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  1. DJ Cull

    Murder at Bestival

    It's a tragedy but it shouldn't reflect badly on Bestival which overall I think was a success. Sure, it's not Glasto but it had some interesting areas and they dealt well with the wind/mud issues I reckon. Just need to find some flatter camping areas as the hills are crazy.
  2. DJ Cull

    Bestival 2017

    I thought it was pretty good - you can't really blame them for the weather and they coped pretty well with the mud and wind I reckon. 2 main gripes: - the campsites are really hilly, there's barely any flat ground in there at all, plus have to go down he hills to go in and out which wasn't great in the mud - the camp toilets were pretty atrocious- not enough, not emptied, not enough compost ones Overall though I reckon this year can be classed as a success (murder notwithstanding). And I now know I can pitch a tent well enough for it to withstand a gale force battering!
  3. DJ Cull

    LGBT crowd, where you at?!

    I'm looking forward to hanging out at a Hard Cock Life
  4. DJ Cull

    Justice out, Soulwax in!

    I'd been wondering ever since they announced the lineup how they'd get all of the Justice set up off the stage and PSB on in a standard changeover time. It never seemed feasible to me, it's just a shame it's taken them so long to work it out
  5. DJ Cull

    Justice out, Soulwax in!

    For me this is a result, I was gutted when the rumoured appearance of Soulwax on the Glasto line up didn't happen. Plus they're doing a 2manydjs set on HMS Bestival afterwards (hopefully after PSB have finished).
  6. DJ Cull

    Bestival Virgin

    It's my first Bestival this year too, but I'm feeling positive about it (except maybe the weather). The line-up's good so let's hope the crowd's good too and we'll all have a great time!
  7. DJ Cull

    Weather 2017

    What on earth are 'wee trainers'. Special ones that you wear to the long drops??
  8. DJ Cull

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Sorry for being right lol
  9. DJ Cull

    Sleaford Mods

    And that's why I'm gonna watch Katy Perry
  10. DJ Cull

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    My money's on Liam G being on Other Stage Saturday opposite Katy Perry
  11. DJ Cull

    "Really big secret"

    Liam Gallagher? Might be a secret, but not very big. Invite we all turn up I'm Wednesday & build the extra stage we were all so sure was gonna be there
  12. DJ Cull

    CD Swap 2017

    Bear with me, I'm on hols in Italy & the wi-fi is a bit hit & miss lol
  13. DJ Cull

    "Really big secret"

    All bound for Glasto-land
  14. DJ Cull

    "Really big secret"

    It's just where they've listed the first day of the festival in their schedule. They deffo won't be playing on Wednesday
  15. DJ Cull

    Explosion at the M.E.N

    Let's do this every day, in memory of Martyn & the others who died. This has to make us stronger, better people, not weaker, beaten ones.