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  1. GrowlerPhil

    Announcement Monday!!!

    Today Neil?
  2. GrowlerPhil

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    I'm 90% sure Joey said it was Saturday night/Sunday morning I'd had a skin full by then.
  3. GrowlerPhil

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    Just had a drink with the boys and they've said they are definitely booked for the Crow's Nest
  4. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    I wrote a note in my diary that simple says bugger.......That was 2 weeks ago though
  5. GrowlerPhil

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I Promise opens the encore
  6. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    My mates went last year and I'm sure there were some going on Twickets a few days before the festival.
  7. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    I've just worked out that I've broken into the 100 hour barrier since May 8th. Surely that deserves something? On the plus side my Photos and music on my computer have never been so organised
  8. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    I've searched and searched this and I can't find anything unfortunately. There are some apps but definitely not suitable.
  9. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    Arriva Trains Wales now have free WIFI on most services
  10. GrowlerPhil

    "Really big secret"

    Anyone still think it could still be Manic Street Preachers opening The Other Stage. Maybe Neil has been thrown some duff info to throw him off the scent?
  11. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    I Wanna Dance with Somebody ( Who Knobs Me )
  12. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    17.01 last night I think.
  13. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    I think we'll get a ping today for CV changing to sold out. There are only the £200 pitches on Bath & West left on sale.
  14. GrowlerPhil

    Self Confirmed 2017

    I think my post about Banco de Gaia has been missed. His tour dates have Glastonbury included.
  15. GrowlerPhil

    Secret resales

    So I was in front of the computer from 9 until 4.30 at which point I had to bite the bullet and head for the shower ready for my night shift. I gave my wife explicit instructions if she heard a Cuckoo. 1 minute later there's a cacophony of noise as my two daughters enter the bathroom saying we've just heard the cuckoo mummy doesn't know what to do!!!!! My heart sinks but then I compose myself and grab my phone to see that it's only the Tipi's on sale. I've established that my wife is not a fan of that kind of pressure ; )