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  1. Paging @deebeedoobee to the thread.... the defining moment in RAM jam jar's long and illustrious history has arrived.
  2. It was not rain overnight, it was simply a liberal application of tent peg insertion assistant.
  3. Rain radar shows the wet stuff to be clearing the site in the next hr or so...
  4. Heartbreaker


    I spend a 3 years working in the office opposite that very crane and I can confirm its bloody massive! When all of the lasers, fire, lighting etc. are in full flow, it will be a darn sight more imposing than the spider!
  5. Its an age old pre-Glastonbury tradition, one which I hope very much I can do for many years to come.
  6. King st. Bristol. Now. If ever a city can come close to capturing the spirit of Glastonbury, this is it.
  7. Very odd, defiantly surreal, totally fantastic!
  8. So, having the traditional Friday before Glastonbury drinks and a couple of people leave. Simply saying "Next time i see you will be at Glastonbury" What a fucking great felling!!!! 5 days... That is all..
  9. Damnit, stuck at work. Presume ill will it be on itv player? Edit, for the true obsessive: changing the region in your sky/virgin whatever box to West country should default the non hd itv channel to ITV West country
  10. Heartbreaker


    First speaker stand thingy at the Pyramid up, flags being erected, lights are on at night... we're so very nearly there!!
  11. Ive missed many pages of this.. on the Phil Jones facial expression scale, what are we looking at this evening?
  12. Hot Chip. Exactly 2 weeks from now I will be listening to their last couple of songs on the Park Stage. It will be a set to get you in the mood to push onwards with epic enthusiasm towards the SE corner, this will be it...
  13. Haha, AKA the "TravelJohn dance"
  14. TBH, i got to the end of that statement and immediately closed the tab!
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