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  1. We are travelling from The Netherlands and we can't really afford a plane ticket, is someone able to help us out?
  2. Verminkt

    2019 Headliners

    You are right, I meant bands that have made relevant albums in the last 5 to 10 years. Radiohead and AM make very relevant albums still imo.
  3. Verminkt

    2019 Headliners

    I love the Beatles and love Macca. I just want to see one relevant headliner that is still musically amazing and isn't just a nostalgic trip. If its Cure, Macca and Gaga I would be dissapointed because I grew up watching some amazing shows (Radiohead 1997, Arctic Monkeys 2007, Blur 2009 etc.) over and over again. In 2017, I finally witnessed one of my own and it was the best experience I've had with that Radiohead show. If there are three potential headliners that I all don't care about (Both Cure and Macca were very disappointing when I saw them and really dislike Gaga), I can hope for something different right? Doesn't mean I won't have goosebumps again once I walk through those gates in June.
  4. Verminkt

    2019 Headliners

    Still could mean they'll book him for 2020 but okay, lets see
  5. Verminkt

    2019 Headliners

    I'm not a really active member here, look at it once every while so did not know that. I guess I have to believe what you heard is correct. Cure are really good, Macca is too old saw him at Werchter and his singing was pretty poor.
  6. Verminkt

    2019 Headliners

    Can anyone explain to me what makes The Cure and Paul McCartney the strongest rumours? I understand The Cure since they are touring European festivals but they are playing Werchter on friday so normally that would leave only sunday. And McCartney? He doesn't have tour dates in Europe yet? A trio of McCartney, Cure and Gaga feels odd. Every year there is a Radiohead, AM, Coldplay, Muse etc. Bands that still make relevant albums. McCartney and Cure are legends and Gaga is a pure popact. Shouldn't there be at least one of those more recent alternative bands? Personally I was really hoping for Arctic Monkeys since its been 6 years and they are on top of their game now. Surely they'll continue touring in 2019? Muse is too soon I think but would be great too.
  7. Fantastisch voor De Boer deze overwinning op Juve. Die Italianen begrijpen nu hopelijk wat voor een geweldige coach dat is

  8. @SamazingDay If you don't speak English it is amazing

  9. Zelfs de minste Muse-show die ik ooit zag krijgt 4 sterren in de Volkskrant. Wat een band!

  10. @ColdplayAtlas Imagine they play that instead of Magic

  11. RT @marktuitert: Dus de grootste middelvinger ooit in de richting van de internationale sportwereld blijft onbestraft... #IOC

  12. @vlaskaas can't stop the gods from engineering, feel no need for any interfering

  13. @Thooomash Ja op het Malieveld zag je er ook heel weinig van. Maar vanuit de heuvels; sick

  14. 3 days to go #ColdplayWembley #NowPlaying A Sky Full of Stars van Coldplay ♫ https://t.co/shbaQ0GGCy

  15. Ik ben er één van :) https://t.co/93x7aNtWSd

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