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  1. Heartbreaker

    accessing glasto site without physical ticket

    You should be fine to meet before the lines of barriers / at the back of any queue, but depending on the ground conditions / queue size that may go a bit wrong. If you wanted to be totally sure of meeting without issues, I would suggest that the person already in the festival takes the shuttle bus out of the festival to the showground and meet you there. They can also then help you carry your stuff into the fest!
  2. Heartbreaker

    Silver Hayes on late...

    I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.
  3. Heartbreaker

    Can you draw Glasto map from memory?

    Ty but no need, knowing that at least one other person in this world has a similar approach to Glastonbury as me is heartwarming enough.
  4. Heartbreaker


    That's the joy of twitter, it is now very easy for news sites etc. to find and display the angry, annoyed and insulting comments made around any subject as if they are the only ones out there. A simple search on twitter shows an incredible array of excitement, joy, gratefulness and pure elation from Glastonbury virgins through to those who are going on their 20th adventure! These posts are out there, but will never get a mention as they simply will not get the same number of clicks an angry tweet will. Ignore the anger, find the joy.
  5. Heartbreaker


    No Bones Jones is an absolute must eat, I eat there for my 1st and last meal of the festival, its a huge plate of veggie greatness and their veggie fritters are incredible. I also highly recommend the raclette stall by the cider bus to satisfy the hunger after a few hot and spicy ciders!
  6. Heartbreaker

    Can you draw Glasto map from memory?

    9 festivals and this is about as best as I can do.
  7. Heartbreaker

    My best tips for ticket day....

    23 ppl in my group, and not a single look at the booking page!
  8. Heartbreaker

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    In 20 years of attending gigs, that crows nest show was by far the most fun I've ever had at a gig. Sure I've seen far more polished live acts, more charismatic front men etc. etc. but that was something utterly special for me. I Arrived 45 mins early to ensure I got in and wow. Everyone there was up for it, one of the kindest mosh pit I've ever been in, sharing drinks with people around me and it was fuckin' great to hear Head on / Pill live again. A good 7 / 8 of my group who have had me banging on about them for a year or two decided to head up to see what the fuss was about (I had told them this would be their best set of the weekend)...... each and every one of them now own their back catalogue. Quote of the year from a mate "My favourite moment of the fest was when you appeared out of the darkness after the Gizzard secret set; running toward us karate kicking the air, wearing only shorts, a ripped shirt and a tie screaming "Nonagon Infinity opens the door!!" I still get goosebumps thinking about this gig, it was utterly stunning and will take some going for a band to top that.
  9. Heartbreaker


    Be thankful that there are no longer any turdis on site; in this heat they would be utterly unbearable!
  10. Heartbreaker


    If my memory serves me right, that fenced area is staff car parking, they have/had a few stewards on the gate at the top to check you have the correct parking ticket etc.
  11. Heartbreaker


    It looks a bit far up, but I it may possibly be the tarp style cover thingy for the bar in the Woods area.
  12. Heartbreaker


    I would imagine some extra staging for them, but I was thinking along the lines of a runway straight out from the stage. This looks like its going to encompass the sound desks.Very intriguing indeed.
  13. Heartbreaker


    I though that initially, however I can't see how that would help with access. Trying to get through on that path during a popular act would be nigh on impossible.
  14. Heartbreaker


    Looks like they are they are putting down some kind of pathway leading into the crowd in front of the pyramid stage. Can't figure out why though...
  15. Heartbreaker

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    Will be doing JP and Crows nest (although I wont be taking a smart phone so god knows how I will find out when they are on) Would love to go to the Williams Green one too, but they clash with Toots and The Maytals....