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  1. 2022 is the year that keeps on giving.
  2. First thing I did this morning was check the tracklist. Seeing Ghostface on it made me so happy. Alchemist absolutely laced We Cry Together. That man is on one hell of a run.
  3. All I want is AM7 However I can’t wait for Dawn FM tonight.
  4. New Nas & Hot Boy tonight. My body is ready.
  5. Nao, Blu, Westside Gunn and The Lathums. It’s been a good release day.
  6. Jungle sounding good so far Looking forward to getting stuck into the new Alchemist/Boldy James LP aswell
  7. Only just got round to it and its lovely. Perfect follow-up to KD1
  8. Album 1 Album Almost Free by Fidlar Tracklist 1. Get Off My Rock 2. Can't You See 3. By Myself 4. Flake 5. Alcohol 6. Almost Free 7. Scam Likely 8. Called You Twice (feat. K.Flay) 9. Nuke 10. Too Real 11. Kick 12. Thought. Mouth 13. Goods Times Are Over Picked by @foolee "I’ve been thinking about what album to pick for a while and had quite a few different options to choose from but I thought I’d go for something that I discovered through eFestivals. I can’t remember exactly when this was but it would’ve been 6 or more years ago and I’ve been a big fan ever since. FIDLAR are a fairly small skater punk band from California and hugely underrated. I wanted to pick a genre we've not heard in album club and something that’s hopefully different/new for a few of you. I’ve gone for their most recent album which is their 3rd record. Enjoy!" Questions: Have you heard them before? What did you think? Will you listen them again? Would you watch them at a festival? Rating: Album 2 Album Those Who Throw Objects at The Crocodiles Will be Asked to Retrieve Them by Bruno Pernadas Tracklist 1. Poem (1) 2. Spaceway 70 3. Probem Number 6 4. Valley in the Ocean 5. Anywhere in Spacetime 6. Poem (2) 7. Because It's Hard to Develop That Capacity on You... 8. Galaxy 9. Ya Ya Breathe 10. Lachrymose Picked by @lessthanwill1 "I have been recommending this album to anyone who will listen for the last few years. The music is excellent and is endlessly creative. It’s got male and female vocals working in tandem. It’s jazzy/lounge rock at heart but it’s not aimless. There are tons of interesting instruments (lots of flutes and even a flugelhorn!) and some really interesting Asian-music influences as well. It’s one of my favourite ever albums. My favourite song is Ya Ya Breathe. That album title as well!?" Questions: Was the music what you expected based on the album title? What was your favourite song? Will you check out more of their songs? They have a new single out - and it’s great! The Back Catalogue Last Week The Jukebox Now That's What I Call eFest Album Club! ---------- Welcome to Week 8 of the Album Club! Fingers crossed a more active week, Week 9 will be up next Monday 🙂
  9. EighteenSixty7


    RIP, one of the greatest.
