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  1. IDLES First Aid Kit Parquet Courts Mitski Superorganism Hop Along Hookworms Arctic Monkeys Spanish Love Songs Black Honey
  2. Yeah they're back on sale for both London dates. Act fast!
  3. Tall Ships, The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Xcerts and Japandroids please.
  4. So who are your 5 to bite the dust this season? Im going with Yara, Beric, Edd, Littlefinger, Grey worm/Missandei and hopefully at least 2 sandsnakes
  5. DavisO89


    Apparently Enzo got kicked off the tour bus by Reigns and has a load of heat on him. Not allowing him to use the changing rooms like The Miz all those years ago.
  6. Yeah been listening to this all morning. Sounds great. I honestly had no idea it was Jack Steadman, he looks so different bald.
  7. DavisO89


    So Austin Aries has been released from his contract And AJ Styles has won the US Title at a house show at Madison Square Garden. Bit odd.
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