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  1. Pram works for me, old photo of mine when I first got it, £9 ebay special. Steerable spud wheels, suspension ish, German engineering, still going strong, hasn't failed me yet.
  2. I think that the only rule is that there are no rules, seems to work for me 😎
  3. I didn't go for tickets this year, out of choice really, for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. I suspect it's just the culmination of all that's gone before. Will focus on 2023, but in the meantime well done to all who were successful, it'll be ace as always, especially off the back of the last couple of years. Make sure you pack plenty of tissues, it'll be an emotional one 😎
  4. Stunned, RIP young man,sadly taken ahead of his time
  5. Well, I can't believe it, first time I've entered since I ran it (good for my age) in 2012, only entered as by son in law entered, he also got in, 1st time of asking for him, shocked. Mind you, historically I have had a few rejections way back in the day. Summer training, that's going to be different 😎
  6. He was a bit good wasn't he RIP fella, taken too soon
  7. oneeye

    Diana Ross

    Dionne Warwick is playing Plymouth Pavilions Sat 25th June...
  8. sues mobile MARCH 2018 591.mp4 Singing along to a Slade Christmas classic in the heat of the summer, Glastonbury has that affect 😎
  9. oneeye

    2022 New Music

    Liking this, fits nicely in these times...
  10. Use the radio dial to line up with the number 1 sticker
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