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  1. Any decent pubs in the wembley area for pre-gig?
  2. I've just bought my tickets from ticketmaster.es, I've been sent my e-ticket but does anyone know if they send out the wristbands as well or do I collect them at the box office?
  3. Does anyone have copy of Tame Impala from 2016?
  4. Anyone who’s been to an Ally Pally gig recently know if they operate a cloakroom? Seen that no backpacks are allowed into the venue but need to get a coach back to Cardiff after the gig so will have a bag with me
  5. I have a spare ticket for Ally Pally on Saturday, face value. Thought I'd ask here before putting it on twickets.
  6. Just a heads up to those with iPhones, don't have your phone on lower power mode as I think this prevents mail from fetching new data so you won't get push notifications.
  7. Sounds awesome! Is there an ETA for when it will be available?
  8. Been lurking for a while but figured I may as well start posting. I thought I found a banging Page Monitor within Google sheets but turns out it only monitors whether a site is up or down. I got really excited as well as it sends out SMS alerts and everything. Shame about the lack of tickets this weeks considering everyone's commitment. Here's hoping for next week!
  9. There appears to be a lot of lurkers (ie. me...)
  10. Hi guys. I'm another long-time lurker and was gutted to miss out on both resales so would appreciate any help with the secret resales. I've set up an alert with Follow that page but I'm not sure how reliable this is. Cheers
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