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  1. Pretty sure he’s planning on it raining.
  2. Excellent list. Things I would add: Caffettiera for proper coffee in the morning. Loads of extra pillows - you can never have too many. If you’ve got space, a few 4 pint milk jugs filled with water to top toilet flush up quickly without having to join the queue or waste your main water. Tea towels. A brush to clean off the worst of the mud off walking boots so they dry better over night. Laundry bag.
  3. The merch tent was cash only in 2017. Always thought it odd they’ve never taken cards seeing as a couple of t-shirts can be >£50.
  4. Get out of taxi at Pylle Lane / A37 junction and walk. Distance from there to CV fields is less than the walk from some of the CV fields to, say, the Park. Assuming that all kit etc is already in the van in the fields, this should be fine.
  5. Anyone with CV tickets had theirs yet? I get the impression they get sent out slightly later. Got ours 8th June last time, and even later in the few years before that. Wondering if they work through all the ticket only purchases first before processing the tickets + CV tickets orders.
  6. Yep, massive metal sewage tank that you pour your toilet cassette etc into. Situated near the toilets. Your main water tank can be refilled by aquaroll etc. and will provide shower and taps with water. Your toilet flush in the van will almost certainly be a separate tank in the van. So recommend take a watering can, or old 4 pint milk plastic bottles, to use to top up the toilet flush water. My top tip is to bring a cleaning cloth, washing up liquid and dust pan and brush for a brief clean on Saturday morning. 20 mins resetting the van, cleaning it inside, toppping up water, emptying toilet etc. makes the end of the festival so much better. It’s like starting all over. I do this most years, but in 2016 it made a huge difference after all the mud, and Sunday was brilliant.
  7. CV ticket allows caravan plus towing vehicle. No restrictions on what the towing vehicle is. If you’ve hired a caravan to be dropped off, you’ll have bought an east-quiet/hired ticket. The quiet/hired tickets are the same. So at the point where the quiet/hired and east normal diverge you’ll turn left and be in the quiet/hired fields. Then just drive to your hire van - there will be space for the towing vehicle. All the licensing rules around CVs/caravans are about people not sleeping in unsuitable vehicles. What you’re proposing is taking an excess of suitable vehicles, so that should be welcomed I’m sure
  8. Water points as marked on this map. So not too many. The one in E20 can be busy at times at it serves quite a wide area. So depends on whether you’re in quiet or normal. If you can, bring a couple of full waterrolls with you. We find 1 full 40 litre waterroll lasts 2 days with 2 of us showering every morning. Have to be frugal mind. So we only have to refill them once whilst there. Additional small pop up will be fine as long as you’re not blocking your neighbours etc.
  9. This was us in 2017 - E20. Loads of space around us. Plenty room for a tent.
  10. Yep, 10-12 seems best. Even with the crash on A303 in 2017 that caused massive delays, we were still in E20 at about 11:30, close to the catering vans. The filling up order has an impact. It’s basically a mass pile in, so they fill up the furthest parts of the fields first, working back towards the access roads and tracks in order to keep thing moving. So for east quiet, too early = too far away. For east normal, early = closer.
  11. Yep, usually. I seem to recall last time that sone of those who bought CV tickets in late resales got them separate though.
  12. Ground is mostly very level, but worth bringing bits of wood in case you get put on uneven ground. Bring extra water if you can. Topping up easy enough, but queues can be long if you time it wrong. Emptying toilet containers no problem. Emptying grey waste more challenging. Worth buying and using eco safe shower gel / hand wash in case some grey waste accidentally leaks out onto the field. Take spare leisure battery so you don’t stress about running out of power when using lights or water pump. I’d avoid spots right on the edge of the main tracks through the fields. Also avoid being too close to the generators in the small food van compound in E20.
  13. I reckon you could be fine. Unless the ground is muddy, in which case things might get really strict. No way they would risk another 2016. The question is, if it is muddy, and they do get strict, would they turn you away or send you to B&W?
  14. NancyBoyPossum

    2019 Map

    Weird, I’m sure I used it last time. Either way, Glasto Latino looks like its dumped on top of Goan Fish Curry which makes breakfast beer and kedgeree in Avalon more awkward.
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