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  1. Boomtown 2018

    Whilst openly acknowledging that this is entirely self-centred, this is a bit sad for me. As ever, I'm only doing one festival this year and a huge part of my annual blow-out is night-time raving. Even though I'm a BT newbie, The Rave Yard seems to have had line-ups that would have offered me some of the techno that I love. I hope that that element of dance stuff isn't now just lost, as there seems to be 'loads' of other genres of dance stuff (esp. DnB) at so many other venues. Saying that, I'm sure it's all gonna be a bit great...! Ben
  2. Kendrick Lamar

    Hope you find a Kendrick pal, LAWN. Sadly I can't help, though will see him in Birmingham with a couple of members of this parish. The double bill with JB should be smashing. Ben
  3. Boomtown 2018

    I have a good feeling, Cinders. You will go to the ball...! Ben
  4. Boomtown 2018

    Yeah, yeah, yeah - if you get there, Yog Ben x
  5. Boomtown 2018

    New The Go! Team album is pretty fab on first listen. What chance of them playing somewhere like Boomtown this summer. Have seen them before and they're really excellent and loads of fun live. Just seem to fit the vibe of BT... Ben
  6. Electronica/Dance

    Hi guys 2015 will be my first Glastonbury and, whilst I reckon The Park will be my most frequented stage (bit of a Green Man/End of the Road/Latitude veteran), I am also very partial to spending several continuous hours at night in a dance haze. Whilst trying to find out as much as possible, it appears that Silver Hayes is likely to offer me lots of that. Is that right? How much of the nighttime Silver Hayes stuff is DJ-ing, and how much live electronic performances? And is there much of that in the naughty SE corner? For reference, I could happily jiggle about to a 2-hour Luke Abbott set. Advice, please! Ben
  7. Boomtown 2018

    Ta! Ben
  8. Boomtown 2018

    How does that compare with ticket sales in a typical early December, Neil? Is the ‘fallow factor’ showing itself? Ben
  9. Boomtown 2018

    Looking at the line up from last year and bits on YouTube etc, the Rave Yard seems to be playing my tune a fair bit... Ben
  10. Boomtown 2018

    That's terrific news, Yog. Maybe we'll get you back to the eFests-fold-in-a field at last... And thank you for the beautifully Yogesque linky! Ben
  11. Boomtown 2018

    Loving the new avatar, dbdb! Ben
  12. Boomtown 2018

    Even when the year is fallow, we all hail the Thingy®, Gnomy...xx Ben
  13. Boomtown 2018

    I bloody love Bernard, Gnomy. I have not one clue as to the reference, but any reminder of this British acting legend is fine by me. So, reckon you could cope with Boomtown then, old chum...? Ben x
  14. Boomtown 2018

    Smashing - thanks, Boss Ben
  15. Boomtown 2018

    @eFestivals When does the first announcement typically drop, Neil? Ben
  16. Boomtown 2018

    I did, Thomas, yes! And contrary to my initial reticence, I had already bought my separate coach ticket, as I didn’t want to be at the mercy of allocated departure times. So I’m all set, will arrive well before gates on Thursday and offski at 7am on the Monday after a night partying in the campsites. I am super excited. Everything I have read and seen about BT seems to resonate with my annual pilgrimage to scratch the immersive, hedonistic itch! And despite, like others have said, it not necessarily being my ‘chosen’ typical festival profile musically, i will look forward to drinking the whole concept in during the days, and seeking out every little bit of techno at night! Ben
  17. Boomtown 2018

    It's funny isn't it? We all dread the stress of Glastonbury T Day, but there's something so very sweet about success on that day of days. Thrilled to be going to my first Boomtown, but it was almost 'too easy'! Ben
  18. Boomtown 2018

    I'm pretty sure I read that you can change the name on a ticket (I think up to 2 or 3 times, in fact). So I'd look to sell yours with that as the 'deal' - i.e. 'One Tier 1 ticket for sale; I'll sort out the name change for you'. Ben
  19. Boomtown 2018

    Nice! Well I hope not too many thousand took them up on that... ...there better be enough tickets left come 7pm! Ben
  20. Boomtown 2018

    Wha...? How did you manage that, Tommy?! Ben
  21. Boomtown 2018

    Having done a bit of research it seems that the buy-my-ticket-then-sort-my-coach option is the way to go. NE already have coaches up for purchase (shhhhhhh!), and I can set off at 0545h on the Thursday, meaning that I'm nicely, obsessively early for the gates opening (hoping for no repeat of Queuegeddon...) and then a 0700h coach home on the Monday, so a night hanging out in the campsites, or even a couple of hours of sleep. Can't bring myself to buy the coach ticket before I secure my festival ticket on Wednesday. I am in no way a superstitious person, so am I over-worrying about Wednesday?! Ben
  22. Boomtown 2018

    Cheers, Tommy I think I'll err on the side of control freak and get a normal Residency ticket then hit up National Express for a separate coach ticket. It might be slightly more for the two separately than the Traveler option, but at least them I'm in control. My first Boomtown and very excited, but with things seemingly winding down at midnight on the Sunday (from last year's running orders, at least...) I don't want to be waiting for a 2pm Monday coach home... Ben
  23. Boomtown 2018

    Wotcha everyone! How are we all? Hope everybody is fairing well and not suffering too much from this fallow Ticket Day month Question about coach travel for Boomtown: The ticket page appears to suggest that you will be allocated, rather than choose, your coach times if you purchase a Coach Traveler ticket package. Is that correct? My OCD means that I want to be in charge of choosing when I travel, and a bit of Googling seems to indicate that I could buy a NE coach return separately, after having bought my weekend Residency pass, and so have free rein to select the times I want. Does that sound right, or can I select travel times when purchasing the Coach Traveler package on the BT ticket site. Advice, please! You know me - I don't really do 'well, let's just wait and see what's on offer on Wednesday evening...!' Ben x
  24. Festival cancelled due to mud

    @eFestivals I'd just like to point out that I have neither solicited nor encouraged any of these shenanigans, Neil! Ben