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  1. Organisers of Reading & Leeds who last week were defo going ahead has now said they are 'cautiously optimistic'...
  2. I have had my 1st jab, 2nd will be next month. More concerned with the potential amount of people there who might not have had theirs though. Maybe I am being overly risk averse but decision made.
  3. Hi all, even if going ahead this year, it will be a risk too much for us. Hopefully see you all in the fields for an efest beery meet up in 22. If you hitting it this year, have a belter and stay safe. Rob x
  4. I sort of expect they (& other fest's/ tours etc) try to just rollover but a lot will depend on numbers, if they have to scale down to allow for an element of social distancing then surely they'll need to cut back on bands too? I wouldn't be devastated if the Foals couldn't make it though, was pretty underwhelmed with them being the Sunday main stage closing act
  5. Hi all, not been on for a while. Looking likely we will have to have a year out this year, was worried that they'd pull a banger out and I'd be proper gutted but although I really like the lineup there isn't one on there I'm devastated to miss. If the lottery numbers come in I'll seeyouinthefields otherwise 2021 for me. Rob
  6. I will message her!
  7. bottonrob


    Purchased my emperors fields tickets on the payment plan but will get main tickets later in year. keeping an eye on them though as KC have announced it will be the 15th anniversary so should be a big one... With the change of weekend the closing night will now be Anji's and my wedding anniversary, better be a decent closing act...!
  8. Headliner wise... Orbital were good in my view but didn't seem to quite get the crowd bouncing. Nile Rodgers just fab. Doves were the absolute highlight, utterly brilliant just a pity that the crowd was a 1/10th of what it could have been with the rain. Courteeners were very dull, arguably the worst Sunday act I have seen at Kendal. Last 15 minutes they kicked it up a notch but otherwise completely flat and it was noticeable that there was a nasty edge to the whole festival this year which i think that booking played a significant part in. I didn't know who Years and Years were but they were excellent. Gomez were a let down. Pigeon detectives played a great set also and the Cuban Brothers have the distinction of being the only group were the lead singers bollox had their own chorus. I enjoyed myself again, as always was nice to meet up with a few of you on here for a few beers again too. Belinda cuming for the 15th anniversary???
  9. Stood at far right of bar if anyone braving it!
  10. There is main, calling out and woodlands for you chief
  11. It has been open every year bar the first time they put on music on the Thursday?
  12. They are subbing yes? Last year's Thursday sub ko'd at 1945 but was a DJ set so might be a tad earlier
  13. wonder if that's just an omission or whether the Strongbow people have paid more to effectively be exclusive across that area?
  14. Hi @Welshwanderer All I will say in regards to your security q is that there are sniffer dogs. In regards to other non indie rock tents, house party is an obvious one but give both the yam riot and chai wallahs a check out Seeyouinthefields, Rob
  15. Hi is the Mugshot still available? I've told the wife I have bought food supplies but only managed beer, you could really save my bacon... Also do you have any bacon?
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