  10. Going to give this another week as it was a bit quiet last week with Easter etc!
  11. Starting with Sevdaliza now, interesting sound. For some reason the Spotify album cover is completely different.
  12. Album 1 Album Ison by Sevdaliza Tracklist 1. Shahmaran 2. Libertine 3. Marilyn Monroe 4. Hubris 5. Amandine Insensible 6. Hero 7. Scarlette 8. Bluecid 9. Loves Way 10. Human 11. Do You Feel Real 12. The Language of Limbo 13. Replaceable 14. Grace 15. When I Reside 16. Angel 17. Hear My Pain Heal Picked by @ghandi "I was a great fan of the trip hop era, particularly ' Portishead', that whole Bristol scene was amazing. When I first heard Sevdaliza it was from a backing track to a dance performance I'd seen. I just had to know who it was. Hooked ever since. Influences from everywhere, given her heritage. It's dark and a bit Noir, and possibly a bit long, but that's just her, her new album is the same, but I prefer this." Album 2 Album Hand.Cannot.Erase by Steven Wilson Tracklist 1. First Regret / 3 Years Older 2. Hand Cannot Erase 3. Perfect Life 4. Routine (feat. Tenet Tayeb) 5. Home Invasion / Regret #9 6. Translence 7. Ancestral 8. Happy Returns / Ascendant Here on... Picked by @maelzoid "I picked this for two main reasons. Firstly, I think it is the best album released in the last decade (the teens?) and secondly, it seems different enough in style to all the previous albums chosen. Steven Wilson is a figure who looms large in the world of Prog Rock, but seems to go by unnoticed outside it, described by someone as “British Rock’s most popular artist you’ve never heard of.” Inspired by the tragic true story of Joyce Vincent (link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Vincent), this concept album is very much prog, but not in a noodling Yes kind of way. There’s room for concise rock songs, gentle folk interludes, spoken word sections and at least one creamy moog solo. I highly recommend watching the heart-breaking video for Routine (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh5mWzKlhQY)" The Back Catalogue Last Week The Jukebox Now That's What I Call eFest Album Club! ---------- Welcome to Week 7 of Album Club! Week 8 will be up either late next Monday or Tuesday morning 🙂
  13. The Beths is really quite charming.
  14. Just started with the Silversun Pickups album and I'm pleasantly surprised because from the album cover I expected this to be a bit heavier than it is. Not bad so far.
  15. Album 1 Album Carnavas by Silversun Pickups Tracklist 1. Melatonin 2. Well Thought Out Twinkles 3. Checkered Floor 4. Little Lover’s So Polite 5. Future Foe Scenarios 6. Waste It On 7. Lazy Eye 8. Rusted Wheel 9. Dream at Tempo 119 10. Three Seed 11. Common Reactor Picked by @a6l6e6x "For a long time in my late teens/early 20s I only really listened to really heavy music with very limited exceptions, this band was one of those exceptions I've always found Silversun Pickups to be criminally under-rated and they are very rarely found on UK shores, unfortunately I have never managed to catch them live but I've watched a couple of performances and they look superb so Emily, if you're reading this please book them for the farm. If you are new to the band and like what you hear I absolutely encourage further investigation, they are a consistently great band for me bar the 2019 release which was a bit of a let down" Questions I would ask are: Have you listened to Silversun Pickups before and overall thoughts? Will you investigate them further? Would you watch at a festival? Rating out of 5: Album 2 Album Jump Rope Gazers by The Beths Tracklist 1. I’m Not Getting Excited 2. Dying to Believe 3. Jump Rope Gazers 4. Acrid 5. Do You Want Me Now 6. Out of Sight 7. Don’t Go Away 8. Mars, the God of War 9. You Are a Beam of Light 10. Just Shy of Sure Picked by @John the Moth "So what’s the story? The first and longest NZ lockdown ended last June (we’ve had 3 more since), and shortly thereafter my mate messaged me ‘I’ve bought tickets to see The Beths!’. Having only been casually aware of the band I popped them on Spotify, and 30 seconds in to track 1 I popped them off again... and bought tickets myself! That’s how they came to be my first post lockdown gig. I’ve always been a sucker for female led indie pop, and this slice of jingly jangly heaven instantly resonated with me. Think Sleeper, think Echobelly, think one of my all time favourites The Sundays (shit, maybe I should go with ‘Reading, Writing and Arithmetic’.... erm?). Where was I? Oh yeah...well it turned out that gig was intended as the launch party for this album. Originally pencilled in as an intimate affair, the lack of touring bands saw it escalate to a full blown sold out show at an academy sized venue. And what a show it was. The album chock full of great tracks, no filler at all, I’ll not discuss at length I’ll let you find out for yourselves. Unpretentious, joyous, mature and assured pure pop... it brings the party, I hope you enjoy" ---------- The Back Catalogue Last Week The Jukebox Now That's What I Call eFest Album Club! ---------- Welcome to Week 6 of Album Club! Apologies for the late start, next week will start at a more normal time on Monday.
  16. Both get a 4/5 for me this week. Lane 8 is right up my street and I might even end up buying it further down the line. Perfect summer music. The Zombies took a while but it is lovely, something different for me.
