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  1. It was 2015, Clean Bandit were on the Other Stage when I noticed a tiny movement at my foot, I lifted my boot and a beetle went scurrying to my other boot, I thought how TF did you manage to get through all those people without getting squashed. I decided there and then this brave little beetle needed my help so I picked it up and put it in an empty bottle, walked it all the way to the outer perimeter of the festival and let it out into a little wooded area. So I missed Clean Bandit, but hey at least i did a little bit of good that day
  2. Apone

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Green Man festival this year, looks pretty decent
  3. Apone

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Plastic still has a place on the planet and will never be eradicated though its use now does need to be controlled. The future will be re-use, not re-cycle, and yes other products will have to be brought back into play such as glass, paper and natural textiles
  4. Apone

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    It is the use of single use plastic bottles which are just disposed of when the contents are consumed, people will have to alter the way they consume water and other products (take away coffee beakers from Starbucks etc).Change is on its way and they will be outlawed soon, both major parties are committed to it so we may as well start doing it
  5. Apone

    Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    Whatever,the first one will be sold at Somerset prices within 10 years, guaranteed
  6. Apone

    Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    In time they will be sold for profit, mark my words