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  1. eviepeach

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    I won tickets in the local paper a few years back when Bestival was still on the Isle of Wight and at that time found the festival a bit lacking. Usually Glastonbury regulars but with it being a fallow year and only being a 20 min drive from the Bestival site we decided to give it a second chance. Here’s what we thought about it all: Good: The crowd were, on the whole, a nice bunch of lads. Everyone seemed friendly. I chatted to a few people in the queue for the portaloos. Our tent neighbours were really friendly. There seemed a fair bit to do with something for everyone. Nice bit of yoga and crafts as well as music. Queues for the loos and the bars weren’t usually too long. Portaloos were generally fairly clean and stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Bad: We left early on Sunday because it was too darn hot. We did the festival buddy pack not realising at the time that the tent was a 2 person tent. Waking up with a raging hangover cuddling your rucksack in 100% humidity is not ideal at all. To be fair, myself and my husband are used to sleeping in a motorhome at Glastonbury so have got used to luxury but I feel that a 2 person tent was too small for any couple let alone during a massive heatwave. The lineup was a bit crap. Nothing major jumped out as a must see. Security were OTT. We are used to how relaxed Glastonbury are with searches and bringing stuff in. I completely understand why they were like the way they were (as someone died last year), but my husband was subject to a search and one of the security guys was a complete nob about it. No need. He didn’t even have anything on him! Unfortunately it would put us off going again as neither of us like the added stress of sniffer dogs and searches. For us, festivals are a place of freedom and fun and that just put a bit of a downer on it all. Ticket prices were a bit too steep in my opinion. Especially when we found out there was a flash 2 for 1 sale! All in all, we probably wouldn’t spend that much money on going again because I just didn’t think it was good value for the price. Being so close is a major plus point for us, but it wasn’t a festival I would go out of my way to go to. If the lineup was better and tickets were a bit less then we would possibly reconsider. Sounds like people on here had a good time though. It’s made me even more excited for Glastonbury next year (ticket Gods permitting)!
  2. I too am going to the Jackons, probably on my own. Don't really want to see the Foos. The heart wants what it wants!
  3. eviepeach

    Pre festival Nerves

    Think that was meant for someone else hah... I hate driving (mainly on account of my anxiety!)
  4. eviepeach

    Pre festival Nerves

    Right now it's nervous excitement but the morning we go I'll be worrying about everything not going to plan, not packing enough of everything, leaving something behind, going away and being semi uncontactable for 5 days. And once I'm there I'll be so happy that I have 5 days of our escapism ahead of me
  5. eviepeach

    When Does Your Glasto Begin?

    I've got one more shift on Sunday. Once I've handed over and driven home then my Glastonbury can begin. Will be frantically packing, getting hair cut and doing the BIG Aldi shop on Monday, driving up in motorhome on Tuesday!
  6. eviepeach

    Rate your excitement on an obscure level!!

    Nightmare was my favourite programme ever as a kid. I still have nightmares about the level with saws coming out of the wall though, 23 years later...
  7. eviepeach

    In two weeks time i'll be...

    Either in the festival, in a queue to get into the festival or at our motor home. Probably semi drunk wherever I am.
  8. eviepeach

    Tips on my hangover cure!

    Based on last year's hangover tips thread I bought some Milk Thistle. I took two before I went to bed every night and two in the morning. While I still felt dehydrated in the morning, I was ready to get back on it after some water, rehydration sachets and food. I also find eating before bed helps with any nausea. I have THE WORST hangovers (2014 was the famous year that I hit it too hard on the Thursday and was still hungover by the end of the festival and as a result saw about 1 band) but a combination of the above seems to sort me out!
  9. eviepeach

    NYC Downlow & Cave

    Oh crumbs. Hope you held your breath.
  10. eviepeach

    NYC Downlow & Cave

    Love the NYC downlow. It is very dark, sweaty, naughty and fun. When we went we were completely mashed and saw some bizarre things I'm not altogether sure were real or hallucinations! Sadly every year since we have tried to get in but the queue is always too big.
  11. eviepeach

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    Am I right in thinking there's a Samaritans tent somewhere at Glastonbury(sorry if that's already been mentioned)? Always worth knowing. I've kind of learnt from trial and error; I dislike big large crowds so avoid them as much as I can and stay at the back. I know after 5 days of hitting it hard I'm going to feel pretty down on the Monday but I do what I can to lesson the blow. Also if I know why I'm feeling so terrible then it makes it easier to cope with. Eat plenty of veg, drink plenty of water. The main thing is don't suffer in silence. Sometimes it can be so hard because everyone around you is having the time of their lives and you're not and it's easy to forget that it's ok not to be having a super amazing time. Do try and find someone, anyone to talk to.
  12. eviepeach

    First time in camper van and at Glastonbury

    It was our first time in a motor home last year and I don't think we'd go back to camping now. I personally think that sleeping in a proper bed with a proper duvet helps lessen the hangover every morning! I'm convinced you won't need it but if it's muddy, I suggest buying yourself a big broadsheet newspaper on the Sunday before and covering the floor of the motor home in it. That way you'll keep the floor of the home clean, otherwise trying to get mud out of carpet will be a right ballache.
  13. eviepeach

    Common misconceptions about Glasto from people who haven't been?

    One of the beauties of Glastonbury is that you can do it how you want it. I dislike large crowds and would much rather be sat down relaxing out of the crowds at the back as opposed to at the front getting squashed. Because the festival is so big you can have the best of both worlds- there are places to chill but there are also much busier, livelier areas too. It's difficult to convey that to someone who hasn't been before as they've probably just seen what's on the TV and newspapers.
  14. eviepeach


    Thanks for all the music recommendations. Daniel Avery has been on constant repeat in my car- he's definitely on my must see list for Friday now
  15. eviepeach

    Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    My see tickets page says this: