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  1. sorry to see your epic battle of wills has mysteriously disappeared from the boards.

  2. i would love it if Harmison actually said "alright i came back to the one dayers cause there is gonna be a hooooge pay day for it"
  3. everyone ready for the game? Harmisson back whoop whoop
  4. Thanks for the kind welcome! :)

  5. Bopara?! i am stunned!!! f**k me sideways if your wanting a batsmen whats wrong with Key. its just a liberty lol sorry didn't see what Liam wrote before i typed this
  6. as much as i think Key deserves it, he will never ever get a chance to play for England ever again.
  7. i firmly reckon KP will get it. Vaugnh's performanc ein the Ashes 2005 was soemthing special. i dont think they would have sacked him and captain though i reckon they would have stuck with him right up to the ashes next year, so fair play to him
  8. all this bright white business annoys me!!!
  9. and another thing why dont we play in cream anymore?
  10. we will lose and spending a afteroon in the pub i realise that, but what a test what a great test
  11. to be honest i think SA have won but this game has reminded me why i love test cricket fantastic
  12. i do love jack bannister on the radio! "and that was the greatest one man display since botham 81" "this is why test cricket wil always rule, you can keep ya crash, bang wallop cricket thank you very much"
  13. set up perfectly for tomorrow, so pleased i booked the day off.
  14. got me tickets for the 31st of August which i am excited about. Hope England improve int he next month.
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