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  1. snipe


    I've done the last 2 and they've both been teeth shattering cold at night ripping through any modest attempt at layers no matter how warm the day was. Is that always the case?
  2. oh no rain... if only we had a large thermonuclear fusion reactor we could hoist into the sky to dry the place out after it.
  3. People click on these articles. Simply learned behavior at this point for the paper to write them. Probably people click on them who aren't going because they want to hear how they were right to stay at home or they like to rub it in the face of people who are going. A friend who last went in 2007 and swore never to come back will inevitably find an article like this to respond to my Off to Glastonbury post tomorrow as justification for not going.
  4. edit: n/m already posted.
  5. Had to clear the photos with the lads in it but this is basically our entire album from 2011. Some nice pictures I think... some I'd do a lot better now as I've learned a lot in two years. I'd recommend doing the fullscreen and F11.
  6. Thanks all for the positive feedback. Wasn't really expecting that. I think there are far more deserving people like the ones above but I'm glad you all liked them. The pic from the inside of the tent unresized original is here. I'd put more up but I'm told they are doing maintenance on my hosting provider today which is usually code for breaking. As such if the link above doesn't work try later.
  7. That's South Park on Wednesday around 8pm. I'd just set up the tent after queuing all day in Bath and West for shuttle buses that took hours to arrive. It has gone staff camping now though.
  8. These are all from 2009. Can't wait to get some pics with the new camera this year.
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