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  1. DJ Cull

    Other Stage

    I must live in a parallel universe, I thought the last Tame Impala album was mediocre. How are they suddenly massive enough to headline?
  2. DJ Cull

    Other Stage

    Where did u see the Chems news?
  3. DJ Cull

    Other Stage

    I was always ambivalent about NIN but I kind felt they were one of those bands that you should see once in your lifetime, so I went to their Meltdown gig. It was completely awesome, I'd love to see them headline other now.
  4. DJ Cull

    Other Stage

    In the case of The national that was the band's fault for playing half a set of new material that hadn't been released. I'm a massive fan and even I found it hard going
  5. DJ Cull

    Silver Hayes on late...

    yes, exactly this. Making it stay open until 5am but with a line-up like 2017 won't make any difference. They need to change up the offering a bit to entice people in. There's also been some good points made about the layout - the constant stream of people marching through SH sucks the vibe out of the place, especially when it's muddy.
  6. DJ Cull

    Other Stage

    Depeche Mode anyone?
  7. DJ Cull

    Silver Hayes on late...

    ...but how late is late? It already goes on until 3am (I think) so would this mean a 5am finish? I'm all for it, but in 2017 the quality of the acts in Silver Hayes in general wasn't great. If Emily wants to encourage more people to go there instead of the SE Corner I think they'll need: Another stage A better theme / USP to entice people in Better acts so people go there for headliners and then stay on What do you all think?
  8. DJ Cull

    Betting on headliners

    Which bookies take online bets on headliners? And can you bet on people just appearing at the festival, or do they specifically have to be Pyramid headliners? Thanks
  9. DJ Cull

    Bestival 2017

    I thought it was pretty good - you can't really blame them for the weather and they coped pretty well with the mud and wind I reckon. 2 main gripes: - the campsites are really hilly, there's barely any flat ground in there at all, plus have to go down he hills to go in and out which wasn't great in the mud - the camp toilets were pretty atrocious- not enough, not emptied, not enough compost ones Overall though I reckon this year can be classed as a success (murder notwithstanding). And I now know I can pitch a tent well enough for it to withstand a gale force battering!
  10. DJ Cull

    Weather 2017

    What on earth are 'wee trainers'. Special ones that you wear to the long drops??
  11. DJ Cull

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Sorry for being right lol
  12. DJ Cull

    Sleaford Mods

    And that's why I'm gonna watch Katy Perry
  13. DJ Cull

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    My money's on Liam G being on Other Stage Saturday opposite Katy Perry
  14. DJ Cull

    "Really big secret"

    Liam Gallagher? Might be a secret, but not very big. Invite we all turn up I'm Wednesday & build the extra stage we were all so sure was gonna be there
  15. DJ Cull

    "Really big secret"

    All bound for Glasto-land