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  1. Penelope Isles announced as support for Bright Eyes in Dublin so I'd be surprised if they are not a late addition for EOTR.
  2. A Folk Festival in Dublin just pulled Les Filles de Illighadad and announced Xylouris White for 7th Sept so I am curious if they might be back as a replacement for EOTR.
  3. Up your bag hanging game with an S hook.
  4. Thumbs up review from our group. There were a couple of sceptics at the start but all converts by the end. Definitely helped to hit the location button a couple of times so it could settle. As soon as you were getting the same result each time was when to send it. Someone above said it needed internet... it doesn't. It calculates the words offline mathematically. You do need to be able to send the words via some method be it SMS or WhatsApp though so can't do anything about that.
  5. Lifesaver today. Opened the door and sat in it to stay out of the sun.
  6. Got my ticket. Took about an hour 20 for me but think it's a bigger queue now. Sorry didn't see the message to ask about later
  7. 3 windows open now. End of the queue has changed to another field now. They've got someone managing it now
  8. That's the PGA queue to my right and the start of the international on the left. Box office dead center. Coach park behind it
  9. No don't queue in the PGA queue for international. I came through the coach park and there was some barriers setup going through them brings you past the international box office to join the queue for it.
  10. Box office queue could be worse. Just arrived but it's moving. I'm hopefully it'll take less than an hour It's left side of the coach park. Pretty poor signage. ///slices.objecting.cinemas
  11. Yesterday afternoon it was grand. I was through security in 10 mins. Some of the Ryanair check-in things are broke. If they give you an error just move to the next. Same with the belt weigh yolks.
  12. Flight out of Dublin was delayed 40 or so mins but luggage was a breeze in Bristol. Well happy.
  13. I'm afraid it's off. Micheal mislaid the keys. They might be down the sofa or in his coat. Aren't they where he left them? He already looked there!
  14. This year will be the first in a long time to have almost all the Irish goers in it, a fair chunk of let down UK people and the regular international peeps. There's going to be loads who had their tickets posted but didn't get them spending ages pleading to get replacements. For everyone else they've to find their actual ticket in a filing system that will be later described as "inadequate". It will almost certainly be a shit show for the ages. I hope to be wrong but if I get through it in under 3 hours I'll be surprised. Plan accordingly. ps this is all Wednesday morning talk. It'll be a comparative breeze if you are doing other days/times probably.
  15. I don't think anyone in Australia was getting their ticket sent to them. What does it say when he logs into https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice with his order reference (not his registration details)?
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