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  1. I’m still hoping Massive Attack are the last headliner and I can’t see me managing a full Lauryn Hill set with her bitching about sound levels after she’s started 45 mins late which seems to be a regular occurrence with her... but still plenty I fancy seeing.
  2. I’m happy with that, shouldn’t have got the mrs’s hopes up for Candi Staton though...🤭
  3. Must be Candi Staton, playing boomtown the weekend after, well spotted. Just noticed sing along social on the right too.
  4. 35 acts being announced on Monday, anyone with X-ray vision?? 🧐 Sinead O’Connor? Playing Galway arts festival the week before...
  5. You must have been hard to please if you thought tribal gathering 95 was a bit crap, beautiful weather, lovely surroundings, cracking lineup and no hassle from the cops and the 96 event is widely regarded as the one best parties ever. Tbh the lineups universe put on put current dance festivals to shame, chemical brothers, daft punk, leftfield, goldie and underworld all in one night not to mention the djs!
  6. Loving that hat! Still got my T-shirt from tribal gathering 95, still gets worn occasionally, although it’s nearly twenty five years ago and not really old school it’s definitely one of the best nights of my life. Coincided with my birthday too, birthday parties don’t get any better than that 😎
  7. Just around the same time the bellends started arriving in their droves to kelly’s and circus circus the music went rapidly downhill in Northern Ireland!
  8. Two headliners to go, bound to be at least one big electronic act so massive attack would be my first preference and I’d love to see Anna Calvi promoted to the main stage with full band and choir but I might be overly optimistic with both of those.
  9. While I’d have been fine with primal scream, Iggy Pop is wayyy more appealing! ?
  10. First time going to this and bringing our 8 year old with us for her first biggish festival, anyone who’s been before know what time entertainment finishes at night, bar prices, does it get ‘messy’, what’s the security like, searches etc.? Cheers.
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