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  1. I saw them in the late 70s at what was Paignton Festival Theatre, was a highlight for a young Devonian lad who didn't get out much. Of course later on I discovered the Cornwall Coliseum, unfortunately it shut in 2000, happy dayz...
  2. Any of these please... Jimmy Sommerville, Lulu, Petula Clark, Darts, Myles Kennedy, Black Crowes Oh, and The Enemy
  3. BBC 4 tribute tonight at 9
  4. I think it was briefly mentioned but taken out of context by the press, I never saw any alcohol policing. You didn't miss much in 2013, honest 😂
  5. Dry January has gone to rat shit in the oneeye household, lasted a day, breaking strain of a nats whisker. Dry February sounds more appealing, only 28 days👍
  6. Happy New Year everyone, where did the year go, considering a lot was a shit show. Anyhow, brighter days definitely to come, hopefully bag a couple of tickets in the resale. I'm off outside to have a cheeky thatchers in the garden, its mild and damp out there, much like glasto in June (sometimes). Enjoy your evening, whatever celebratory plans you have, 2022 - bring it on! Oh, and talking of gold, membership renewed 👍
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