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  1. adms

    2019 Improvements

    So I have gone a year without visiting this site every day, for fear of feeling too sad regarding a lack of festival this year. However I now feel I am ready to start feeling excited again as T-Day is in reach and I can look forward to the hype and excitement of the 2019 festival. Now without thinking about headliners, the weather and how we are going to get around this plastic ban, I’m interested to see what everyone would like to see improved around the festival site this year. I saw lots of thoughts on reflection of the festival in 2017, as although we visit each year, we always have those moments where we can see room for improvement. With the fallow year, this has given the team at Glasto more time to plan and think ahead about what can be done better. Big things that come to my head - Movement around the main stages. Are wider and more accessible entrances and exits needed? SE Corner alternative? Although Arcadia moving has drawn a lot of the croud, could this be a good time to create an alternative Shangri-La elsewhere. Big stages. Yes, the pyramid, other, JP , Park and WH serve their purposes for the big names but could this be a good time for another ‘BIG’ new stage to emerge. Just a few points - What would you like to see changed for next years festival?
  2. adms

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Beans on Toast - Jamie and Lily, Leftfield. He told the whole story about how they were both going to see him at a gig. Jamie emailed Beans on Toast asking to dedicate a song to Lily. And without Jamie knowing, Lily emailed Beans on Toast, asking to dedicate the same song to Jamie. He wrote a song about them. They came on stage and danced. It was a joyful happy moment and I sobbed.
  3. adms

    Ban Grime at Glastonbury

    Had to sign back into my account - just so I could down vote.
  4. adms

    Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    I'm pretty sure this must have been a temporary contract through an agency. I worked Christmas temp many years ago through an agency, turned up one week as was told I am no longer needed - along with the rest of the temp staff. I have also worked alongside many Eastern Europeans in the past, many work for agencies with promise of work in the UK. I highly doubt they're employed directly by Glastonbury Festivals, nor did they sign any form of Zero hour contract with them. I could be wrong though.
  5. adms

    Volunteering this weekend

    I attended this weekend, however wanted to know if there was any way I could volunteer to help clean up this weekend coming? If so, how would I go about this?
  6. adms

    Hurly burly breakfast tent

    They got asked not to come back. Not sure why.
  7. adms

    Headliners 2019

    Everything Everything for JP/The Park headliner 2019... pls pls pls pls.
  8. adms

    Travelling from Devon

    Always up the M5 - I used to do it from Kernow. You'll never meet any traffic until after Glastonbury. A303 is crap.
  9. adms


    In the kids fields, expect long queues and the potential of running out of water by 1pm. Not worth it IMO. Just bring a jug, fill it up with water and pour it over your head. It does the job.
  10. adms

    Pyramid Topper

    It has become like a candle on the cake, but where is she? Seems a bit mean to give the Other stage one but not the Pyramid.
  11. adms

    Worthy FM 2017

    Is my Wifi/Bluetooth crap, or does it keep cutting out?
  12. adms

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Just moved to Bristol from Cornwall, so a much shorter trip than usual. Setting off around 10/11am on Wednesday morning. Still weighing up the best route - Probs going to head for Wells and go from there.
  13. adms

    Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    I'm not religious, but I still went to see the Dalai Lama.
  14. adms

    Corbin Really !!

    What are you talking about? Glastonbury is the most politically charged festival out there? Its core values are based on making the world a better place. Get your head out of your bag of mandy, walk around the Greenpeace Fields, Leftfield, Learn about the messages shown between acts. Its everything Corbyn stands for. It's just being re-enforced by a leader of a political party who actually has a big impact on our country.
  15. adms

    1 Top Tip for Me!

    Always approach any stage from left or right, as close to the stage fence as possible. Crowd is thinner than you'd imagine near the screens/where screens would be.