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  1. This is amazing. I’d listened to Out of Sight, Out of Mind before and enjoyed it.
  2. The second half of Tracy Chapman is unreal.
  3. I love On The Air, one of my favourite tracks on the Wax Tailor album.
  4. She's Got Her Ticket is my favourite so far from Tracy Chapman. The album as a whole still needs to click with me though.
  5. Just had a first run through of the Wax Tailor album. It was good, wasn’t a big fan of the D Smoke track but that can grow with time definitely.
  6. Thank you 😄 I'd not worked them out yet and I do have a spreadsheet to go alongside all this with scores 2 albums I'm looking forward to listening to, I've never heard of Wax Tailor but reading up on the album and the tracklist gets me excited.
  7. Album 1 Album The Shadow of their Suns by Wax Tailor Tracklist 1. Fear of a Blind Planet 2. Never Forget 3. Just a Candle (feat. Mark Lanegan) 4. Everybody (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Mr. Lif) 5. On the Air 6. Misery (feat. Rosemary Standley) 7. Shining Underdog (feat. Boog Brown) 8. Deja vu (feat. Adeline) 9. Keep It Movin (feat. D Smoke) 10. Like This 11. Paint It Black (feat. Gil Scott-Heron) 12. Dusk to Dusk (feat. Yugen Blakrok) 13. The Light Picked by @fred quimby "Started listening to Wax when I found him
  8. Album 1 - I'm All Ears 4/5 Something different to what I'd usually listen to with a variety of sounds within the album. SOme really good and interesting moments within the album, bookended by a brilliant first and last track. Favourite tracks - Whitewater, It's Not Just Me, Cool & Collected and Donnie Darko Album 2 - The Blackest Joy 4/5 Right up my street in terms of genre and sound and I'd never heard of it before. LIke I said before it gives me Common vibes and there's some really catchy parts to the album ontop of the head nodding throughough
  9. Whitewater sets the tone for something much more darker than I'm All Ears comes across. Love that as an opener.
  10. (Love) Right Now is brilliant I could imagine a Common album sounding like The Blackest Joy
  11. Of course, just get involved and I’ll keep a note of who is posting and listening etc. I’ll incorporate some form of questions in the OP of each week if that’s what people are liking. I had Album 2 on last night and it’s right up my street, I’m going to enjoy listening to that this week. My head was nodding from the off.
  12. I imagined LEG to be a lot darker and harder but it’s quite refreshing. The closer is lover and so is the back end of Cool & Collected.
  13. Thanks for all the good feedback, it’s very much appreciated! I had LEG on for the journey to work this morning. Different but sounded good and definitely needs more listens. It’s Not Just Me was a highlight.
  14. I'll be adding the albums to a long running playlist, it'll be in next weeks post and then on 🙂
  15. No the vote will stay open, however there was an option in the Poll to have it close on a certain date if we want to do that going forward
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