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  1. Secret resales

    Been done to me too so gave you some up votes. No idea why they do it either.
  2. Hi :)

    My name is Konstantina. I saw that you have offered help with Glastonbury ticket resale on this forum thread.

    I will be trying this Sunday, 17 April, 9 am, to get a ticket for my sister.

    Can you try for my sister? If yes, what is the best way to arrange that?

    Thank you very much in advance :)

    I don't have enough allowance to send you a PM today, I've used my 15 but if you send me a PM, I should be able to reply.

  3. Poster Prediction Game!

    As my brain is tired and cannot think I shall simply submit the following as it is doing well so far
  4. Nuisance Adverts

    I have no idea if this is any help at all but this company is very cheap for hosting and their customer service is superb. https://www.freevirtualservers.com/unlimited-web-hosting
  5. Yearly timeline (new improved thingy)

    Patterns!! Patterns!?!?!? The Thingy does not see any patterns.
  6. 2016 New Music Thread

  7. Yearly timeline (new improved thingy)

    The Thingy can never be wrong. If the Thingy is wrong then the world would end.
  8. No idea if these are any good but on a Lightning deal very soon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01ASB166M?ref_=gbps_tit_s-3_3127_c526c58c&smid=AZVXT9SCDKRMF
  9. New Order

    Dear West Holts Please do not book Earth Wind and Fire for Saturday night. Thank you.
  10. Change Name

    Hi Please can you change my name to A Guy Called Matt Thanks
  11. Hi Matty no I haven't organised help yet but woul be very grateful for any assistance :) x

  12. Taking kids out of school...

    Nothing to do with what the government have said or done - it has always been the case that school holidays cost more.... and yes that is supply and demand, or so they say but as loads of hotel rooms are empty and flights get code shared rather shows that the demand is not what the companies say.
  13. Taking kids out of school...

    and greedy airline companies. infact greedy rich businesses all over. The thing is that we can play with holiday dates all we want and all that happens, as is happening now, is that the time holidays cost more gets longer. As someone married to a teacher I wish I could have taken her out of school so we could have a cheaper holiday - thankfully she now does contract and supply work so can choose where and when she works.
  14. Taking kids out of school...

    I am married to a teacher - so please don't blame them - they are just trying to do their jobs. As for taking kids out again ,please don't have a go at the schools or staff - this stupid rule has come down from central government and there is no room for common sense ad it must by law be adhered to. Most teachers think it is stupid. Most teachers are also not members of unions and only have to not work due to EU law on child/teacher ratio when strikes are called. We won't talk about inset days though
  15. Hot Chip warm up gig Birmingham 20th Feb

    Pete Um - Ummmmmmm Hot Chip - Epic Loved every second