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  1. glad I bought the ticket for their London gig tomorrow!
  2. but BST is on 3-5 and 10-12 july, isn’t it? 🤔 also can’t find any info on post malone on their website..
  3. the primavera topic is literally blowing up, apparently they are releasing the lineup sometime before a radio show scheduled for tomorrow 11am..so maybe this was what Jazebel was talking about! we may get something tomorrow or friday
  4. TOP this year at pukkelpop played 70 minutes headliner slot, so I think they will easily fit all 3 bands on the mainstage
  5. how likely are Frank Carter and anderson paak?
  6. PKP is announcing tomorrow another 2 heads and then on friday a big batch of names Edit- sorry I misread the PKP topic, the big batch is next week so probably still nothing for us then
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