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  1. Football 17/18

    With the fixtures revealed thought it time to open the new thread. Top flight opening weekend fixtures: Arsenal v Leicester City Brighton v Manchester City Chelsea v Burnley Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town Everton v Stoke City Manchester United v West Ham United Newcastle United v Tottenham Southampton v Swansea City Watford v Liverpool West Bromwich Albion v Bournemouth
  2. Football 17/18

    That would be a result wouldn’t it?
  3. Football 17/18

    Is the right answer
  4. Football 17/18

    Half right
  5. Football 17/18

    Old chocolate would have been too busy with the local women to notice what his players were up to
  6. Football 17/18

    My guess was Woodcock and Keegan....or Des Walker, Platt, or Gazza....it’s a lot more recent that that!
  7. Football 17/18

    Jadon Sancho could play Reece Oxford in the Bundesliga this weekend, when was the last time 2 English players faced each other in a non English top 5 European league?
  8. Football 17/18

    Alex McLeish then...
  9. Cricket

    I agree, Lords maintaining two tests a summer when there are only six in total is wrong. But we all know money talks, and Lords will attract more crowds in three days than Headingley, Durham etc will over five....and at considerably higher ticket prices...
  10. Cricket

    I see Rashid has effectively retired from red ball cricket
  11. Cricket

    The problem isn’t helped by northerners not bothering to go to test matches in the north. Also, it’s disappointing to see Trent Bridge not get any tests in the next two Ashes series yet Headingley gets two.
  12. Football 17/18

    A perfect example of why so many statistics should be completely ignored.
  13. Football 17/18

    What are your thoughts on the changes at the top at your place?
  14. Football 17/18

    Nice one - I wasn’t a fan of Leverkusen’s ground or their support to be honest but loved Fortuna - went back again i enjoyed it so much. Hopeful they’ll get promotion this season.
  15. Football 17/18

    Cologne are having a stinker of a season but that will still be a cracking local derby, I’m jealous, especially if you have standing tickets. Have done virtually all the big teams in NRW bar Cologne, despite staying there on three occasions. If you get the chance, stick some photos of the ground up when you’re back
  16. Football 17/18

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5382599/Dimitri-Payet-gives-West-Ham-fan-perfect-birthday-present.html Nice to see.
  17. Football 17/18

    Sturridge injured already
  18. General News Discussion

    That’s true, but there are also loads of jobs where hours are the way but for absolutely no good reason.
  19. Football 17/18

    Berahino for me
  20. Football 17/18

    Ain’t that the truth
  21. Football 17/18

    Can’t see either party wishing to go past May.
  22. Football 17/18

    Moyes will be gone by the end of May
  23. General News Discussion

    Hours are unfair too. Flexibility is key. It’s utter lunacy in 2019 that many businesses in many industries are still fixated by clocks.
  24. General News Discussion

    Hours are bollocks. Measure outputs not inputs.
  25. Football 17/18

    Well there’s nowt as queer as folk