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  1. I was there last time CB played. I really enjoyed it but the show was very quiet. But so were Skrillex and Disclosure last time they closed the headlinerstage. Last time it was packed was Major Lazer in 2014.
  2. Frank Ocean probably won't come to Werchter but I wish he would. He is an amazing artist. Blonde was the best album of the 2010's in my opinion.
  3. I think I am well capable of reacting to this. I have been working with Festileaks for three years but have stopped for some years now. Festileaks only has very few people working there that even get money most people are volunteers that just love festivals. Its not big business, its still mainly a (prossefional) hobby. Advertising revenues are not that big. So maybe a kind suggestion to stop being so ignorant ?
  4. Haha we don't have to talk about Stefani. No chance she'll be headlining. No chance.
  5. Yes I'm starting to get very positive on Tame Impala. If they are doing festivals and that seems very likely, Rock Werchter is the kind of festival that definetly has them. Kendrick and Tame as headliners would be like the best possible scenario for me, sick and tired of the same big rock bands headlining over and over again and these two are the ones that were so brilliant when I saw them at Glastonbury and Lowlands they will ace it.
  6. Ideally, Tame would perform after Kendrick Lamar. Fits really well together I think although musically being completely different, its attracts the same typemof public. Dream combination for me at least. Seems to small to top the bill on friday but would still be well deserved. Strokes on friday with Tame Impala would be great too. I do think however RHCP/Foo's/KoL will definetly be the friday headliner. If I could pick it would be KoL, its been quiet a while now.
  7. I don't get what you are saying? You mean they won't announce anything special this year anymore? I don't really care if its going to be RHCP/KoL/FF's, all I want is The Strokes haha. Its the only headliner I have never got the chance to see because they never play in Belgium or Netherlands.
  8. Friday: Mø: 6 Wombats:6.5 Mac Demarco: 7 Two Door Cinema Club: 8 Tame Impala: 9 Charlotte De Witte: 8.5 Saturday: Vampire Weekend: 6.5 Foals: 8 Keane: 6.5 Killers: 8.5 Sunday: Years & Years: 3 Kylie: 5.5 Mylie: 6.0 Billie Eilish 6.5 Vampire Weekend: 7.5 The Cure: 8.5
  9. Verminkt

    Flops 2019

    Experienced this too. There was so much space to the left of the stage! Could have put your tent there, so much room was left. Great spot, and when the bangers Inhaler, What Went Down and Two Steps, Twice began I was in the mosh within seconds. I think its because the pathway to it gets so busy people stop trying.
  10. Verminkt

    Flops 2019

    I can't believe it either. For me by far the best show and that says a lot for me since I never expected that beforehand and were even so much better thab absolutely amazing shows by Killers and Foals which at most festivals I'd go to would have been the best. Elephant was just insane. I thought Years & Years were horrific. We just watched it because we hardly saw anything yet on the pyramid but the beats of his songs were so ugly. Just kept watching so I could appreciate all the good stuff I saw even more.
  11. Verminkt


    This stage was insane. If Charlotte de Witte, Kraviz, Bicep etc. were booked here it would have been a lot more busy and I think this stage is better for techno than Pangea (although that one was great too).
  12. 1) Tame Impala 2) The Killers 3) Foals Really hard to not put Two Door Cinema Club or The Cure into the top 3 since at any other festival they would have beem number ones but it seems like bands just give a little extra at Glastonbury. Tame Impala completely blew me away, they will become headliners in the future.
  13. Has it ever been in previous years that people were so certain about a band (like this years Foals) and it turned out to be a different one? If its not Foals I would be so gutted...
  14. Verminkt

    Charging phone

    Thanks for all the help guys. Thinking about, last time I used my portable charger I probably used a cable that doesn't work properly so hopefully the one I have is fine. So much help in so little time haha, I like this comminity. Enjoy your festival guys!
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