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  1. I've got other albums to catch-up on from the past week or two but currently listening to Jimmy Lee - Raphael Saadiq THe S.L.P. - The S.L.P. Let Love - Common May the Lord Watch - Little Brother The Lost Boy - YBN Cordae
  2. Listening now and it's nice so far. Their last album was easy on the ears. New Nas yet to drop and Bloody Orange has a new mixtape out. Looking forward to those.
  3. I went for the first time on Saturday and enjoyed it for the most part. I thought the pricing of drinks was a bit much, especially soft drinks. 1 token for a 250ml bottle of pop was a joke. I could accept the 1 token for a very small beer but the soft drinks price was was a bit OTT imo.
  4. Lupe pulled his album release forward due to the leaks, looking forward to giving that a listen later.
  5. Finally got my initial top-ups refunded but I've not got my remaining balance back yet. Arctic Monkeys were my fav, favourite band and first time seeing them abroad. They nailed it. Mumford were great and I'm not too big on them. Blossoms did well in the circumstances Lianne La Havas was good, perfect for that late afternoon sunny slot. It's such a lovely festival and the payment method is great.
  6. First time at Sziget this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Did anyone have issues with the topping up of their wristband? I topped up twice before entering the festival, then when I linked my wristband the money completely disappeared. Info points said I would get a refund within 72 hours but nothing yet.
  7. Nearly 6 long years since Life Is Good, I need Nasir in my life now. Awaiting Spotify and iTunes.
  8. Nas album 15th June according to Kanye. I'll believe it when I have a pre-order in but blimey.
  9. Album of the Year. Let's go, I can't wait
  10. The Weeknd is dropping a new album tonight "My Dear Melancholy".
  11. Buzzing for this. Already got TRSNMT and Sziget booked.
  12. Nightmares on Wax album is mint.
  13. We need him in some capacity after his 2013 disappearance.
  14. Black Panther and Always Ascending are doing it for me from yesterdays releases. I couldn't get into MGMT, I'll give it another go though.
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