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  1. Dutch Uncles were fantastic last night! Hoping to make it back up there in time for the Lemon Twigs tonight
  2. Shit ☹️ Was really looking forward to this, at least there's still BBNG. Completely understandable of course. I think the most likely replacement is Skepta again. Already on site and pals with Jezza, can't see who else they'd get at such short notice.
  3. Pfft, wooden ones are always better anyway.
  4. That's fantastic, I was just coming in here to say I hope they played as I doubt I'll see their WG set. Thursday evening is perfect too, how early do you think we should get there?
  5. It hasn't been cut, they play it as a mashup with Bankrupt, it's called Sunskrupt on set lists usually. They've been doing it for a while, I think they did it when they played in 2013?
  6. Angel Olsen vs Nadine Shah
  7. Also I'm delighted that I can see both the Hacienda Classical and the Hot 8 Brass Band, especially with Hot 8's Avalon slot being out of the question
  8. Just noticed, The Veils and Thurston Moore on Williams Green (and Dutch Uncles and Fujiya & Miyagi!)
  9. It's changed to an hour now.
  10. The National have 45 minutes. What? Could they be one of the TBAs as well?
  11. Goose Island IPA is moving into cans, and my local Waitrose is selling them for less than £1.50 each
  12. I think you've all forgotten one candidate for the Friday hip-hop slot.... You fucking tit rifles.
  13. Theatre & Circus it is, then.
  14. Me too, and it's no coincidence that it's the track where a guest singer features heavily. If they told Mr Shitbeard to shut it and used guest singers on every track then I might be interested. Some of their music is alright but his voice absolutely does my head in.