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  1. bottonrob


    All the best for a quick recovery from the other half of the Lancaster branch of efest! see you in 2019! Rob
  2. bottonrob

    What are you looking forward to the most ?

    and outfits are sorted this year, already had them in!
  3. bottonrob

    Calling Out Stage

    Confirmation on KC web that Calling Out will have more space (embedded at the tail of the news about new campsites). Think this is great news albeit 3 years too late! Now just need conf that they're moving it to beyond where Jaegerhaas (RIP)/ Cinema tents and move the Glow (also bigger) further up the hill. Small changes but would seriously help with the noise clashes!
  4. bottonrob

    What are you looking forward to the most ?

    Hacienda Classical on the Thursday, having a beer at 9am claiming that it is noon somewhere, a random chill out in Wallahs and watching Mrs Numb do her 'Heaven is a place on earth' routine when her other half falls asleep
  5. bottonrob

    Primal Scream

    Yep, for all the dissatisfaction with the headlines this year I do think the 3 subs, OCS, James & Shed Seven are great bookings
  6. bottonrob


    Your not leaving other Jamie all on his lonesome?
  7. bottonrob

    Primal Scream

    That's actually the headline night I am most looking forward to, we were going to go see it in Lancaster but then got announced for KC so saved me the best part of £200!
  8. bottonrob


    You giving it a miss Jamie?
  9. bottonrob

    Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    I have never known them to give stage times prior to arrival lanyard. Not entirely sure baring our own guess work that we even get days!
  10. bottonrob

    Entry Times

    Never been there at opening, we generally arrive around noonish. Only one year was there any significant wait time.
  11. bottonrob

    Sold Out

    not in emperors this year?
  12. bottonrob

    Sold Out

    Not sure if quickest one ever (starting to sell tickets in 54BC probably helped!) but well done to the organisers. Must be something to do with that crappy line-up that everyone is complaining about!
  13. bottonrob

    Main Stage

    yep agreed but also then leaves either a headline or sub slot open!
  14. bottonrob

    Main Stage

    That sounds like they are not subbing but lower down card?
  15. bottonrob

    Main Stage

    as I said, i just wrote down in poster/ website order to give an idea of strength and times. looks like only room for 1 more act (2 if Peter Hook is Thursday). I can still see them announcing another act for Saturday night either after or before DMC which would give them the Snoop Dog slot but still allow them to have pride of place top centre of poster. If this was an issue I can't see it being raised by Catfish or Libertines tbh. What I will say is imho this is the strongest pre headline main stage in years

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