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  1. Lol everyone I saw on Park this year said it was their favourite stage
  2. Sorry, got my years wrong. That was what I was referring to when I said they played Park
  3. With a new album out, their close links with Emily and not having played since 2016 it’s surely a given that Garvey’s Gang will be there in 2020...but on which stage? Park last time and Pyramid before that, so what do we reckon - Other or West Holts? Gotta be outside for sure.
  4. DJ Cull

    Diana Ross

    Not gonna be negative as at least I've got a ticket. Just means I won't be at the Legend slot for the first time in 5 years and gives me a chance to do something else instead.
  5. How do we get out of that cycle if it happens in the resale? Is there any easy way to get allocated a new cookie?
  6. DJ Cull

    Bros Q&A

    Doing the Q&A and playing a secret set somewhere on site while they're there?
  7. DJ Cull

    Diplo / Mark Ronson

    Sad disco bangers and similar, with special guests - when he's done it bore GaGa and Miley have appeared.
  8. I thought she told Caitlin Moran that Madonna was top of her list?
  9. Jopkins - 70 Jorja Smith - 55 Interpol - 85 (-10) Cat Power - 60 Michael Kiwanuka - 60 Chemical Brothers - 150 Wu-Tang - 45 Hot Chip - 130 Kate Tempest - 105 The Cure - 110 Kylie - 105 Christine & The Queens - 70 Janelle Monae -160 The Streets - 80
  10. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    The Utopia Strong (featuring Steve Davis!) just confirmed for Sunday evening in the Crows Nest
  11. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    Ah sorry, I just read the whole thread through and didn't look at the dates
  12. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    I thought he was doing the secret Strummerville set?
  13. DJ Cull

    Crow's Nest

    Saw Self Esteem in the Jagerhaus at All Points East and she was awesome - will be perfect in the Crows Nest
  14. DJ Cull

    Diplo / Mark Ronson

    Sorry if this has been raised before but I couldn't see a thread for it. Are we any closer to knowing if it's deffo Diplo in the Peel Tent, and if so what version of him it'll be? His set finishes at 11.45 and Ronson starts at Stonebridge at 12, so does that mean they could do a Silk City performance? Personally I want to see Ronson's Heartbreak club and I don't fancy it hacking it over from Peel to see it so I guess I'll miss Diplo, but wondered what anyone's thoughts are.
  15. Haven't finished mine yet, still too many clashes to sort! Trying to build it in a sensible way e.g. a couple of acts per stage before moving on, go to stages on the way to others etc. Works best on Saturday when I have slowthai / Lizzo on West Holts, Sam Fender in Leftfield, then Kate Tempest & Hot Chip in the Park. Other must-sees for me - Lowkey, Ross From Friends, Idles, Kylie
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