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  1. Album 1 Album Almost Free by Fidlar Tracklist 1. Get Off My Rock 2. Can't You See 3. By Myself 4. Flake 5. Alcohol 6. Almost Free 7. Scam Likely 8. Called You Twice (feat. K.Flay) 9. Nuke 10. Too Real 11. Kick 12. Thought. Mouth 13. Goods Times Are Over Picked by @foolee "I’ve been thinking about what album to pick for a while and had quite a few different options to choose from but I thought I’d go for something that I discovered through eFestivals. I can’t remember exactly when this was but it would’ve been 6 or
  2. EighteenSixty7


    RIP, one of the greatest.
  3. Going to give this another week as it was a bit quiet last week with Easter etc!
  4. Starting with Sevdaliza now, interesting sound. For some reason the Spotify album cover is completely different.
  5. Album 1 Album Ison by Sevdaliza Tracklist 1. Shahmaran 2. Libertine 3. Marilyn Monroe 4. Hubris 5. Amandine Insensible 6. Hero 7. Scarlette 8. Bluecid 9. Loves Way 10. Human 11. Do You Feel Real 12. The Language of Limbo 13. Replaceable 14. Grace 15. When I Reside 16. Angel 17. Hear My Pain Heal Picked by @ghandi "I was a great fan of the trip hop era, particularly ' Portishead', that whole Bristol scene was amazing. When I first heard Sevdaliza it was from a backing track to a dance performance I'd seen. I jus
  6. The Beths is really quite charming.
  7. Just started with the Silversun Pickups album and I'm pleasantly surprised because from the album cover I expected this to be a bit heavier than it is. Not bad so far.
  8. Album 1 Album Carnavas by Silversun Pickups Tracklist 1. Melatonin 2. Well Thought Out Twinkles 3. Checkered Floor 4. Little Lover’s So Polite 5. Future Foe Scenarios 6. Waste It On 7. Lazy Eye 8. Rusted Wheel 9. Dream at Tempo 119 10. Three Seed 11. Common Reactor Picked by @a6l6e6x "For a long time in my late teens/early 20s I only really listened to really heavy music with very limited exceptions, this band was one of those exceptions I've always found Silversun Pickups to be criminally under-rated and they are very ra
  9. Both get a 4/5 for me this week. Lane 8 is right up my street and I might even end up buying it further down the line. Perfect summer music. The Zombies took a while but it is lovely, something different for me.
  10. It's late but the Zombies album is finally clicking
  11. I’m preferring Lane 8 at the moment but it’s more to my taste. The title track is just lovely.
  12. Lane 8 is good so far, I think I dipped my toe into it when it came out as I know he’s had some tracks on Ajunadeep complications I’ve got.
  13. Album 1 Album Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies Tracklist 1. Care of Cell 44 2. A Rose For Emily 3. Maybe After He's Gone 4. Beechwood Park 5. Brief Candles 6. Hung Up On A Dream 7. Changes 8. I Want Her She Wants Me 9. This Will Be Our Year 10. Butcher's Tale 11. Friends of Mine 12. Time of the Season Picked by @northernringo "When asked for my album choice, I went with Odessey and Oracle, then changed it and did a write-up for a different album, then changed it back... I was struggling to decide big time! Very nearly chang
  14. Arcane Roots 3/5 A surprising one for me that I quickly grew to like. Some really nice moments sprinkled across the album The Maccabees 3/5 Some belting tracks on this, the obvious ones I'd heard before and others I'd not. Didn't quite draw me in as an album though. However it was a nice listen and good to revisit.
  15. I’m enjoying the Arcane Roots album a lot more than I thought I would. It’s got some really fantastic moments.
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