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  1. DJ Cull

    2020 headliners

    Does no one think Drake is a possibility? I’d book him if I was in charge - loved the UK, would bring on loads of guests, fits the hip-hop/pop royalty someone suggested was needed. what do you reckon?
  2. I’d put money on The National headlining Other in 2020
  3. Lol everyone I saw on Park this year said it was their favourite stage
  4. Sorry, got my years wrong. That was what I was referring to when I said they played Park
  5. With a new album out, their close links with Emily and not having played since 2016 it’s surely a given that Garvey’s Gang will be there in 2020...but on which stage? Park last time and Pyramid before that, so what do we reckon - Other or West Holts? Gotta be outside for sure.
  6. DJ Cull

    Diana Ross

    Not gonna be negative as at least I've got a ticket. Just means I won't be at the Legend slot for the first time in 5 years and gives me a chance to do something else instead.
  7. How do we get out of that cycle if it happens in the resale? Is there any easy way to get allocated a new cookie?
  8. DJ Cull

    Bros Q&A

    Doing the Q&A and playing a secret set somewhere on site while they're there?
  9. DJ Cull

    Diplo / Mark Ronson

    Sad disco bangers and similar, with special guests - when he's done it bore GaGa and Miley have appeared.
  10. I thought she told Caitlin Moran that Madonna was top of her list?
  11. Jopkins - 70 Jorja Smith - 55 Interpol - 85 (-10) Cat Power - 60 Michael Kiwanuka - 60 Chemical Brothers - 150 Wu-Tang - 45 Hot Chip - 130 Kate Tempest - 105 The Cure - 110 Kylie - 105 Christine & The Queens - 70 Janelle Monae -160 The Streets - 80
  12. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    The Utopia Strong (featuring Steve Davis!) just confirmed for Sunday evening in the Crows Nest
  13. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    Ah sorry, I just read the whole thread through and didn't look at the dates
  14. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    I thought he was doing the secret Strummerville set?
  15. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    Saw Self Esteem in the Jagerhaus at All Points East and she was awesome - will be perfect in the Crows Nest
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