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Bluedot 2019

Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st July 2019
Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre and Arboretum, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK119DL, England MAP
£179 for the weekend incl camping
Daily capacity: 21,000
Last updated: Mon 8th Jul 2019

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour
(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sat 20th, Orbit(C) 808 State
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Abandoman
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Abbie Ozard
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Andrew O'Neill
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Anna Calvi
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Another Sky
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Audiobooks
Sun 21st, Contact(C) Ben Target
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) Binkbeats
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Blanket
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Caoilfhionn Rose
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Chappaqua Wrestling
Sat 20th, Contact(C) David Trent
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Deep Deep Water
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Diving Station
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) DJ Paulette
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Du Blonde
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Easy Star All Stars
Sat 20th, Orbit(C) Elder Island
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Elf Lyons
Thu 18th, Lovell Stage(C) Emma-Jean Thackray
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Fleetmac Wood
Sun 21st, Contact(C) Foxdog Studios
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Francis Lung
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Gabe Gurnsey (live)
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) God Colony
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) Gogo Penguin
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) Golden Dawn Arkestra
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Grace Lightman
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Grimm Twins
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) Gruff Rhys
Thu 18th, Lovell Stage(C) Halle Orchestra
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Hello Cosmos
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Henge
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Hot Chip
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Ibibio Sound Machine
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Ivo Graham
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Jade Parker
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Jarvis Cocker
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) John Grant
Sun 21st, unknown stage(C) John Leather's Tarantino Disco
Sun 21st, Contact(C) John Luke Roberts
Sun 21st, Contact(C) John Robins
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Jon Hopkins
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Josey Rebelle
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Juniore
Sat 20th, Orbit(C) K A R Y Y N
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Katbrownsugar
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Kate Tempest
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Kayla Painter
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Kelly Lee Owens
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Kinkajous
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Knightmare (live)
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Kokoko!
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Kraftwerk
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) La Discoteque
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Leifur James
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Leo P-Layeng
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Les Amazones d'Afrique
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Liines
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Mark Radcliffe's UNE
Fri 19th, Deep Space Disco(C) Maxine Peake (DJ set)
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Mealtime
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Meteor Musik
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Mickey Overman
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) New Order
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Nyege Nyege Tapes
Sat 20th, Lovell Stage(C) Omar Souleyman
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) Oshun
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Otim Alpha
Sat 20th, Contact(C) Paul Foot
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Peach
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Rabbithole
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Ralph Lawson
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Ren Harvieu
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Ruthie
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Sandunes
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Scaler
Sun 21st, Orbit(C) See Thru Hands
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Self Esteem
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) She Drew The Gun
Sat 20th, Orbit(C) Sons of Kemet
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Spill Gold
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) SPQR
Fri 19th, Nebula(C) Squid
Sat 20th, Orbit(C) Sunda Arc
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Talkboy
Sat 20th, Contact(C) The Dark Room
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Go! Team
Sat 20th, Contact(C) The Lesser Sun
Sun 21st, Contact(C) The Lesser Sun
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) The Lucid Dream
Sun 21st, Lovell Stage(C) The Orielles
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Tokimonsta (AV set)
Sat 20th, Orbit(C) Tony Njoku
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) TVAM
Fri 19th, Lovell Stage(C) Wasuremono
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Werkha
Fri 19th, Orbit(C) Wet Leg
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Willow
Sat 20th, Nebula(C) Working Men's Club
Sun 21st, Nebula(C) Yang

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