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  1. Received my order from Shangrilart today. Included was a copy of the Shangri Liar paper from 2016... pretty cool!
  2. I had to miss her as I was so poorly with heat stroke, totally gutted and still can’t bring myself to watch it on iplayer. Maybe one day... 😔
  3. I really don’t agree about the price of the art being high. I actually thought it was very reasonable. A print I brought was £100, it’s a limited addition run of 35 and the proceeds are split 50/50 between shangrilart and the artist. So the artist will only get max £1750 if they sell out. I would be very surprised if anyone is walking away from shangrilart with an unfair wad of cash. And anyway, art is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Agree 100% about coop single use plastic though, I would be surprised and disappointed if there aren’t some changes to what they are allowed sell next year
  4. Treated myself to two items from Shagrilart this year. Can’t wait for them to arrive!
  5. I loved it. It’s so pointless but that’s what makes Glastonbury different from other festivals - it’s there for amusement. I bet anywhere else would be charging you a fiver just to go on it. I got a pencil (£2😱) and a little compact mirror (£4)
  6. I actually thought that the large stones all over the pathways were really dangerous. Particularly around the SE corner. I’m sure they are useful when it’s wet for grip but seems like an accident waiting to happen when it’s dry!
  7. Piss in a can? That’s an incredible aim! Seriously though, glad she had an nice shower of her own piss!
  8. Having spent yesterday afternoon and last night in the Welfare tent with heat exhaustion I wanted to take a mo to say how amazing the welfare team were and how genuinely appreciative I am. Not just in the way they looked after me (fetching water, ice packs, even making me toast this morning) but also the way they took care of others who I can only describe as broken was incredible. Incredible festival. Who were your festival heroes?
  9. fionajm777


    Any idea on price of tonic??
  10. fionajm777

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    One last random tip...cut your toe nails. I made the mistake of not doing this a few years back and it’s very uncomfortable walking long distances with your nails hitting the end of your boots
  11. Just checked mine and it’s only for me. So I think each passenger should have been emailed their own ticket individually 
  12. You are allowed one big bag, a tent and one carry on bag anything over and above that would be a risk and depends on how much room there is most of the coaches coming from longer distances will have a loo. But if not the driver will stop regularly
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