  17. It's late but the Zombies album is finally clicking
  18. I’m preferring Lane 8 at the moment but it’s more to my taste. The title track is just lovely.
  19. Lane 8 is good so far, I think I dipped my toe into it when it came out as I know he’s had some tracks on Ajunadeep complications I’ve got.
  20. Album 1 Album Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies Tracklist 1. Care of Cell 44 2. A Rose For Emily 3. Maybe After He's Gone 4. Beechwood Park 5. Brief Candles 6. Hung Up On A Dream 7. Changes 8. I Want Her She Wants Me 9. This Will Be Our Year 10. Butcher's Tale 11. Friends of Mine 12. Time of the Season Picked by @northernringo "When asked for my album choice, I went with Odessey and Oracle, then changed it and did a write-up for a different album, then changed it back... I was struggling to decide big time! Very nearly changed it back to my other choice before sending this to EighteenSixty7. Last May, I started working my way through the Top 100 albums on Rolling Stones Greatest Albums of all time. (NB: They decided to update it when I was half way through, but I'm still going through my original list). This album was number 100 on the list so the first I listened to. Despite the majority of my favourite artists being active in the 60s, The Zombies weren't a band I was familiar with beyond Time of the Season, but when I first listened to this album, I loved it - It's a great weekend album! You can hear many contemporary influences in this " baroque psychedelic-pop" album - I appreciate it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I hope you enjoy!" Questions: Did it sound as I expected? Overall thoughts? Favourite Track? Would I listen to it again? Will I investigate them further? Score out of 5 Album 2 Album Brightest Lights by Lane 8 Tracklist 1. Groundhog Day 2. Road (feat. Arctic Lake) 3. Just 4. Brightest Lights (feat. Polica) 5. Sunday Song 6. Shooting Arrows (feat. Polica) 7. Yard Two Stone (feat. Jens Kuross) 8. The Gift 9. How Often (feat. Kauf) 10. Howling Hand 11. The Flood (feat. Nevve) 12. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Arctic Lake) 13. The Rope (feat. Polica) Picked by @Quark "Like everyone I gave this a lot of thought, and I figured that as this is the efests Album Club it made sense to pick something that represents that. One of the best things about efests has been having my eyes opened to an incredibly wide range of different music, often stuff that I'd never normally have listened to. Electronic music is the perfect example of that, as I was almost exclusively into guitar-based stuff until relatively recently, and we've also not had an album like that on the list yet. This album is one that would have passed me by completely but it was mentioned on the New Music thread last year, so I gave it a listen and was absolutely hooked. For me it strikes a perfect balance between mellow, melodic and upbeat, and was right up there in my AOTY contenders. I love this album, and even if it's not everyone's cup of earl grey I hope you'll find something in here that you like" The only questions I'd ask are "did you enjoy it?" and maybe "If this isn't something that would normally be your thing, did you find it any different to how you expected?" ---------- The Back Catalogue Last Week The Jukebox Now That's What I Call eFest Album Club! ---------- Welcome to Week 5 of Album Club! Week 6 will be up next Monday evening 🙂
  21. Arcane Roots 3/5 A surprising one for me that I quickly grew to like. Some really nice moments sprinkled across the album The Maccabees 3/5 Some belting tracks on this, the obvious ones I'd heard before and others I'd not. Didn't quite draw me in as an album though. However it was a nice listen and good to revisit.
  22. I’m enjoying the Arcane Roots album a lot more than I thought I would. It’s got some really fantastic moments.
  23. I love the opener on Melancholia Hymns, it sets the whole album up perfectly.
  24. There are definitely some highlights on GTTW, just waiting for it to click together as an album. going to give Arcane Roots some time tomorrow night.
  25. First impressions Album 1 Different to what I’d usually listen to and I love the opener. Not a big fan of some of the little screamy bits in it Album 2 Had this for ages but one of those I’d never properly got into. The more popular songs stand out on first listen but so did the opener and Go.
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