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  1. thanks, this is the first reasonable comment I’ve read since long ago
  2. got the email from ticketmaster..as I expected no full refund but a voucher for 2021 or 2022
  3. is this dodging the question? I have a ticket for this and waiting a few days still is not a big deal to me
  4. tbh werchter was officially cancelled yeaterday and said that in a few days a statement regarding tickets will be out..pretty different than primavera moving dates and going awol for 2/3 weeks when it’s obvious it is not happening even at the end of august.....
  5. we are not even sure travel bans will be lifted by august, let alone organize a tour/concert and a festival that packs 70000 people a day on an island 2020 is off and until we have more evidence of immunization after having been in contact with the virus or a vaccine is widely available, I think also 2021 festival season could be endangered in this situation gatherings with more than 5k people will be the last thing to be re allowed
  6. this still leaves place for other festivals like pukkelpop, but isnt it obvious at this point that all 2020 is gone? why set a deadline for cancellation and postpone it after? (which is what all countries are doing and I really don’t get it 🤷‍♂️) Edit: ok it’s August, makes a lot more sense
  7. at this point it was pretty obvious..even primavera which postponed to late august I doubt it will take place
  8. glad I bought the ticket for their London gig tomorrow!
  9. but BST is on 3-5 and 10-12 july, isn’t it? 🤔 also can’t find any info on post malone on their website..
  10. the primavera topic is literally blowing up, apparently they are releasing the lineup sometime before a radio show scheduled for tomorrow 11am..so maybe this was what Jazebel was talking about! we may get something tomorrow or friday
  11. TOP this year at pukkelpop played 70 minutes headliner slot, so I think they will easily fit all 3 bands on the mainstage
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