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  1. These are all my points, got a feeling it'll be Saturday other, I think she's a good alternative to the Foo's especially as we're struggling to think of a suitable set of other headliners. The only reason she might not be doing Europe ones is they seem to have all their headliners sorted. I understand why someone like Primavera would book their headliners over Bjork because I do think they're all more popular (Frank Ocean, The XX, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver) only UK fest I could have expected her at really was Latitude.
  2. Says it all with the abysmal selection for RSD17 UK.
  3. Yeah it's not coming out in the UK RSD, unfortunately
  4. We bloody need Bjork.
  5. Why not make a thread for it?
  6. I thought these festival shows were proper ones, I've yet to see (DJ Set) on any of the listings?
  7. I saw it on a Frank Ocean sub on reddit, see the last comment, I've seen a few other people mention Bjork on twitter too.
  8. I think it's been shown on a livestream or something? I'm basing it from what I've seen people mention online. Edit the FYF line up that is
  9. Sorry to mislead anyone bumping this thread. She's playing FYF in America in July. I reckon she's in for a shout at Glastonbury, what i thought of the other day is how male dominated the line up might turn out, especially headliners this year, and maybe Emily will have bumped her up for Other headliner? Or is she too small?
  10. There's a lot of discussion about this going on here
  11. Perhaps, I doubt it though, as most of the live releases normally mention that it's a live release. Who knows, we'll find out tomorrow
  12. Pretty sure The War on Drugs are gonna have a new track this week. Perhaps tomorrow, with RSD announcement being tomorrow and seeing a leaked RSD release list with them releasing a 12 inch named: "Thinking of a Place". Edit: It's a 12 inch https://thefutureheart.com/2017/03/19/record-store-day-2017-david-bowie-flaming-lips-pink-floyd-spoon-animal-collective-pearl-jam-international-space-station-concert-peace-st-vincent-records-war-drugs-air-confirmed/
  13. I agree, I think it'd work much better as BTW as an opener. After seeing it on the last tour it's become a little like Idioteque in a sort of way.
  14. Can see them either opening on the grooves of either Identikit or Ful Stop on the new tour. I think they're the most viable openers from the new AMSP.
  15. You know I'd rather they didn't do OK Computer in full. I love the album but with a band like Radiohead with such an excellent varied back catalogue I'd rather then take bits from everywhere except Pablo Honey