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  1. Am I right in thinking that the Crow's Nest people have an affiliation with Heavenly Records? Seeing King Gizzard there in 2015 was one of my Glastonbury highlights.
  2. It's worth keeping an eye on Songkick. In 2017 quite a few acts were added to their Glastonbury page quite some time before any official announcements.
  3. Odds have nearly halved in the last 10 minutes. Or is that me?
  4. I suspect we'll get some info on whether King Gizz will be at Glastonbury early next week. Murlocs tour starts tomorrow and I've asked my mate to ask them when he goes to the Hare&Hounds gig
  5. About time...Bloody slackers!
  6. Gutted they've ignored Manchester and Birmingham. I hope they'll turn up at the farm.
  7. That's the far less enjoyable version ;-)
  8. Tropical Fuck Storm in Europe the week before Glastonbury. Other UK dates in May
  9. GrowlerPhil

    Emily interview

    I'd love that to be true
  10. GrowlerPhil

    Emily interview

    No thanks! It's taken me 28 years to get over their performance at Monsters of Rock. Awful
  11. Does anyone know the last time they played Glastonbury? I've gone back as far as 2010 and I haven't seen them on any line up. I'd say with those dates they are doubtful unless they head into Europe and then come back in June.
  12. A friend of mine just spoke to a promoter in Birmingham and they said they were close to getting the Oh Sees but Bearded Theory didn't want any other Midlands shows.
  13. 19th Glasgow 20th Belfast 23rd Cardiff That's all I can find so far
  14. Isn't that their tour dates from this year?
  15. Oh Sees are returning to The Albert Hall in Manchester May 18th. Castlemania there in March was my gig of the year. Splendid stuff.
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