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  1. Electronica/Dance

    Hi guys 2015 will be my first Glastonbury and, whilst I reckon The Park will be my most frequented stage (bit of a Green Man/End of the Road/Latitude veteran), I am also very partial to spending several continuous hours at night in a dance haze. Whilst trying to find out as much as possible, it appears that Silver Hayes is likely to offer me lots of that. Is that right? How much of the nighttime Silver Hayes stuff is DJ-ing, and how much live electronic performances? And is there much of that in the naughty SE corner? For reference, I could happily jiggle about to a 2-hour Luke Abbott set. Advice, please! Ben
  2. Festival cancelled due to mud

    @eFestivals I'd just like to point out that I have neither solicited nor encouraged any of these shenanigans, Neil! Ben
  3. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Gah! You little rascals... Ben
  4. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Oi! Get your hands off my sign-off affectation, you buggers! Ben
  5. Latitude Festival 2017

    It's going to be weird to have such short transit times between stages, isn't it?! I am no stranger to the Park to JPT to Park triple bill! Ben
  6. Latitude Festival 2017

    This. Completely! Ben
  7. Latitude Festival 2017

    Ah, sparky, the ever-entertaining skill of misreading tone in text! Was slightly concerned that I may have ruffled feathers (well, a shell, anyway!) and would hate to have done so! And you are entirely correct, of course - I'm such a festival culture geek that I'd want to know about all such things! I am very glad now to be able to sound knowledgeable and tell others how the main stage got its name! Have a brilliant festival - I'm so excited to return to Henham, particularly as I am babtising Child 3 in his first ever festival! Can't wait! Ben
  8. Latitude Festival 2017

    Easy, sparky - bile is a little robust for a tongue-in-cheek comment from someone who, on these boards, is generally regarded as rather gentle and kind! My apologies for having been, admittedly, ignorant to the origin of the stage's name - which becomes rather lovely, when one takes the trouble to find out how it came about. Ben
  9. Latitude Festival 2017

    How do we interpret this change of position? "Those flags at Glastonbury are such a part of the festival. I know some people in the crowd hate them, but they're iconic" "Yeah" "Did we name our main stage as a rip off of Glastonbury's? You know, the monolith thing?" "Yeah" "Bugger it then - let's have flags too" "Yeah" Ben
  10. Latitude Festival 2017

    I continue to fail to understand why, after all these years, Latitude still insists on ending its daily comedy line-up at bloody tea-time. It's a FESTIVAL! Ben
  11. Latitude Festival 2017

    In her defence, Joanna always looks for 'quiet' across a festival site if she is to agree to play. You can either be OK with that or not, but the kind person in me sees that solely as her wish to be able to give a great performance without the inevitable bleed from other stages that would seriously impair the very delicate sound she makes - especially when it's just harp and vocal. She did this at EOTR quite a few years ago, so at least she's consistent and not, IMO, being a needy primadonna. Mumford? Not so much...! Ben
  12. Latitude Festival 2017

    Only just seen this. What a disingenuous bag of shit! Mumford & Sons want to ensure that they do not get an embarrassingly small crowd, so are reducing the options when they're on! Which is (a) crappy and (b) unnecessary - I have no interest, nor any huge dislike for them, but they'll pull a huge crowd. Especially at Latitude Ben
  13. Latitude Festival 2017

    Found the issue - Klangstof (pretty much my No.1 must-see) are listed for two sets - SOLAS on Friday with a nasty Forest Swords clash, and Alcove on Sunday. Looking at the set times before and after that Alcove listing, I think they're on that line-up in error, hence why there's no time assigned and why I didn't realise the Alcove times were out. Another example of flawless performance from the 'tude! Ben
  14. Latitude Festival 2017

    They have booked a second stage headliner - it's Jack Garratt. It's just that Mumford has decided that you're only allowed to watch him. And then you can scuttle off to BBC. Bit shite, but facilitates further somewhat irrational dislike of them by me! Wish those Alcove times would come up - I have an almighty issue to resolve...(First World problem level, clearly...) Ben
  15. Latitude Festival 2017

    Assuming they arrive before Thursday morning then MOST of us will be OK - totally shite service, but no actual disaster. However, those who are screwed are the not insignificant number of people who either have travel needs that means they leave a day or more earlier than us, and those who tag holiday time before the festival starts. I have a dear friend who leaves home a week before Glastonbury to travel to mainland U.K. to visit family and some pre-festival holiday time. If this year's Latitude debacle had happened to her for Glastonbury she'd have been hugely inconvenienced. Having paid close to a grand to a company months ago, it's just not acceptable still to be uncertain whether I'll travel with tickets or face a box office queue of frustrated and angry people waving confirmation emails. The festival market is currently way over saturated IMO, so organisers need to be doing everything to secure recurrent punters, not pissing them off. And, like almost everything in life, if you cock up, a genuine, well communicated apology and explanation can be indescribably beneficial for all parties... Poor Latitude/TicketMaster, poor... Ben
  16. Random hookups

    I saw bloody everybody! Heidi was fab - started techy and stayed enough on the techy side of Jackin' House to be super fun. Steffi and Virginia were superb. Oh, and Shed. Shed was mega after Blawan! Ben
  17. Random hookups

    Oh, Sassy! I was bloody there! Perfectly placed centre-stage, far enough back for the Genosys projections, once again, to blow my mind! Unbelievable set, topped only by the #besttechnodjseti'veeverseen that was Jon Hopkins on Arcadia... Ben
  18. Latitude Festival 2017

    Got a couple of smashing likes from Darren Emerson and Dave Seaman advising them that there are at least some proper techno heads going to Latitude this year, and so they should bring the good A-game stuff to Sunrise on Friday night... I am expecting a pretty stellar hour and a half that separates the dance men/women from the boys/girls!** Ben **assuming TicketBastardTM deign to send any of us our feckin' tickets before the festival!
  19. Latitude Festival 2017

    So, with Latitude not offering me much in the way of my kind of proper late night dance music (I know that's not its shtick...), that Thursday at the Smirnoff House looks not half bad! Certainly PBR Streetgang should be pretty good, and X Press 2 to finish off the night could work... Man, do I need full stage/set time listings... Ben
  20. Latitude Festival 2017

    BBC Monthly Outlook from this morning. No more or less indicative/reliable than anywhere else, but we might as well begin the Great Weather DeliberationTM! Monday 10 July—Sunday 16 July A northwest - southeast split continues. As we look further ahead it looks likely that we will keep a fairly unsettled picture with bands of rain crossing the UK, interspersed by drier and brighter conditions. The best of the sunshine is likely to be in the southeast, however even here the summer threat of thundery showers moving in from the near continent is always present. The northwest is likely to see the lion's share of the wet and windy weather, although there should be some sunnier weather too at times, especially later in the week. Ben
  21. Latitude Festival 2017

    Will do - thanks, suttttttt My first Latitude for a few years, and fourth overall. Looking forward to getting back to Henham. Ben
  22. Latitude Festival 2017

    They clearly have no idea regarding my unhealthily obsessive planning model... Ben
  23. Latitude Festival 2017

    In essence, then... ...RELEASE THE FRICKIN' STAGE TIMES, ALREADY!! Ben
  24. Latitude Festival 2017

    Fair do's, but then that leaves BBC an 'act short' in terms of filling the day, on the Saturday... Ben
  25. Latitude Festival 2017

    Gah! That must mean that Jack Garratt is headlining BBC at 'normal' time on the Saturday... Hmmm...additional planning required! Ben