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  1. Howe to get the tin tack this season
  2. It’s a meaningless award that I’m surprised is discussed with any gusto. Aguerd could be an astute signing - hope it’s confirmed. Suspect were he French rather than Moroccan his fee would be substantially larger.
  3. If we’d made the right two transfers in January I’m convinced we’d now be qualified for the champions league. Instead we didn’t make any signings…coulda, woulda, shoulda. Anyway, that’s just my opinion - and as we know opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one.
  4. Brentford have basically been playing moneyball for ages - be interesting to see if they can continue it. Southampton I’d guess usually finish higher than their wage bill should naturally see them place too. To be honest, I don’t think it’s that hard. There’s usually a good number of clubs that are run so poorly as to not make it much of a challenge. Remember that Ipswich side well if only because we were linked to with Stewart heavily over the summer - turns out boards of directors do get some decisions right occasionally…
  5. I don’t think it’s that unusual. It’s repeating the trick that is.
  6. Overrated to begin with. Injured. Then crap. Terrible signing
  7. After those semi final results that’s another European final I have zero interest in watching.
  8. If it’s a question of West Ham v Rangers in the final versus not being in the final, I’ll take Rangers thank you.
  9. Lampard is robbing a living.
  10. Great location (so close to the centre), crap ground and too small for the Final.
  11. Ah gotcha. They trot out the tired excuse that they can’t do this anymore due to the time it takes to undertake all the necessary organisation. That is, and always has been, bollocks. A Man City / Liverpool semi final should never be played in London. A Brighton / Southampton semi final should never be played in Manchester. It’s not fucking hard (it’s only a semi…)
  12. Agreed. Disagree. They should decide once the semi finalists are known.
  13. Stokes just the 5th all rounder in history to take more than 150 wickets and score more than 5000 test runs. Superb achievement.
  14. What about for the vast majority of Chelsea fans who realised they had no choice in the matter ?
  15. I’m not sure that makes much sense. If you’re suggesting they reform, you’re agreeing they’ve been destroyed? Else why the need to reform…
  16. Chelsea will have some advantage too through this. For example, presumably no away fans will be in attendance for any of their games given they can’t sell any tickets?
  17. Spot on. I’d laugh my arse off if Chelsea got relegated. For football reasons.
  18. Season ticket holders can still attend. Chelsea have played in front of far smaller crowds before when they had no restrictions.
  19. Can’t believe Warne has gone. Truly shocked and saddened. Probably the best player I’ve seen live. His performances in 05 must be the best performance by an overseas player in an unsuccessful tour. Best spinner to ever play the game. Fantastic sport. Superb cricketing brain - the best captain Australia never had. Gutted.
  20. I’ve never ever* given a flying fuck about Newcastle. Don’t like them, don’t dislike them. You just don’t register with us at all. *I think the last time I spent any time thinking about you Geordies was the 1992/93 season.
  21. Does it? Could mean endless sideways passes between centre halves. Sounds like more pundit claptrap. You don’t win all your home games do you. Not even most of them. So you need to win away games too. Interesting. So this is new since Howe came in? Cynical boring bastard that Howe - should have stuck with Bruce the entertainer?
  22. What have possession statistics got to do with the price of fish? You played some decent attacking football occasionally. Why you didn’t do more of it when the game was there for the taking is anyone’s guess. You ought it have taken 3 points, it was 2 points dropped not 1 point gained. Your boys wasted time whenever they could. Very odd. We’re 5th and in the last 3 months have beaten Watford, Palace, and Norwich. Our form is poor.
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