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  1. Saw her in Glasgow. Absolutely class. I cried too.
  2. I'm a massive life long brand new fan, so have been waiting a long time for this. I have to say I'm totally in love with it. A complete masterpiece. Managed to bag a ticket to their London show in November as well
  3. You can listen on YouTube or buy it from http://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/ for $9
  4. Can any of you awesome weather obsessed people recall what the forecast was saying 6 days before last years festival?
  5. Why can't I figure out how to enter the EE competition? Already got tickets but Happy to enter and give them to someone on here
  6. Any vegan breakfast recommendations? Always take cereal and individual alpro almond milks but gets a bit boring by Sunday...
  7. Not sure why I'm even reading the electronics/dance thread as it's generally not my cup of tea and not something I know much about. But I can't help but feel the undertone here is that only true house/techno heads should enjoy SEC and that everyone else is just there coz it's "what you do". I disagree. I've had some brilliant, memorable nights in SEC without having a clue who the DJ is. For some people (me) the music is only one part of the late night experience. I love the theatre, the drama, the laughter, the hidden gems, the music, the lights, the venues, the art, the politics, the wit... I hope that doesn't mean i have any less right to be there.
  8. Now £79.99 which seems like a bargain!
  9. I was just thinking "where have I seen that face before..." hahahah
  10. Hello


    please can you add me to the whatsapp group? 




    i would be most grateful!! 

    Thank you 

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