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  1. Hmm worried to hear but it looks like right now the UK as a whole doesn't even recognise the EU vaccination certificate. Looks like there are talks on the cards to get it sorted and if so I'd imagine it will allow the festivals to accept them. We'll be going over a couple days early anyway so if I need to do a test I'll happily do one.
  2. Do any of these festivals talking about requiring proof of vaccination make any reference to accepting an EU Vaccination Certificate?
  3. Will probably voluntarily mask up for any indoors bits or if in a dense crowd even though I'm vaxxed. Definitely for when I gotta squeeze into those portacabin urinals. Need to reconsider my drinking plans to require less visits. Can you get a mask with a straw in it? 😁
  4. Electric Picnic in Ireland which usually runs opposite EOTR has just pushed its date to 3 weeks later. Is that an option for EOTR?
  5. We're looking at coming from Dublin for this. Hope someone can advise... Is the best way to get from Manchest Airport to the festival likely to be by taxi? On the return is it possible to book a pickup at the festival to go to the airport? Has there ever been any trouble with traffic exiting the site? Thanks!
  6. Surprised at the lack of crowds for Mitski compared to Stella Donnelly. Never seen Garden as rammed as it was for her.
  7. Where. Is. Goan. Fish. Curry?
  8. On the train from Bristol to Salisbury. No real obvious impact from the strike. Hope it works out for all.
  9. Thing I saw a lot of last year was a massive queue would form outside of the tipi if someone popular was on but it would actually move and everyone get in pretty quickly. It has a single entrance so it takes a while to get everyone in I guess (and EOTR LOVES queues).
  10. Curious The Nal as the other Dubliner I've seen on this forum.. what's your travel plan? We're over to Bristol Wednesday, Train (GWR thankfully) to Salisbury Thursday and then Big Green Coach.
  11. The Orielles as a secret show maybe? Seem to be free after Friday.
  12. Got mine 16th July. Maybe check your junk mail. They are PDF attachments so if you got them sent to a work address might have been filtered too.
  13. Been trying to find Glastonbury style steel mugs to have for this. Anything online I find is 500ml (or worse... an American pint). Don't suppose they sell something like this on site (or if anyone knows where I can get them online on short notice?).
  14. Where is the silent disco? Is there usually much of a queue for the headphones?
  15. snipe


    By posting the QR code someone could steal that ticket (it has probably been cancelled when you listed it on Twickets but just FYI for the future).
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