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  1. I too am going to the Jackons, probably on my own. Don't really want to see the Foos. The heart wants what it wants!
  2. Pre festival Nerves

    Think that was meant for someone else hah... I hate driving (mainly on account of my anxiety!)
  3. Pre festival Nerves

    Right now it's nervous excitement but the morning we go I'll be worrying about everything not going to plan, not packing enough of everything, leaving something behind, going away and being semi uncontactable for 5 days. And once I'm there I'll be so happy that I have 5 days of our escapism ahead of me
  4. When Does Your Glasto Begin?

    I've got one more shift on Sunday. Once I've handed over and driven home then my Glastonbury can begin. Will be frantically packing, getting hair cut and doing the BIG Aldi shop on Monday, driving up in motorhome on Tuesday!
  5. Rate your excitement on an obscure level!!

    Nightmare was my favourite programme ever as a kid. I still have nightmares about the level with saws coming out of the wall though, 23 years later...
  6. In two weeks time i'll be...

    Either in the festival, in a queue to get into the festival or at our motor home. Probably semi drunk wherever I am.
  7. Tips on my hangover cure!

    Based on last year's hangover tips thread I bought some Milk Thistle. I took two before I went to bed every night and two in the morning. While I still felt dehydrated in the morning, I was ready to get back on it after some water, rehydration sachets and food. I also find eating before bed helps with any nausea. I have THE WORST hangovers (2014 was the famous year that I hit it too hard on the Thursday and was still hungover by the end of the festival and as a result saw about 1 band) but a combination of the above seems to sort me out!
  8. NYC Downlow & Cave

    Oh crumbs. Hope you held your breath.
  9. NYC Downlow & Cave

    Love the NYC downlow. It is very dark, sweaty, naughty and fun. When we went we were completely mashed and saw some bizarre things I'm not altogether sure were real or hallucinations! Sadly every year since we have tried to get in but the queue is always too big.
  10. Sunrise or Sunset

    Sunset is one of my favourite times. The anticipation about the night ahead, you can usually feel the magic and excitement in the crowds. I cannot wait for sunset at Glastonbury. I like sunrise and I like looking around in the daylight and just seeing how completely mashed everyone else is around me but I always feel a bit sad because the night is over and we are one day closer to going home
  11. Glastonbury Stores & Shops

    That dress is amazing! Think our plan is to go to the Brothers bar after and celebrate . Quite a few of our friends have managed to get tickets this year so they'll be coming along to watch too!
  12. Glastonbury Stores & Shops

    We are at 4.30 Thurs afternoon!
  13. Glastonbury Stores & Shops

    Haha, she looks lovely- just not my type Not sure about dressing up, I kind of want to but my partner isn't keen. Your wife's dress looks amazing, not sure how I'd cope with that train in the mud (there won't be any this year anyway)! Our time is in the afternoon on Thursday; the hardest thing will be making sure we don't have too many ciders before we go...
  14. Glastonbury Stores & Shops

    We are doing this this year! VERY excited! (Handfasting I mean, not picking up your wife!)
  15. Little things to make the festival better for others

    You mean mix it and not wash your hands after like you would with alcohol gel? I'm not sure it'd evaporate like alcohol gel does. Putting soap on your hands and not washing off properly makes your hands feel pretty horrible!

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