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  1. British Summer Time 2018

    Looks like The Cure sold extremely well. I'm pretty sure it's sold out through AXS from what I can see, anyone still wanting tickets should get them through Amazon tickets ASAP.
  2. British Summer Time 2018

    Should be - it's nabbed directly from the pre-sale.
  3. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    How quickly you'd reckon? Before the end of the year? Surely not
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    Has anyone bought through festicket?
  5. Mad Cool 2018

    Baltimore? Have they teased another artist to play?
  6. Talking Heads

    I thought they were reuniting or something you fucking tease.
  7. All Points East Festival 2018

    Yeah MBV would probably be subbing this if they were playing.
  8. LCD Soundsystem....

    I guess so. I'm heading from Sheffield to APE, but then again I'm seeing Bjork a couple days after so it softens the blow.
  9. LCD Soundsystem....

    Ticketmaster have the Manchester date at £46 which I think is steep when APE is only 20 quid more and you get the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Phoenix plus loads more as support.
  10. The War on Drugs

    Nice to hear, seeing them tomorrow in Manchester. What was the merch like, was there a poster of any kind? I'm a sucker for a decent gig poster.
  11. All Points East Festival 2018

    Not a problem haha. Right I've got fuck all mates up for neither LCD or Bjork. Who's arranging the efests meet?
  12. All Points East Festival 2018

    Thanks for the heads up!
  13. All Points East Festival 2018

    If you're getting a two day ticket it's 126.95 and on dice it's 126.45, so not much of a saving on DICE for a two day ticket.
  14. All Points East Festival 2018

    Can someone drop me a presale link?