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  1. I always found they were fairly decent at soaking the piss up.
  2. If I threw the bottle in the bin, what would I drink out of later in the day? I've just remembered about them, they're great. They're not so much a nappy more like pissing into a bag of sand.
  3. Yeah I'd definitely put it in a toilet after, I'm not a monster.
  4. What's the consensus on me filling one of those bad boys up so I don't lose my decent space at a stage?
  5. Do people genuinely take Lenor bottles, I've got the bladder of a child so I could do with one. Do people not wonder what the fuck you're doing?
  6. No one is mentioning Kendrick, who's gonna absolutely destroy Coachella when his new album drops the Friday and plays it in full on the Sunday (prays).
  7. I've had this on my hard drive for some time and have finally got round to uploading it, hopefully it isn't taken down.
  8. This might sound daft but when people say about getting someone to help get you a ticket, how does that work if you don't live with them and say you're doing a random person online. Because surely you need their bank card to pay for the transaction?
  9. I'm a sucker for posters at gigs and festivals, do Glastonbury normally sell any posters with the line up? I looked at the merchandise website and they just seem to have generic Glastonbury ones
  10. I agree with the Gorillaz suggestions, not to mention their whole album announcement was a surprise set so it seems like something Damon would be into. Along with a few special guests as people have suggested.
  11. This is The Last Time, was live for me the other day. Very odd yeah.
  12. As long as none of us are thinking they're gonna clash with Radiohead, that would be a nightmare for me (and probably many others).
  13. Found a proper link, enjoy. http://livebootlegconcert.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/the-national-live-sydney-opera-house.html
  14. Probably, though you could probably just use a Youtube downloader site for the video.
  15. where's that come from then!?