The Green Man Festival 2021 line-up and rumours

Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd August 2021
Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Powys, NP8 1LP, Wales MAP
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£195 adult weekend with camping - SOLD OUT
daily capacity: 10000
last updated: Fri 16th Jul 2021

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, DJs(C) Adam Walton
Thu 19th, Walled Garden(C) Alabaster dePlume
day TBC, DJs(C) Alfresco Disco
Thu 19th, Walled Garden(C) Aoife Nessa Frances
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) BC Camplight
day TBC, DJs(C) Big Jeff
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Big Joanie
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Billie Marten
day TBC, DJs(C) Birthday Club
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Black Midi
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Blood Wizard
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Boy Azooga
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Broadside Hacks
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Bugs
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Caribou
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Caroline
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita
Fri 20th, Walled Garden (After Dark)(C) Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Crack Cloud
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Deep Throat Choir
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Delilah
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden (After Dark)(C) Deptford Northern Soul Club
Sat 21st, Far Out (After Dark)(C) DJ Rap
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Django Django
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Do Nothing
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Drug Store Romeos
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Duski
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Ed Dowie
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Egyptian Blue
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Emma-Jean Thackray
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Erland Cooper
Thu 19th, Walled Garden(C) Falle Nioke
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Fenne Lily
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Fontaines D.C.
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Georgia
Sat 21st, Far Out (After Dark)(C) Giant Swan
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Goat Girl
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Gonhill
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Greentea Peng
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Gruff Rhys
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Gwenifer Raymond
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Gwenno
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) H.Hawkline
Sun 22nd, Far Out (After Dark)(C) Hannah Holland
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Hanya
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Hen Ogledd
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Home Counties
day TBC, DJs(C) Huw Stephens
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Iwan Rweon
Thu 19th, Walled Garden(C) Jockstrap
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) JOHN
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Jose Gonzalez
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Katy J Pearson
Fri 20th, Far Out (After Dark)(C) Kelly Lee Owens
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) King Hannah
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Kokoroko
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Laundromat
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Lazarus Kane
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Little Dragon
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Liz Lawrence
Sat 21st, Walled Garden (After Dark)(C) Loraine James
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Los Bitchos
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) LUMP
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Lyr
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Marisa Anderson
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Martha Skye Murphy
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Matilda Mann
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Matt Maltese
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Melin Melyn
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Modern Woman
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Mogwai
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Nadine Shah
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Newdad
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Nubya Garcia
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) Nuha Ruby Ra
Sun 22nd, Far Out (After Dark)(C) Overmono
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Panic Shack
Sat 21st, Far Out(C) Peaness
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Peggy Sue
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Pet Deaths
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Phoebe Green
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Pictish Trail
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Porridge Radio
Sat 21st, Rising(C) Prima Queen
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Puma Blue
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) PVA
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Richard Dawson
Sun 22nd, Rising(C) Roscoe Roscoe
Fri 20th, Far Out (After Dark)(C) Ross From Friends
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Sarathy Korwar
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Self Esteem
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Shame
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Sinead O'Brien
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Sister Wives
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Snapped Ankles
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) Speedboat
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Steam Down
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Stephen Fretwell
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Studio Electrophonique
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) Teenage Fanclub
Thu 19th, Walled Garden(C) The Cool Greenhouse
Sat 21st, Rising(C) The Goa Express
Sun 22nd, Walled Garden(C) The Golden Dregs
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) The Lounge Society
Sun 22nd, Far Out(C) The Maytals Band
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) The Orielles
day TBC, DJs(C) The Robots
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) The Staves
Fri 20th, Mountain Stage(C) The Surfing Magazines
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) This Is The Kit
Sun 22nd, Mountain Stage(C) Thundercat
Fri 20th, Rising(C) Tina
Sat 21st, Walled Garden(C) Tony Njoku
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Vanishing Twin
Fri 20th, Walled Garden(C) Viagra Boys
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Wet Leg
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Working Men's Club
Fri 20th, Far Out(C) Wu-Lu
Thu 19th, Far Out(C) Yard Act
Sat 21st, Mountain Stage(C) Yazmin Lacey

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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The Green Man Festival 2021
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The Green Man Festival 2021
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