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  1. Happy to see my gold membership renew today, even though I won't be there next year I can live it vicariously through you lovely lot.
  2. Shed Seven played in 2014, went down really well with the crowd too.
  3. I'd be happy with Florence. Phase 2 tickets at £85 plus 10% booking fee, feels like a bigger festival already!
  4. Line up announced on Thursday at 6pm. Prices have gone up, so maybe someone big? https://bingleymusiclive.com/
  5. Goldfrapp on my Latitude list too, I think the thought of another, much smaller, festival in the very near future is getting me through the post-Glastonbury blues.
  6. Is it BBC sound thing or can Katy Perry not actually sing?
  7. We did this in 2013, very very cute, lots of smiles and great pictures, great bed.
  8. Hire a motorhome, done it twice now, would struggle to camp now.
  9. It's really weird, when they show FA cup football you can hear individuals shouting in the crowd really clearly. In comparison their music coverage sounds like they're holding a smart phone next to an amp
  10. I don't get how BBC coverage of live events can be so poor, it happens at everything they do, even their own festivals. How can this be?
  11. Bluebeth


    Good shout, so much for leave no trace!
  12. Hi, Beth here, long time lurker, occasional poster, serially unlucky in the ticket sales - until today! Can't wait to get back to the fields
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