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  1. 16 minutes ago, Cooter said:

    Thanks, the Anderson Paak one is great, I watched it a couple of years ago. You don't get much smoother or funkier than those dudes!

    Yes love the Anderson .Paak one, can't wait to see him & his band on WH

  2. 2 hours ago, Smeble said:

    Do we know why they are making the pyramid field larger? Is it an ongoing thing for licensing reasons? I can’t think of any band or individual that would require more space, how rammed at the back was it for kylie or Adele?

    Very rammed all the way back for Kylie - although there were several quite big pockets of space towards the middle of the crowd from what others have said....

    If only there was a way of evenly distributing the crowd of people in a field, so all the 'empty' spaces get occupied! One day, using personal wearable alerts based on info from drones perhaps, but sadly not for Glasto50...

  3. From Emily's comments I think we get it earlier this year - possibly the earliest ever. It's a special one, and we already know more than we've ever known before about who's playing at this point!

    I think this is all because they've been booking the acts for the 50th for the last three years or so, so they'll have all the main stages sewn up earlier than ever. This makes me think we'll get the first poster earlier than the previous earliest of 15th March - I'm going for last week of Feb or first week of March (of course, I'm hoping that's the case coz I can't wait! Although more than a little pleased about what we know so far)

  4. 2 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    I think there’s more to the issue though. There’s nothing wrong with not liking an act but I do find it annoying sometimes when areas of the crowd have given up and just start chatting.

    If you’re not feeling it I think you should either go for a wee / drink break or get food whatever outside of the major crowd. Those who just see it as an opportunity to have a big old chat are the problem.

    Yeah I find that very annoying too - but these are often the people who are securing their position for the next act on, so they don't give a f*** for who you're trying to listen to

  5. Taking the coach from the O2 for the first time this year - 9AM on the Wednesday.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how long it's likely to take, so when we might arrive at the site?

  6. 1 hour ago, Billjames7 said:

    Not sure what stage they’d fit on as I’ve not been before but Franc moody would be great at any time of day on one of the smaller stages 

    Good shout! Reckon they'd go down a storm on West Holts or John Peel - pretty likely they'll be there this year with their new album end of this month and a tour following (my daughter, also a major Glasto fanatic, is on their album cover!)


    Edit: They played Pussy Parloure on Sat last year, but they're worthy of a major bump up since then

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  7. Love to see (again) at the Farm:

    Beth Rowley

    Roxanne de Bastion

    The Burning Hell

    Nick Waterhouse


    My Baby

    JJ Rosa

    North Mississippi All-Stars (this could happen, they're over here)

    And how about a first for Kristina Train! Or Tedeschi Trucks Band? Go down a storm on Avalon...

    (but I'll be very happy whoever is there tbh)

  8. 3 hours ago, Hotchilidog said:

    We are staying in Croscombe so I guess this gives us the option of either west or east car parks in the morning. 

    Oh that's interesting, I've thought of staying there (I have family in Croscombe) - do you then drive yourself, or is there a bus, or do you have to take a taxi each day to / from the festival?

  9. 3 minutes ago, Sasperella said:

    Anyone else kinda gutted he headliners are sewn up? I can't help but feel that my January usually really benefits from coming on here and seeing all the wild speculation. This hasn't been a "hot topic" for weeks!

    I agree, it's quite a chunk of the anticipation and build-up that we can't now indulge in for this year

    But if it's true that the Other stage (or indeed, other other stages) will be hosting 'Pyramid-headliner-sized' acts this year, then there's a whole next level of very significant bands / acts to speculate about... the only problem is, what do we call the thread for that frenzy?

  10. 15 minutes ago, Kinkyinuit said:

    Though could they be the pyramid sized Other headliner?  

    Got to be - it's a nice compromise after Michael swearing he wouldn't have them back after their no-show - he puts them on the Other Stage as a slight rebuke, but they can still claim to be 'Pyramid Size' headliners

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  11. My reading is that Thom Yorke is the easy one, the "one has graced the pyramid a few times but not in this form" one

    But "The other one is definitely the best, wouldn't be out of place on a Sunday afternoon on the pyramid" as a West Holts headliner sounds to me more of a Nile Rogers / Chic thing. He's played both slots already in recent years, of course - but it's a helluva party booking for the 50th all the same!

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