more of an optimist than me. There is clearly huge support for no deal amongst leavers and leave constituencies outnumber remain 2:1. Plus I can see the remain vote being more split than leave vote (Boris and Farage may well form an electoral pact in such a situation
  15. Scott129

    Brexit at Glasto?

    It is worth pointing out that Labour have already voted for a second referendum twice and failed because there is no majority for it in Parliament. Even when they move to it being the central position (which they 've now pretty much done) there will still be a number of mps (Lisa Nandy, Ian Lavery etc) who represent leave areas and wont support a second referendum. I personally can only see a second referendum after an election where labour backs it as its position. And in that situation, tories backing no deal have every bit as great a chance of winning
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