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  1. I wonder if other countries will take a different approach, for example no festivals in England next year but Spain giving the green light for primavera etc, I feel like they’ll be festivals in some form happening next year, potentially in other countries depending on how the virus is contained. The only other thing on that would be availability of bands currently booked, it wouldn’t be worth their time to travel for a minimal number of festivals would it?
  2. PaulKav

    2020 New Music

    Agreed! I do look at this also
  3. PaulKav

    2020 New Music

    How does everyone source their new music? I rely on Spotify for updating me on releases but I’ve soon discovered that it doesn’t actually show that much of what’s actually being released. Does anyone have a certain website they use for releases or different means of discovering new music?
  4. PaulKav

    Volunteering 2020

    I completely missed the oxfam volunteering and forgot to sign up - when I try to sign up it makes me choose a festival that isn’t sold out. Can I not create a new account now and register interest in glasto incase of cancellations etc? Or do I just keep checking back on the festivals bit and hope it doesn’t say sold out one day? I assume they get some cancellations! Do people get notified of this or do you just check back on the off chance some free up?
  5. Just out of curiosity does there tend to be anymore announcements or is this the whole lineup?
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