Bearded Theory 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th May 2019
Catton Hall, Walton upon Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8LN, England MAP
adult weekend £122.50
daily capacity: 9999
last updated: Tue 7th May 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) 51st State
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Alcohol Licks
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Anarchistwood
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Angelic Upstarts
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Animat
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) AOS3
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Aries
Sun 26th, The Showcase(C) Bad Transmission
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Banco de Gaia
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) Beans on Toast
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Bemis
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Blacakat
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Blackthorn
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Blik
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Broken Bones Matilda
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Buff
Sat 25th, The Showcase(C) Candidates
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Chris Liberator
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Clumsy
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Clusterf**k
Sat 25th, The Showcase(C) Cuba Libre
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Damidge
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Digital Foundation ft Tom Spirals
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Dj Dubble Jay
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Evolution
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) Doctor and the Medics
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Dope Ammo/Traffic MC
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Doves
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Dr Trippy
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) Dreadnoughts
day TBC, Pallet Stage(C) Dreadzone
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Dub The Earth
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Dust Junkies Soundsystem
Sun 26th, The Showcase(C) Dutch Mustard
day TBC, Pallet Stage(C) Easy Star All Stars
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Ed Tangent
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Editors
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Electric Swing Circus
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Emperion
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Fat 'n' Furious
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Flutatious
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Forest of Fools
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Gaudi
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Ginge
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Glowbones
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Goldwater
Fri 24th, The Showcase(C) HAWXX
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Headsticks
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Heavy Lungs
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Henge
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Hollie Cook
Fri 24th, The Showcase(C) Hot Plastic
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Idlewild
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Imperial Leisure
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Indigo Herder
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Indigo Velvet
Sun 26th, The Showcase(C) John Kenzie
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Justin Sullivan
Fri 24th, The Showcase(C) Katie Hurt
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Knockdown Dolls
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Lacertillia
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Lady Bird
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Little Red Kings
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Logan & Manley
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Longy & the Gospel Trash
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Lottery Winners
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) LUCIA
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Mad Dog Collective
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Mad Dog Mcrea
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) MALKA
Sat 25th, The Showcase(C) Marshes (Ft Beth Parker)
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) Matilda's Scoundrels
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) MC Teabag
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Michael Dog
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Monster Ceilidh Band
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Morris
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Mr Marcaille
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Nebula Sun
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Oh Sees
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Orphan Colours
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Pattern Pusher
Sat 25th, The Showcase(C) Pavey Ark
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Phibes
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Pulled Apart By Horses
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Reality Attack
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Reef
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Rev Hammer
day TBC, The Showcase(C) Samuel Ryan & Connor Walsh
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) Seth Lakeman
day TBC, The Showcase(C) Shadow Project
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) Social Ignition
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Spacehopper
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Spanner
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Splink
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Steel Pulse
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Stiff Joints
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Stiff Little Fingers
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) Suede
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Sunsrceem
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) Swinghoppers
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Templehead
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Babes
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) The Bar Stool Preachers
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) The Blinders
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) The Bloodshake Chorus
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) The Blunders
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Blunders
Sat 25th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Brouhaha
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The Cult
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) The Dreadnoughts
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) The Egg
day TBC, Woodland Stage(C) The In-here Brothers
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) The Kingstons
Fri 24th, The Showcase(C) The Kubricks
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) The Lancashire Hotpots
Sun 26th, Pallet Stage(C) The Mahones
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) The Mighty Flux
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) The Newcranes
Sun 26th, Magical Sounds(C) The Orb
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) The Phantom Cowboys
Sun 26th, The Showcase(C) The Retrosettes
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) The Scribes
day TBC, Pallet Stage(C) The Sherlocks
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) The Skatalites
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Skids
Sat 25th, Woodland Stage(C) The Slow Readers Club
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) The Social Ignition
Fri 24th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Sporadics
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) The Wildhearts
Sat 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The Winachi Tribe
Fri 24th, Magical Sounds(C) Transglobal Underground
Sat 25th, The Showcase(C) Tres Kings
Sun 26th, Woodland Stage(C) True Deceivers
day TBC, Maui Waui(C) True Strays
Sat 25th, Magical Sounds(C) Union Jack
Fri 24th, Woodland Stage(C) Wildwood Kin
Sun 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Zombie Met Girl
Fri 24th, Pallet Stage(C) [spunge]

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