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  1. Echo what others have said, they're both fantastic festivals. I prefer Green Man as that's the festival my friends go to. I honestly thought the eotr line up in 2018 was as good as it would ever get, but then green man came along in 2019. Sitting on the terraces overlooking the mountain stage is my happy place. But the woods area of eotr is incredible. I also feel eotr does late night much better. We're very lucky to have two truly excellent festivals in the UK.
  2. Very interesting, pixies would be the only one out of the three that I would be interested in.
  3. Murder capital Angel Olsen Sports team Phoebe Bridgers Shame Dry cleaning Pigs x7 Big moon Fontaines DC Jon Hopkins
  4. My position is that eotr and green Man will be fighting over her, and potentially the clincher will be who will offer her the headliner spot. I think she more than deserves it, bearing in mind both festivals have promoted male artists to headliner status in the past.
  5. Same, but is there any reason for the sudden declaration?
  6. Would love that, they were one of the highlights of the summer for me
  7. Hmmm potentially, I don’t think people would be too bothered if they did
  8. We can expect the lineup around the end of January can’t we? This and the promise of the six nations in February are what get me through January
  9. Hmmm I thought he was really boring in 2018. And he played both a live and DJ set to make up for John Talbot's late cancellation. Would be very uninspired in my opinion.
  10. Kind of want them to book him, just to see people on here lose their minds
  11. I rate your knowledge on green man’s twitter activity so highly
  12. A big fat massive no to Bon Iver
  13. Jon Hopkins is also doing live shows at festivals next summer. Would personally much prefer him over Caribou
  14. I think it's equally likely, don't imagine she'd have a preference. Fits the bill of both festivals perfectly
  15. Yeah good point. As long as they have a really strong indie/guitar band up against the electronic act I think it works really well
  16. Are we thinking there'll be a dance headline every year now?
  17. Seeing people lose their minds on social media about glasto tickets makes me very happy my friends go to a fantastic festival don't require you to have your shit together in early October
  18. And obviously there's a petition https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stop-the-ban-on-event-shelters-at-green-man?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=&quote_id=quote5&title_id=title2&recruiter=15401802&loc=view-petition
  19. A gazebo is a lifesaver if, like our group, you bring a load of two/three man tents and need somewhere to sit in the rain. On the other hand, people do bring multiple even shelters and really spread out. Maybe they've redone their risk assessment and they're banning them because of that? Run away gazebos can be dangerous and maybe there was an incident at the festival? I say this because GM is not pushed for camping space. There was still space for relatively large tents near us all Friday, and this was pretty close to one of the entrances. I feel this is going to be ignored by quit
  20. Agree with everything. Plus the murder capital.
  21. I meant the relative age of the bands to be honest. Most of the bands suggested so far are from the 90s and early 00s
  22. Lots of older bands being suggested. The past two years one of the headliners has been a bit of a curve ball so I suspect something similar. Maybe another dance headliner? Jon Hopkins would have fitted the bill but the tour he’s just announced sounds very experimental. Possibly bonobo but Caribou hasn’t released anything in four years and wasn’t anywhere near headline status back then All I know is that I’ll definitely be there and can’t wait to discover some fantastic new music when the lineup gets announced.
  23. Don't think many people would have predicted Hard Skin being the major talking point from the festival
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