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  1. NancyBoyPossum

    2019 Map

    Weird, I’m sure I used it last time. Either way, Glasto Latino looks like its dumped on top of Goan Fish Curry which makes breakfast beer and kedgeree in Avalon more awkward.
  2. Avalon Cafe, Thursday night would be nice...
  3. With Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus, Santigold, Diplo already announced, I reckon strong chance of Mark Ronson lurking there somewhere. So a Mark Ronson + guests set could be one to remember. Bit like in 2015 - loved that as the sun set on the other stage.
  4. 2-3 weeks if you’re lucky. Less than a week before for many. Ticket dispatch date stress is up there with ticket purchase stress. Just watch this forum late June....
  5. You should have got an email titled Booking Confirmation on 27th October confirming purchase. It would be from See Tickets, not Glastonbury Festival.
  6. When on gas I think the 12V is only used to control the valves that turn on/off the gas supply to he fridge. So power drain is insignificant. But 12V still needed for the fridge to work. Typical Dometic / Thetford fridges use no more than 500g gas per day at about 25degC outside temp. In practice much less. So 4.5kg should be fine. Even last year in the ridiculous temps, Tue - Mon, we ran our fridge constantly, plus heated the water for showers every day, and used the cooker for boiling kettle each morning, and didn’t use the 6kg bottle we had.
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