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  1. Should I be worried that I haven't recieved my email yet confirming names?
  2. Mines says "Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided"
  3. Where is the Manchester See coach leaving from? I have a standard ticket, so have booked a coach via National Express. Wondering if both the See coach and National Express coach are setting off from the same place.
  4. Congrats. This is my 2nd time at Worthy View. I stayed in a tent last time as the other options were so difficult to secure. Tent again this year, but they are great.
  5. kabillion

    Resale Club 2019

    Janet Jackson
  6. My wife missed the coach back in 2017. Driver refused to give me her ticket. She managed to get her ticket from the box office, but they were arsey about it
  7. kabillion

    day and stage

    I'm pretty sure Joe Goddard will be. The guy loves Glasto.
  8. They are already on sale...
  9. Not screwed at all. You'll be able to pay a carpark ticket when you pay your ticket balance.
  10. In 2015 I ordered my wife a coach ticket by mistake. The driver wouldn't give me her ticket, but made us collect it from the ticket office. The fact you have that email for See saying the driver should give the lead bookernthe ticket, you'll be good.
  11. I missed my first Glastonbury since 2002 in 2016. I ended up booking a holiday away that weekend so I could avoid the coverage!
  12. Is Jackone still about? I missed 2016 so not aware of how well the prediction went last year...
  13. A vending machine that heats up your pasty/sausage roll for you! /DUbwOJaxh5 /eI8egc6Ofc

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