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  1. DOWNLOAD CANCELLED! In Australia, though think this will have ramifications for the UK one https://www.loudersound.com/news/download-australia-cancelled-after-my-chemical-romance-withdraw
  2. Trouble is they cant not make a start of things, though can see why they had worried looking faces
  3. I think the early festivals are cutting it fine, the later ones should be safe though
  4. Calling it now, Bearded Theory, Download, Isle of Wight and Glastonbury will be cancelled or postponed
  5. People who are saying No, please explain why, do you have a magic immunity
  6. Apone


    Gorrilaz at the time of Clint Eastwood were excellent, loved em, by the time they stood in to headline Glastonbury, they were a completely different band with the same name, pretentious, up themselves, incoherent wailing with a parade of guest slots to supposedly keep the audience interested. I left after Bobby Womack did a pointless appearance and tried to catch what was left of Groove Armada
  7. oh and I'll add to that then the people who go issue death threats too, quality
  8. So how does this square get circled, how can the most woke and lefty festival in the world deal with being the most environmentally damaging, meat consuming, CO2 emitting single event in the country, organised by one of the country's biggest dairy farmers (veal anyone) who also concurs with badger culling, and will undoubtedly attract many who are currently clogging up central London Just curious
  9. Apone

    Flops 2019

    There's some weird legal thing that theyre not allowed to play Silver Machine and when Motorhead were around they were not allowed to play Motorhead, tho Hawkwind can
  10. Apone

    Flops 2019

    Really, FBS was at the Glade? was someone on the Baccy when they thought of that, It was bad enough when he was at the Gully on Silver Hayes a couple of years back
  11. Define Islamophobic? would that be pro female emancipation, pro gay rights, pro animal rights, pro religious freedom, against the death penalty?
  12. Yes that's the perceived reality
  13. I did, he poshed-up his name
  14. Uncomfortable reality check, Tories are probably the most represented political party at Glastonbury
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