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  1. So Chemical Brothers will no doubt headline Sunday night as per, but who will be the other Other Stage headliners, Vampire Weekend, George Ezra, Tame Impala, I mean seriously??
  2. Perhaps you should give it a go try somewhere else, you may be surprised
  3. I know there are Glasto uber-fans desperately trying to convince themselves and others this is a good line-up but sorry it is terrible.No imagination, very safe, very dull and very Wirelessy. I'm just so grateful I never did the lottery back in October and stuck with Green Man, tho if you did and lucked-out, I feel there will be plenty of tickets available if you fancy this shit
  4. I saw Gizz headline the Green Man festival this year, they were awseome unrelenting wall of noise, utterly superb
  5. Sorry but being out of work but otherwise fit, able and healthy should not be a comfortable or pleasant experience, and the process for finding work should place heavy emphasis on the finder, the Job Centre is not the sole source of work, just have a scan through Indeed and you will literally find 1000's of jobs of all skill levels. In my humble opinion, no fit, able and work ready person should get more on benefits than the lowest paid worker based on a 37 hours weekly on minimum wage, unless they are medically or circumstantially unable to work
  6. Then suggest you read, then re-read till you get it, you're wasting my time
  7. I did answer, you've just chosen not to listen, and while you're clearly cool with the govt at the time legally squandering 10 mil on a failed leaflet campaign, presume you're also cool on equally legal tax avoidance, or are you just selective on the things which are morally questionable but totally legal Oh and BTW, if you are going respond to something I write, expect a result which you may not agree with. Thats generally how it works, if you're troubled by that concept I suggest the Twitter echo chamber
  8. Oh you mean the 77,000 quid overspend by the Aaron Banks funded unofficial Leave campaign found guilty by that Blairite swamp which is the Electoral Commission, that gross abuse of democracy. Anything to say about the 10 million quid in government leaflets sent out to every household in the UK, fantastic value for money that one, or Gina Miller who through her personal fortune was able to privately fund legal proceedings against the result. It is funny how Remainers, the majority I assume are Lefties, suddenly love the money of a billionaire when it suits them
  9. A second referendum will be a gross abuse of democracy, will lead to civil disobedience and will set a standard for the future whereby any democratic vote can be overturned and re-held because in the opinion of the loser, it was the wrong result
  10. Reading the Brexit element to this thread is like reading HG Wells Time Machine where Remainers clearly think they're the Eloi while Leavers are the Morlocks
  11. OK does Glastonbury give out concession tickets to the poor and needy and those on benefits who'd like to go, is there diversity amongst attendees. I see Glastonbury as a rich white person's festival, which is actually fine in itself as long as you dont then pretend youre an inclusive diversity rich festival of worthiness, though hey you get Leftfield and Bragg to shout 'Tory scum' and you get to laugh at the massively offensive advertising hordings at Block9, and lets have some anti-semitic, anti capitalist tropes behind John Peel stage, and lets have a Greenpeace girl lecture me about the evil oil industry while drinking from a plastic bottle of water. All the Lefties can get their sanctimonious glow and swoon at Comrade Corbyn even though they've happily parted with the best part of 300 quid and indulged in capitalism in the most blatant and flagrant manner, Meanwhile Mr Eavis can before and after still do his dairy farming with all the inherent cruelty that industry requires. I for one have had enough of this gross display of hypocrisy, if you dont like my politics then you certainly aint having my money, simple
  12. 1. Go through the Seetickets website link rather than the Glastonbury website link (coz everyone goes via that) 2. Have all your details on a Word Doc ready to cut and paste once you're into the ticket sale page (Debit card, cvv, registration number, postcode etc) 3. I've had best results purchasing as a solo as inputting multiple personal details takes time and you can lose your slot. Once your ticket is bagged then try for your buddies 4. Dont bother with multiple tabs, will slow down your processor 5. Be very careful with F5, one year I F5'd and refresehed out of the ticketsale page I'd just got into Good luck, not going this year so there's one more ticket to bag
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