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  1. I’m coming solo, did last one with friends but actually loved 2016 solo and can’t wait to do it again xx
  2. I've been here for so long and hoping for you all, but mostly hoping for my bestest friend who I can't believe won't be there to see Radiohead. I'm absolutely devastated and just know it won't be the same. Part of glasto for me was the joy of seeing joy if that makes sense especially when it's for someone that means so much to me. If it wasn't for them I would never have gone last year and experienced feelings I never knew I had it really was life changing for me. Sorry for the rambling I'm just absolutely gutted.
  3. Sooo jealous I wanted to go to dismaland soooo much. LOVE banksy.
  4. Love this!!!!! its penguins it must be a sign morning all, checking in late as teenage first gcse stress filled house this morning so need lots of luck in general today xx
  5. Morning, really does give perspective but I echo what's already been said we can't allow this madness to control us. thinking of all affected and wanting to hug my loved ones very tightly this morning xxx
  6. Now now don't ruin my penguin illusions
  7. Is it wrong I want to kill anyone who hasn't been on here every minute?! Feeling slightly like a mentalist here
  8. Now that is cool, I love it!
  9. Actually I think my beloved friend who I have been sat here for over 2 weeks now should get me a penguin for my efforts these gifs have cheered me right up you lovely lot xx
  10. Awww look and this is why I love them they make waddling look cool!
  11. Bloody love a most welcome distraction lol
  12. I bloody love penguins, fave upvote I've given.
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