Bearded Theory 2017 line-up and rumours

Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May 2017
Catton Hall, Walton upon Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8LN, England MAP
£105 for weekend
daily capacity: 9999
last updated: Wed 8th Feb 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) 3 Daft Monkeys
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) 3 Daft Monkeys
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) African Head Charge
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Alabama 3
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Andy T
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Anti Pasti
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Back To The Planet
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Back To The Planet
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Banco de Gaia
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Big Unit
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Billy in the Lowground
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Billy in the Lowground
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Blackballed
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Blackballed
Fri 26th, Maui Waui(C) Bloodshake Chorus
Sun 28th, Maui Waui(C) Boweavil
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Bristol Carnival Punks
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Broke Boutique
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Button Up
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) Cast
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) China Shop Bull
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Circus Insane
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) CJ Bolland
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Clumsy
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Convoy Cabaret Chorus Line
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Cuba Libre
Sun 28th, Maui Waui(C) Culture Dub Orchestra
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Evolution
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) DJ Templehead
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Doghouse
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Don Letts
Thu 25th, The Woodland(C) Don Letts
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Dreadzone
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Drum Machine
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Drum Machine
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Drum Machine
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Dub Trees FT Jah Wobble
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Ed Tangent (DJ)
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Exquisite Corpse
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Fairground Accidents
Fri 26th, Maui Waui(C) Fat N Furious
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Ferocious Dog
Sun 28th, Maui Waui(C) Fick As Fieves
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Flight Brigade
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Foy Vance
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Freak Boutique
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Freedom
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Funke and the Two Tone Baby
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Funke and the Two Tone Baby
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Gail Something-Else
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Gary J Armstrong
Sat 27th, Maui Waui(C) Gatsby Swing Band
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Gaudi
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Glasvegas
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Globular
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) God Shave The Queen
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Goldblade
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Gutterpunkz Krew
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Inbredz
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Indian Man Bhangra Special
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Indigo Herder
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Infected Headz
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Jah Scoop / Geezer
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Jaya the Cat
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Josh Doyle
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Kassassin Street
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Kissmet
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Kukan Dub Lagan
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) La La & the Boo Ya
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Lacertillia
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Madhatters Soundsystem
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Madness
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Maia
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Mark Kelly
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Megadog Soundsystem ft MC Teabag
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Michael Dog
Sat 27th, Maui Waui(C) MojoKings
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Mr Organized / Lunatix
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Multiseed
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) New Model Army
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Nova Twins
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Nucleus Roots
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) One Eyed God
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Pastor Disaster
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Pronghorn
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Public Order Act
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Rags Rudi
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Rat Bag
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Rev Dread
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Rev Dread
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Rev Hammer
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Reverend And The Makers
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Rudeboy
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Run Tingz Cru
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Seasick Steve
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Serial Killaz
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) Skippinish
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Skunk Anansie
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) Slaves
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) Smiley And The Underclass
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Smiling Ivy
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) Son Primo
Sun 28th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Spanglegrinders
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Sugarhill Gang & Furious Five
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) System 7
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) Tarantism
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Tarantism
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) Tarantism Acoustic
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Tarantism Acoustic
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) Tess Of The Circle
Fri 26th, Magical Sounds(C) Tetchi
Fri 26th, Maui Waui(C) The After Hours Quintet
Fri 26th, Pallet Stage(C) The Alarm
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) The Carnabys
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) The Defekters
Sat 27th, Maui Waui(C) The Dirty Folkers
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) The Fall
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) The Hot Sprockets
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) The Long Game
day TBC, The Woodland(C) The Long Game
Sat 27th, Pallet Stage(C) The Mocking Jays
Fri 26th, The Woodland(C) The Roving Crows
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) The Selecter
Fri 26th, Convoy Cabaret(C) The Sporadics
Thu 25th, Pallet Stage(C) The True Deceivers
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Transglobal Underground
Sat 27th, Convoy Cabaret(C) Trav Chav
Sun 28th, The Woodland(C) UKE Keef
Sun 28th, Magical Sounds(C) Ushti Baba
Sun 28th, Pallet Stage(C) Vintage Trouble
Sat 27th, The Woodland(C) Wille and The Bandits
day TBC, The Woodland(C) Wille and The Bandits
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Youth
Sat 27th, Magical Sounds(C) Zetan Spore

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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