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  1. GrowlerPhil

    Celeb spotting

    Ed O'Brien Matt Everitt Shaun Keaveny Geoff Barrow And the bloke from Rogue traders
  2. My mate on Saturday afternoon.....'Do you think the Co-op will sell Vaseline? Because my arsehole is starting to chafe'
  3. Another crew bar I believe
  4. That's 1am Sunday morning at Crows Nest and not Monday as previously thought
  5. GrowlerPhil

    Snapped Ankles

    I've just had it confirmed that their gig at the Crows Nest is at 1am on Sunday Morning and not Monday morning
  6. Confirmation of what we already knew.... Here is the Snapped Glastinerary _ so book yourself a ghilley suit now!: Thursday: - STRUMMERVILLE_9pm Friday: - WEST HOLT BACKBAR _8pm Saturday: - WILLIAMS GREEN _pm -SHANGRILA CREW BAR_ DJ set 7pm- -CROWS NEST_1am
  7. Looking at the track of those showers at the moment I think the heaviest stuff will miss the site completely. It probably will get some rain in the next half hour but it shouldn't be too horrific
  8. In May 2015 my brother was diagnosed with terminal lung Cancer. He went down hill so quickly that he passed away on the Monday before the gates opened. I'd been in the hospice for 3 weeks straight with little sleep and very few breaks. Glastonbury was the last thing on my mind but my wife and sister convinced me to go. On the Wednesday and Thursday I put on a brave face and went through the motions but I wasn't coping well at all. However, that year it was a friend's first year and his enthusiasm and happiness of being there was infectious. He was completely blown away by the place and the experience. If it wasn't for him I might have gone home. The music started and on the Friday morning King Gizzard started playing and I felt myself smiling for the first time in weeks. It really is amazing how good friends and music can get you through the toughest times in your life.
  9. It only rained on the Thursday from about 2 until Friday morning. It was a very dull and damp start to the festival ( And I'm not talking Beady Eye) and then the Sun came out for about 3 or 4 hours and without a hat or Suntan lotion I thought it'd be a good idea to burn my face off. Moral of the story....It doesn't matter how damp or cloudy it is ALWAYS have a hat with you.
  10. GrowlerPhil


    Do I spy the Co-Op pop up shop going up ?
  11. The Stones were announced on the first poster drop in 2013
  12. I've often found if it says 'Gourmet' it's best to avoid. I'd love to see The Grazing Shed to make an appearance. I had a couple of burgers there at Greenman last year and they were great
  13. GrowlerPhil


    It looks like there's something going on in the Arcadia field
  14. Am I right in thinking that the Crow's Nest people have an affiliation with Heavenly Records? Seeing King Gizzard there in 2015 was one of my Glastonbury highlights.
  15. It's worth keeping an eye on Songkick. In 2017 quite a few acts were added to their Glastonbury page quite some time before any official announcements.
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