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  1. Howdy.... If i drove in a caravan behind a vw camper van would that count as my car...or would it count as two camper vans.... MGB
  2. Howdy! Any one got a spare east camper van ticket ? X MGB
  3. Registrations usually go down during a sale
  4. @cb4747 lol are you kidding ? You can set a watch by me. Haha.
  5. Just go in and start wandering around in a high vis. No one will know.
  6. Last year it was today. Last week there was a flurry of activity around now. With a sale later - 1545. It's not over yet. The fence isn't up yet either. Still time to hide in a tree
  7. This happened the days before the mini resale last week.
  8. I thought the proper resale last year was tomorrow or Wednesday at 1303 / 1307 something like that.
  9. I think the best way to make the tickets fear it would be for it as the punters to work better together so everyone is successful I suspect there are many people who get through to you on the purchase two or four tickets. I also think there are many people who may purchase six tickets and then as has been described get throughagain but have no one to buy tickets for
  10. tweet from seetickets 21hours ago - no plans for a resale, keep an eye on the site... what does that mean
  11. how early was the seetickets tweet - didnt they give a warning?
  12. on the glasto.seetickets.com page it now says - "tickets sold out" - had that always been the case. Also on some screen shots, they added the pink button above the blue bar - the blue bar loaded a bit funny earlier in the week on my computer temporarily.... maybe they did have the coach sale - but it was very brief ?
  13. what time was it yeasterday? 1535? I left my phone on the 453 from new cross to marylebone yesterday. I got it back at 1800... ;-(
  14. The key point is they are changing a background page. The "front" page will change when they are really for sale.
  15. 33. No sign of successful ticket purchase on Twitter.
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