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  1. https://www.alternativenation.net/rage-against-the-machine-imminent-new-tour-dates-revealed/
  2. Maybe this is why the post was pulled. Final negotiations haven't completed...
  3. I saw RATM at T in the Park back in 2008. Was amazing. Buzzing at the possibility of seeing them at Glasto
  4. kabillion

    2020 headliners

    Are they actually together anymore. I know there is a Monster reissue being promoted at the moment, but I dont believe they are a gigging band anymore?
  5. I had one browser tab open, and left it to refresh every 20 sec. I got in after 23mins. I think it was just dumb luck. I am aware of other that had multiple devices and browsers open and didn't get a sniff ??‍♂️
  6. You would need to run the ballet with the registrations upfront. Otherwise your opening a secondary reselling market
  7. I'm expecting this is how tickets will be allocated from next year. This gives them an opportunity to test it this year, but with a small pool of allocation.
  8. Single tab (Chrome), on a MacBook Air. Got the holding page immediately, and after 20mins the ticket page loaded and I bagged my tickets. Didn't even manually refresh and let the 20 sec timer do it for me.
  9. Site has already fallen over for me...
  10. Is that more than last year?
  11. kabillion

    Lost ticket

    Take a much evidence as possible. The fact she had a picture will be a big help!
  12. Mine came through last night.
  13. I still have the steel cup from 2017... I cant remember if they get swapped everytime you go to the bar (or did the bar staff rinse the same cup before serving...)
  14. She arrived Friday afternoon (about 1800). No queue to get ticket. The guy asked why missed the bus, and then gave us the ticket. No queues to get in the festival either by that point.
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