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There are no results to display.

Found 10 results

  1. Heyyy , so i was wondering who else Is riding solo to Reading... my former friend practically made me buy a weekend ticket, promising me that she’ll come with me, so I paid for my ticket. A week before the lineup came out she told me that she didn’t want to come anymore (due to some petty excuses). Anyway forget about her... I recently saw the line up (which is actually decent!) and I want to go solo, to see all my favourites artists such as post Malone, KENDRICK LAMMMAR, lil pump, Yungen, Kojo etc. but I’m only 16 and this will be my second festival after wireless this year... my question is do you think I’ll be alright to go there for a full weekend solo, coz I literally a loner and can’t find anyone to go with???
  2. Solo traveller

    Is anyone going solo? None of my friends would be up for it because of the price etc. But you get what you said and I've been wanting to go for years now. Abit nervous just turning up on my own haha. Respond to this message or maybe put me in touch with some people perhaps? Thank you!!!
  3. Creamfields meet up

    Hi, if you're going to Creamfields alone message me! I've got a 4 day silver camping ticket but no one to go with, they'd rather go to reading. I'm gonna make a group chat on facebook for other people going alone so we can meet up and possibly camp together. hmu
  4. FAO Glasto Meet-Up Group - Backpack Found

    Hello, On Sunday night a guy who was a part of the Glastonbury Meet-Up Group from this site joined my campfire. He left his backpack at my tent so I have brought this home (Leeds, West Yorkshire) and would like to return it to him. If that's you, please get in touch and let me know: - The brand and colour of the backpack - The contents - Your contact number Thanks, Simon
  5. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Hey, So basically I'm going to lowlands in the Netherlands alone, I'm just worried about a couple of things, International bits; Passport, luggage/getting a tent through customs. Making friends; Basically I cannot speak a word of dutch, luckily I know english is basically a second language to them and previously being in netherlands I've never experienced an issue but at the same time I don't want to be a hinderence to anyone I meet, will this be an issue? Camping: I actually have never camped at a festival so this will be a first, does anyone have any advice? 19YO ; Would like to be as cheap as possible, ordered my ticket but I haven't booked any form of travel as of yet, If anyone has any suggestions for cheapest travel including bringing a tent that'd be amazing; taking 400euros which should be enough to get insanely hammered. Any advice is super appreciated.
  6. Looking for Leeds camping buddies!

    Hi I'm Kas, I'm 23 and I live in London! I've got a ticket for Leeds festival 2017, and had planned to go with my ex and his friends, but now I'm a loner and have nobody to go with! I'm a good camper, I'm often the handyman of the camp, I can fix everything and I come up with all sorts of ideas, I feel I'd be a valuable asset to any camp! If there's any other solo's or a solo group or anybody who is willing to welcome me and my beer with open arms, please let me know! I'm a pretty fun gal! (Won't let me upload a profile pic from my phone, but I'm happy to swap Facebook/Instagram/whatsapp if you feel like you'd like to get to know me first!)
  7. Parklife Meetup

    Due to my mates ticket getting lost in the post I'm left going park life by myself. Is there anyone going by themselves interested in meeting up?
  8. Solo First time camping

    Hey guys! this year will be my first Glastonbury festival and i'm absolutely stoked! the only thing is i'll be flying solo... i did that last year at Rock Werchter but the year before, with a group it was a lot more pleasant. so do you have any tips and tricks for a glasto first timer, or perhaps do you know of a group i could tag along with? that would drastically change stuff for me, especially as i'm traveling from the Netherlands. i do know of the Camp solo Group, which might be a good option (anyone any experiences with them?) now i'd love to camp somewhere in view of the Pyramid, but if i'm not mistaken they're camping quite far away from there. also are there any differences compared to any other major Music festival i should be aware of as i've never been before? thanks in advance

    Hi! anyone out there looking for people to camp with or have a group I could join? Booked my ticket for 4 days, got so excited because the line up is unreal and then everyone has decided to go to Leeds festival which just isn't for me! not missing this year!
  10. Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    Hello Everyone, After the huge success of Camp Solo 2015 & 2016, we are back again to open our tent windows to anyone who is camping alone. A little bit of background for those interested and thinking of joining our camp. We started the group in 2015 where we had approximately 35-40 campers. In 2016 we had approximately 120 +campers (we had people join the group from Spain, Brazil, France, England, Ireland, Australia, USA and Japan) the majority of the people from 2015 were back for 2016 and ready for what turned out to be a great year. We have a whatsapp group where people introduce themselves and get to know each other via messaging. We also plan nights out prior to Glastonbury (where possible, depending on location and people s availability) where they get to meet each other prior to the festival. The main concern for some people was "well they've all met each other again and there's going to be groups and the newbies will be left", I can promise you this did not happen. Everyone was so intrigued and interested to meet people from all over the world. Don't forget not everyone has the same music taste and there was always someone to go and watch an act with, it was a rare occasion where someone (new or old) was left to watch an act on there own. So..... if you are interested in camping with us, please drop me a private message, I will reply asking for some basic details (I have a spread sheet on the go) and then I will get you added to the group. Many Thanks Scully

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