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"Glastonbury is a fantastic event. So many young people in a community which is self-governing and tolerant. It confirms my belief that despite everything, humanity really does want to get on with itself. Michael Eavis is a genius for making it happen." Tony Benn, 2003.

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts (to give it its full name since 1990) has been run by Somerset farmer Michael Eavis at Worthy Farm, Pilton - near Glastonbury in Somerset - since 1970, and he continues to run it with massive enthusiasm. This is the mother of all festivals.

The Festival normally takes place on the last full weekend of June, and is known to take a year off now and then to give both the land (a working farm) and the locals a chance to recover.

After problems with excessive numbers in 2000, many improvements in security and general organisation were made, and many of the problems associated with the Festival either reduced or eliminated completely. Since then the local Council have hailed the event a great success, and the future of the festival has been assured.

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