We Are FSTVL 2018 line-up and rumours

Saturday 26th to Monday 28th May 2018
Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2TN, England MAP
£179.50 for the weekend with camping
daily capacity: 29999
last updated: Mon 16th Apr 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) &Me
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Adam Cotier
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) Aeroplane
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Amelie Lens
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Amine Edge & Dance
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Andrea Oliva
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Andy C
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Andy Eastough
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Andy Joyce
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Anthony Lowther
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Apollonia
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Armand Van Helden
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Artikal
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) B.
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Ben Klock
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Ben Santiago
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Betoko
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Bicep (DJ set)
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Big Shaq
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Billy Cocks
Sat 26th, Desperados(C) Bok Bok
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Bongo Ben
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) Bongo Ben
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Brad James
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) Brad James
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Brian Murphy
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Bugzy Malone
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Caleb Calloway
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Camelphat
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Carl Cox
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Cassimm
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Charlie Sloth
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Charlo
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Christophe
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) CJ Sax
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Claptone
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Craig Harrison
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Dale Mussington
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Dan Ghenacia
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Dan Lively
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Danny Langan
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Danny Tenaglia
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Darkzy
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Darrell Privett
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Davide Squillace
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Deeper Purpose
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Denis Sulta
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Dermot C
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Detlef
Sun 27th, Abode(C) DevStar
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) DJ Charlesy
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) DJ EZ
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Donea'o
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Drop 2 Jump
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Dub Tiger
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Dubfire
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Dyed Soundorom
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Eddie Abbott
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Ellie Cocks
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Enzo Siragusa
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Eric Prydz
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Fredo
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Fuse ODG
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) George Mensah
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) George Mensah
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Gorgon City
Sun 27th, Desperados(C) Grandmixxer
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Green Velvet
Sun 27th, Abode(C) GW Harrison
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Hannah Wants
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Hardy Caprio
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Harry McCanna
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Harty
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Hatcha
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Heidi
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Holy Goof
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Hot Since 82
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Jack Cavanagh
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) Jack Cavanagh
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Jack Ling
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Jack Prendergast
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Jack Swift
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Jackmaster
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) James Hype
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Jamie Jones
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Jamie Trench
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Jax Jones
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Jayar
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Jess Bays
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Jimmy Switch
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Jnr Windross
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Joseph Capriati
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Josh Arise
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Josh Parkinson
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Josh Parkinson
Sat 26th, Desperados(C) Jubilee
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Just Jorge
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Jwalks
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Katie Goodman
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Kayne & Sanchez
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Kirk Paten
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Kojo Funds
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Kolsch
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Latmun
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Lethal Bizzle
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Liam Moriarty
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Lica
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Loco Dice
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Lovely Laura
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Low Steppa
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Mac & Tel
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Mall Grab
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Mambo Brothers
Sun 27th, Desperados(C) Manara
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Marco Carola
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Mark Radford
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Mason
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Matt Jam Lamont
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Matthias Tanzmann
Sun 27th, Desperados(C) Maximum BBK
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) Melvo Baptiste
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Michael Green
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) Michael Green
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Mike Skinner (DJ Set)
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Miles Fraser
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) MistaJam
Sun 27th, Defected(C) MK
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Mostack
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) My Nu Leng
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Nathan Dawes
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Not3s
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) O'Neil McDowall
Sat 26th, Desperados(C) Oneman
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Osi & Wag
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) P Money
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Parris & Lloyd
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Pendulum (DJ set)
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Pique & Darksight
Sat 26th, Desperados(C) Plastician
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Rene La Vice
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Richy Ahmed
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) Roger Sanchez
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Rude Kid
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Sam Bungura
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Sam Divine
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Sam Divine
Sun 27th, LoveJuice(C) Sam Lashmar
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Sammy Porter
Sat 26th, LoveJuice(C) Sammy Porter
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Samuel Bellis
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) SaSaSaS
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Second City
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Senzala
Sat 26th, Circo Loco(C) Seth Troxler
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Sharam Jay
Sun 27th, Paradise(C) Shonky
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Shy FX
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Sigma
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) Simon Dunmore
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Simon Dunmore
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - We Are Bass(C) Skepsis
Sat 26th, DVine(C) Smokey Bubblin B
Sun 27th, Defected(C) Sonny Fodera
Sun 27th, Desperados(C) Spooky
Fri 25th, We Are Camping - Ants(C) Stephan Bodzin
Sat 26th, HYTE(C) Stephan Bodzin
Sun 27th, We Are Fstvl(C) Stephan Bodzin (live)
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Sub Focus
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) The Shapeshifters
Sat 26th, GlitterBox(C) Todd Terry
Sat 26th, Oscuro(C) Tom Alexander
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Tom Jobson
Sat 26th, BassJam(C) Tom Zanetti
Sat 26th, We Are Fstvl(C) Tough Love
Sun 27th, Mambo(C) Tristan Ingram
Sun 27th, Paravana(C) Twenty2
Sat 26th, Hot Bed(C) Vicki Etherton
Sun 27th, Abode(C) Will Taylor
Sun 27th, Tropical Wonderland(C) Youniverse
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Yungen
Sun 27th, Disturbing(C) Yxng Bane

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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