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  1. Anyone think Ad-Rock and Mike D might record and/or tour again?
  2. Shit ☹️ Was really looking forward to this, at least there's still BBNG. Completely understandable of course. I think the most likely replacement is Skepta again. Already on site and pals with Jezza, can't see who else they'd get at such short notice.
  3. It's changed to an hour now.
  4. Me too, and it's no coincidence that it's the track where a guest singer features heavily. If they told Mr Shitbeard to shut it and used guest singers on every track then I might be interested. Some of their music is alright but his voice absolutely does my head in.
  5. Seven years... and fifteen days?
  6. As long as Jools doesn't decide to lay down some sick jazz piano with him
  7. Everyone's 2nd favourite ex-member of Squeeze is back next week, and would you believe it, he's actually got a line-up that will interest a lot of people on here: Kasabian Anderson Paak Goldfrapp Thundercat Spoon Courtney Marie Andrews
  8. Even more glad I've got the Birmingham gig in August now, there's just no way I'm missing RH. It'll be the first time since the Stones that our whole group watches a headliner together. Even if they sub Other, there'd be some degree of overlap, and leaving the Lips early to be miles from the front at RH without my friends would just be horrible. Only realistic hope is 3rd down the Pyramid then.
  9. Lanegan is Park on Friday, but no way he'll headline. 3rd from top at best, more likely 4th or 5th. Hasn't Laura Marling confirmed herself for Sunday night? Have to think she's a shoe-in for Park headliner, really can't see her being anywhere else
  10. 3am set on the Hell stage please!
  11. But they've been under our noses all along! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Catfish and the Bottlemen
  12. The start of the Reading '09 set - Creep, National Anthem, 15 Step - was the best start to any gig I've ever seen. Recent sets have been nothing like that, but I'm hoping they'll make an exception for Glastonbury, especially with it being 20 years since OK Computer - Paranoid Android to open the set would be incredible. Also hoping for Subterranean and Let Down somewhere in there, along with the obvious Karma Police. I don't think they'll start with loads from AMSP, worst case scenario I think will be Burn The Witch and Ful Stop, which I'd be okay with.
  13. I'm going with Bjork as the sub.
  14. I meant after the Saturday headliners, probably didn't phrase it well. Technically Sunday but until I go to sleep I still think of it as Saturday. I'm seeing them at Moseley Festival a couple of weeks later so I'll be giving this set a miss, will either go for Shibusa->808->Cox in the SE corner, or to the Beat Hotel for FloPo/4Tet->Talabot
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