2000trees Festival 2022 Line-up And Rumours

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Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th July 2022
Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 4BL, England MAP
£156 for 3 days; £139 for 2 days
Daily capacity: 10,000
Last updated: Wed 29th Jun 2022

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Airways
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Andy Oliveri
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Angel Du$t
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) Anti-flag
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) As December Falls
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Avalanche Party
Sat 9th, unknown stage(C) Baby Dave
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) Bastions
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Beans on Toast
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Bears In Trees
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Berries
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Black Foxxes
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Bleak Soul
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) Blood Command
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Bob Vylan
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Boston Manor
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Calva Louise
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Can't Swim
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Cassels
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Cassyette
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Chapter and Verse
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Chastity
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Cheerbleederz
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) Cherym
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) Chubby And The Gang
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) Clt Drp
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) Cold Years
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Crashface
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Creature
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Creeper
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Crossfaith
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Daisy Brain
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Dean McMullen
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) Deez Nuts
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) Delaire The Liar
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Dinosaur Pile-Up
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Ditz
Sat 9th, unknown stage(C) Dragged Under
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Dream Nails
Sat 9th, unknown stage(C) Dream State
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) False Advertising
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) Fangclub
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Fresh
Sat 9th, unknown stage(C) Gatherers
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Gaz Brookfield
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) George Gadd
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) Ginger Wildheart
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Girli
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Gloo
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Gnarlah
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) God Damn
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Grandmas House
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Grief Ritual
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) Haggard Cat
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) Halflives
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Heartwork
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Heavy Lungs
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) Heriot
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) Higher Power
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Holiday Oscar
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) Hotel Lux
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) Hundredth
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Ian Miles
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) IDLES
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) InTechnicolour
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Ithaca
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) James and the Cold Gun
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Jimmy Eat World
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Joe Appleford
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) joe unknown
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) JOHN
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Johnny Foreigner
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Katie Malco
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Kennyhoopla
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Kid Brunswick
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) Kid Kapichi
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Kneecap
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Knocked Loose
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Lande Hekt
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Laura Jane Grace
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) Lauran Hibberd
Sat 9th, unknown stage(C) Leeched
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) LibraLibra
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) Lizzy Farrall
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) Lonely The Brave
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Mannequin Pussy
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Marisa and the Moths
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) McLusky
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Me Rex
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Nervus
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) New Pagans
Thu 7th, The Axiom(C) No Devotion
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Non Canon
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Nova Twins
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) onelinedrawing
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Orchards
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Palm Reader
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) Panic Shack
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) Petrol Girls
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Phoxjaw
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) Press to Meco
Wed 6th, Forest Sessions(C) Pulled Apart By Horses
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Pup
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Puppy
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) Raiders
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) REWS
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Roam
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) Rolo Tomassi
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Royal Republic
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) S.T. Manville
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Salem
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) Sick Joy
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Slothrust
Thu 7th, The Cave(C) Stick To Your Guns
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Strange Bones
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Superlove
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Swim School
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Swim School
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) The Amazons
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) The Chats
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) The Get Up Kids
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) The Hara
Fri 8th, The Cave(C) The Hurt Process
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) The Luka State
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) The Oozes
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) The Regrettes
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) The Regrettes
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) The Scratch
Sat 9th, Neu Stage(C) The Violent Hearts
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) The Virginmarys
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) The Winter Passing
Sat 9th, The Axiom(C) The Wytches
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) They Fell From The Sky
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Thrice
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Thrill Collins
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Tigercub
Thu 7th, Main Stage(C) Together Pangea
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Tokky Horror
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Tom Jenkins
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Turnstile
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) Twin Atlantic
Fri 8th, Neu Stage(C) Vukovi
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Will Varley
Thu 7th, Neu Stage(C) Witch Fever
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Worriers
Thu 7th, Forest Sessions(C) Worriers
Fri 8th, Forest Sessions(C) Wych Elm
Sat 9th, The Cave(C) XL Life
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) You Me At Six
Fri 8th, The Axiom(C) Young Guns
Sat 9th, Forest Sessions(C) Zand

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